GYN-CARE Women's Healthcare Center

Atlanta, 264 19th St NW Suite 2230, Atlanta, GA 30363

GYNCARE Women's Health Center provides the highest quality of health care available to our patients in an atmosphere that is compassionate, competent, and comfortable.

Our philosophy is that your health care is a personal issue and not a business relationship. That is why we work hard to ensure the continuity and quality of your medical care. Our intent is to provide to you a health professional that knows you and that you know and trust!


Birth Control

High-Risk Pregnancies



STD Testing


Intrauterine Device


TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Please accept my gratitude to Dr. Eric Brown.

It’s people like Dr. Eric Brown, that will continue to make his practice a model for quality customer/patient service in the Medical/Health care Industry. I would especially like to commend him for the ability to work under pressure and the capacity to maintain his patience with us through the often chaotic and trying times on a daily bases. To my amazement he and his awesome staff handled all of my questions with respect and compassion with every visit.

Dr. Brown is such an amazing doctor! He is an expert in his craft and cares deeply about his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone I know!

I had a myomectomy to remove fibroids and a year later a successful delivery of my daughter with a c-section. I am forever grateful and can’t thank him enough for helping me through the process. Thank you, Dr. Brown! For your kindness, and providing quality top care each and every time. Words can’t express how grateful we are to have found you!

I normally don’t leave reviews but this was a shock for me. Usually anytime you walk into a facility with a lot of black women they always have attitude and not so nice and a little rude! So when I walked in I immediately ASSume that was the same treatment I was going to get from this office visit!

Man when I say I was WRONG! Nancy greeted me with a pleasant demeanor and the other agent there was also very nice and kind. So, I decided to sit and see what else. I got called in for my vitals and them to were awesome! Now it was time for my visit with the Doctor and Nurse P. Shawanda EXCEEDED my expectations! She made me so COMFORTABLE and listened to ALL my concerns. And she is a BLACK woman! No attitude! No judgment! Just plain comfort zone. I will recommend this location to Anyone! It’s hard to find a great doctor here in GA let alone a GREAT GYNECOLOGIST. The 1r and 15 min drive is well worth it and I’m a patient for life! Thankyou team!

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Reviews about GYN-CARE Women's Healthcare Center

28.11.2023 12:47
My experience was wonderful! Everyone in the office are always very nice and helpful. I am always grateful and excited to come to such a positive environment!
28.11.2023 12:46
First visit But love the vibes and vibrations already. Staff super nice when you know you know. Look forward to my care with them.
28.11.2023 12:45
Wow! What a “Breath of Fresh Air” My experience here was definitely one to remember! Everyone from the scheduling department, to front desk representatives, to the phlebotomy technicians, the nurses and Dr. Eric Brown, were all welcoming and made me feel “SAFE”. The environment was clean and smelled pleasant. Everyone had a positive attitude and were clearly excited to be at work. Dr. Brown made me feel at “EASE” and gave clear communication in regards to needed information. All of my questions were answered effectively and he ensured me that I would be well taken care of at the location! I ultimately felt at home here and I would definitely recommend this center. You will not regret it!!!
28.11.2023 12:41
I wish I could give them 0 stars! As my symptoms progress with no help! I cannot state enough ! please if you are actually in need of treatment or assistance do not go to this office! Do not let Shawanda Marshall or Lilibird Pichardo cause you anymore emotional or physical harm. They have no desire to help their patients only to waste their time and refuse to treat you! Do not give these women the satisfaction of hurting you and ignoring your pain! These are not real medical professionals, these are sick and disgusting overpaid scum that see their patients as dismissible numbers. You are not a woman to them, just a dollar sign to ignore.
MEISHA JONES - believes that she can sarcastically speak to patients any kind of way with no regard - you have a blessed day meisha! Act your wage!

lilibard pachardo is the furthest thing from a professional medical doctor. She is nothing but an overpaid disaster of a doctor who could care less about patient care or treatment. If you ask for help she will dismiss you and tell you to see another office. They could care less about patient care you are nothing but a number to these so called doctors and nurses. This is a worthless center to rip women off and leave them feeling hopeless with no regard for their health.

THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING GROUP OF DOCTORS AND NURSES I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED- instead of calling me or actually reviewing additional information that I sent them for treatment options - they have chosen to tell me to see another practice - these people cant truly have degrees and be licensed because there is no care no help no assistance - and no recommendations

Just dismissal and they’re on to the next patient to improperly treat or NOT TREAT THAT PATIENT AT ALL.

Incompetent overpaid rushed doctors and nurses who could care less about your issues. The place is decent overall but there is no care, no intelligence, suggestions, or treatment recommendations.

The answer to everything is “ I don’t see anything and you’re fine” looks healthy to me

ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL ADVICE OR THOUGHT - the people here are just collecting a check and keeping it moving - if you actually are experiencing real issues and are looking for help - do not step foot in this dump - as they refuse to provide it and will argue you down so that you do not receive it.

They will over talk you - make excuses and respond at a snails pace to your questions or needs after the appointment. They could care less about the patients or their issues it’s a just a well paid routine for them.


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