Alaska Native Medical Center

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Anchorage, 4315 Diplomacy Dr, Anchorage, AK 99508

The Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) offers comprehensive medical services and acute, specialty, primary and behavioral health care to Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska. ANMC is also home to one of America’s most unique health care environments – a place where the highest quality care and cutting-edge technology meets special cultural and traditional services and customer experiences.

The award-winning medical center includes a 182-bed hospital, a full range of medical specialties, primary care services and labs. The ANMC hospital houses Alaska’s first Level II Trauma Center and is also a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center. The hospital also works in close partnership with rural health facilities statewide to support a broad range of health care and related services.

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Southcentral Foundation jointly own and manage ANMC. These parent organizations have established a Joint Operating Board to ensure unified operation of health services provided by the Medical Center.

Primary Care
Allergy and Immunology
Cleft Lip and Palate Program

ACLP Program: For Providers
ACLP Program Team

Dermatology Clinic
Diabetes Program
Ear, Nose & Throat
Emergency & Trauma
Endocrinology Clinic
Gastroenterology Clinic
General Surgery
Hepatology and Liver Clinic
Internal Medicine – General Medicine Clinic
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Nephrology Clinic
Neurology Clinic
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Oncology & Hematology Clinic
Pain Management
Palliative Care
Podiatry Clinic
Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Clinic
Walk-in Clinic
+ All Services
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Reviews about Alaska Native Medical Center

07.11.2023 21:58
Their providers are nice but not very educated on hEDS and its associated comorbidities. Providers will often treat you like you have Munchausen syndrome and ignore your supporting documents from outside providers who actually specialize in CTD. I only come here for very routine care these days since it’s free. I don’t feel very comfortable or confident receiving care at ANMC for anything else after my experiences. It just puts me on guard.

I know three people who have died due to a wrong diagnosis and/or poor snap judgments made by providers here. If you think something is wrong or off after coming here, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion elsewhere.
07.11.2023 21:57
I went to the emergency room Friday 3 o'clock in the afternoon I lost all feeling in my legs and I couldn't pee I told the doctors to give me a chance and I'm trying to go to the bathroom the emergency room nurse forced a Catherine Damaging my Genitals and me I screamed for him to stop he wouldn't I begged him screamed as went on for about 3 minutes I fainted I came to as he was yanking it out saying that's the worst reaction I've ever had my life humiliating me leaving me naked in front of everybody out. Then they pumped me full of Volumea i remember the first 2 times I don't remember leaving my ride said they came there at 1 in the morning and found me laying down on the bench with nobody around I Be finding a lawyer. Please comment if you know of any good lawyers in Anchorage I'm waiting on phone calls as well thank you
07.11.2023 21:57
Perfect example of why we don't want socialized health care, no liability, no compassion and they get paid whether they help you or not. Treated so poorly, disrespected, ignored when having obvious emergency, we only went here because PPO hospital was full but with the lack of humanity and care you receive here, a slow bludgeoned death in a gutter would be a more peaceful passing. I have a choice to go elsewhere but these poor people trapped here because it's "free" are so neglected and taken advantage of it's just disgusting. These employees have jobs because of their patients and that should be made clear and reinforced. "Free" health care shouldn't mean second rate humanity and treatment.
07.11.2023 21:57
This place is the absolute worst on communication. One person will say one thing, so you go to the next , they say a completely different thing, an around in circles you go ! I called ahead of time at 7am to confirm the open time of the pharmacy because I'm leaving town and new to pick up some meds beforeleaving. The person on the phone said 8am, I get here the lady says nope, 8:30am , so she calls across the street at the other pharmacy they say yes were open, so I walk over there and they nope, sorry were not open tell 9am , so I walk back across the street and ask if I can just have her look up a script while I'm waiting and she is sitting there on her phone and says, nope were not open . This place is full of incompetent people it's absolutely frustrating.
07.11.2023 21:57
The service across entities located at ANMC doesn’t really center Indigenous Identity. They have systems that retraumatize patients.
07.11.2023 21:56
The last time i went to the ER was for my IUD pain. The pain was so bad that I kept wincing while I was walking. So my significant other and my dad brought me to the ER. But once I was in the room the doctor evaluated me and told me I was fine. The whole time I was there I knew that they probably would've told me I was fine because that's as good as "free" medical care gets. They send you home with ibuprofen and nothing else. BUT the whole time I was there, the ER doctor was telling me that most women don't want children that's why they go with the contraception that they choose to not have children. And that wasn't the case for me, I want to have children eventually just not now because I'm young. And he ignored the fact that I was in actual pain and just gave me a speech about having CHILDREN??? Assuming I don't want children but the side affects of the IUD causing me pain turned into a speech of women wanting to have children VS. having actual medical pain that was ignored. He also assumed that I wasn't in pain??? Being a native woman with free healthcare is great, but having that "free" medical care with doctors who don't even care is such a disgrace.
07.11.2023 21:56
The new ANMC is great for a Hospital. The old ANMC was a old Army building. Glad it gone now. The new ANMC is reported to be latest state of the art hospital. I myself owe my life to doctors at ANMC. Twice I was airlifted there near death the doctors did there job I am still amongst the living thanks to ANMC and the doctors that worked there.


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