Tesla Albuquerque

Store 505 337 8330 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
Albuquerque, 1300 Jemez Canyon Dam Rd Bernalillo, NM 87004

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Reviews about Tesla Albuquerque

13.12.2023 17:59
The facility is very beautiful and the people there are very nice would recommend it for sure
13.12.2023 17:59
Is been just about 2 months since picking up my brand new Tesla and I’m finally getting my review in. This was a surprise for me. First thing we walked into the building, no hi, no welcome, no nothing. I get the employee was assisting another customer but a quick acknowledgment would have been great! But nothing, it was quite awkward. Fast forward looking at the new car, see a scuff or two and bring it to his attention the employee helping us said let me get a rag to wipe off, he said during transport on and off trailers that’s what happens sometimes…..I was so confused it’s a BRAND NEW vehicle, I didn’t pay for a beat up vehicle. Customer service was a 1, then during check they seem to have missed a grease pen mark by my headliner, bright yellow! He tries to wipe it off, again it’s a brand new vehicle I didn’t pay for used. I had to make another trip elsewhere to get it replaced (took time out of my life to travel to another Tesla dealership to get it replaced) no sorry no nothing! Total inconvenience! I would rate this location a 1. Nothing was offered for us having to take time and go back to this location or anywhere else to get something replaced because they missed it. Can anyone make this better, yes I traveled elsewhere and got it replaced but also had to take a day off, find a sitter, and make a unnecessary trip. All that could have been prevented had they done a better quality check. Also please don’t tell customers well vehicles are on trailers, go from trailer to trailer and sometimes scuffs happen. No in the ordering description online it doesn’t say “warning may come with scuffs”.
13.12.2023 17:59
I've purchased many new cars over the years from all brands. By far, like by a huge amount, the Tesla buying experience has been the best. About as easy as ordering take-out. You order your car online, process updates come through the tesla app, and then you pick your car up. If you need service, just schedule through the app. Need to reschedule, no big deal.

All my dealings with the Albuquerque Tesla service center have been very positive including interactions with the showroom staff. The vibe is much different than a dealership where you're ambushed by sales staff as soon as you park. So expect things to feel different when you walk in, for the better.

Sometimes you'll be given an Uber voucher for transportation during a service appointment. I'd recommend heading down to the nearby golf course cafe and soak in the views of the Sandias and have a cold one while waiting during your service appointment.


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