Providence Alaska Medical Center

Anchorage, 3200 Providence Dr, Anchorage, AK 99508

The state's largest hospital and nationally recognized trauma center, Providence Alaska Medical Center provides comprehensive, comprehensive care to all Alaskans that is unparalleled in the state.

Quality Measures Providence Alaska Medical Center would like to share our quality measures with you. Find information and resources regarding our quality work and practices, as well as information from our patients about their experiences with us.

Generations of Providence Project Generations, so named because of Providence's commitment to caring for generations of Alaskans, was the modernization and expansion of the Providence Alaska Medical Center. It included renovation and expansion of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and cardiac surgery program, as well as renovation of the surgical services area. The project was completed in December 2014. Recognize Providence Nurse with DAISY Award Nomination DAISY is an acronym for diseases that attack the immune system. The DAISY Foundation was founded in 2000 by the Barnes family in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died from complications of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) at the age of 33.

Notice of Privacy Notice This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Concerns, complaints and feedback

If you have concerns, complaints or feedback for Providence Alaska Medical Center, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (907) 212-3615 or (800) 510-3375 or our Quality Coordinator at (907) 212 -2647.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I’ve relied on the excellent group of caregivers at Providence for years to take great care of me and my family. From imaging, emergency room visits, surgeries and extended stays in their state of the art NICU, there is never a time I haven’t been unbelievably grateful to have such an incredible health care center to depend on. They’ve mastered medicine but also compassion, which is sometimes not the case in healthcare facilities. I’ve never had to wait long for any service and my questions are always answered thoroughly and with smiles. Today I needed a scan and was fortunate to have Dylan taking care of me but most every staff member there has made me feel completely comfortable. On a side note, I’ve spent a lot of time in their cafeteria and gift shop, both unexpectedly impressive.

The gift shop has a cadre or dedicated volunteers who work there along side the regular employees, which is always wonderful to see. In fact, there are many volunteer opportunities that Providence has created to allow the community to help those who might be in need. They also have a Subway, pharmacy and a couple of coffee shops in the building. When you are there for extended periods, having these services really makes a difference. They maintain a beautiful chapel open to the public and plenty of quiet places for visitors who need a moment to sit and reflect to find on each floor. Providence is proud of their employees, the services they offer and their presence in Alaska, and well they should be

If you're at Providence Alaska Medical Center then you're in good hands. My father and I have had our accidents over the years and thankfully we've survived with the help of these great doctors and nurses. Sadly not all insurance are equal, so make sure your insurance will cover the majority of costs prior to treatment.

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During a trip to Alaska, I ended up at Providence Alaska Medical Center after becoming quite ill. I was nervous being so sick while extremely far away from home. I went through the ER, but didn't wait long at all. The staff was wonderful, calming, and understanding. The doctor was very thorough in making sure nothing was missed, ran all the appropriate tests, and diagnosed me accordingly. I was concerned about a prescription I was given, so the doctor (Matthew Madden), and later my nurse (David from Atlanta), went over all the side effects and literature. The entire staff took their time explaining things and making sure I felt comfortable. I highly recommend this hospital.

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Reviews about Providence Alaska Medical Center

30.10.2023 17:56
I'm extremely dissatisfied with this hospital and their end of visit care. I've had to jump through so many hoops and still not get answers for my husband's continued care upon discharge.

And though I was on his HIPPA and his POA (done with the social worker through Providence) they do not have me listed.

The case manager was no help to me and sent me on a wild goose chase to other phone numbers that never responded to my voicemails.

It's frustrating that he's been discharged for 2 months and still I'm having to go through them to piece meal information that wasn't in his discharge forms that should've been.
30.10.2023 17:56
Attempted to drop off a package for a patient here. Had to call 3 different people and each one of them gave me incorrect information. You really should know the layout of your own building especially for safety reasons. They couldn't figure out where the front desk was.
30.10.2023 17:56
Your billing is a freaking joke. Coding is done offshore. Billing can’t even get the cdi coding right, bills the wrong insurance. Some patients have 2 insurance companies. Can’t speak very good English. Top it off you get a bill by Text. Does a senior citizen understand a text. Even my insurance agent looks at the statements. I truly think there is medicare fraud going on. Patients with bills please research the cdi codes and right insurances group plans.I bet your bill is wrong with wrong insurance information Do your research before you send any $ to Providence
30.10.2023 17:56
The ICU Joe & John were great as was everyone in there.
The Cardiovascular Unit was phenomenal! Angie, Rachel, Kevin, Josh, Florence, and others treated me EXCELLENT.

Therapists Tiffany and others got me home in record time.

Reassuring and caring.
30.10.2023 17:55
I came too the E.R. they prescribed me the wrong meds. I go back and they label me a drug addict drug seeking moron. Usually thyre nice and helpful. If you get the right doctor I guess. Degradation is all I get now
now. No respect just them yelling at me telling me I'm yelling. They say there
Doctors pick thyre own hours so they have no boss. So I have to go back to the e r again and again till I find that right doctor. Thanks for the false hope providence.
30.10.2023 17:55
Terrible experience. Rude woman with zero compassion at the emergency entrance. Many other unethical practices at this facility. Night staff lazy and not properly caring for critically ill patients.
30.10.2023 17:55
They have been the only one that took my aunt seriously unlike ANMC and Mat-su hospital in Wasilla
30.10.2023 17:54
I cannot express my gratitude for this hospital and the care team enough. They are thoughtful, thorough, efficient and kind. I feel lucky and blessed to have had the best care and the best medical professionals when my daughter went into the emergency room this weekend. Thank you to everyone who attended to my daughter.
30.10.2023 17:54
If i could give 0 stars I would. I came in March for a miscarriage. I knew it was a miscarriage, but wanted to make sure I was passing things safely. I went into the ER and after i got a room they made me wait over 8 hours to confirm as well as get a shot to prevent future miscarriages. 8 hours in the hospital is very traumatic when you’re already going through something as traumatic as a miscarriage. They told me I wouldn’t be paying over $250 as I had insurance and I was clearly unable to pay more and just came to be safe, but when I received the bill it was over $2k with insurance! If I hadn’t had insurance I would’ve had to pay around $11k !! I got them to lower it by a couple hundred but explained to them that I wouldn’t have stayed if I knew it was going to put me in a hole like this. I had no procedure done, and they told me it was so high because I took up an ER bed for so long.. I only took it up for so long because they made me sit there all day and told me I wouldn’t be able to have another baby if I didn’t get the shot??? I’m a 19 year old girl and don’t know how to navigate these things so I definitely feel taken advantage of. Shame on you guys, and after reading other reviews I’m confident that this review is deserved


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