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Had 2 tests scheduled, starting at 8 am on a Monday morning. Received two texts on Sunday - one for each procedure. One text told me to arrive at 7am because I was going to have to do contrast with one of my procedures and the other was an ultrasound that I had to drink 32 ounces of water an hour before my procedure. When I originally scheduled it was decided I would do the ultrasound first. Their hours of operation show 8am. Because of the confusing instructions I arrived at 6:30am because I had a very long drive to get here.

They opened their doors at 7:45am. I was the first one to check in but there were multiple people behind me checking in. They took everyone else before me and I’m still sitting here with an extremely full bladder waiting for them to take me back. Had to finally empty my bladder so when she finally took me back she couldn’t get good images from the first part of the exam. Complained to her about my wait and she told me that she had been double booked. Now waiting again to start my second exam. Hoping these people know what they are doing . Wishing I had chosen Northside instead to perform these exams. Was considering doing my mammogram here but after reading other reviews that’s a no go for me. Disgusted and not returning here anymore.

I've been here several times and have always had a good experience. On my last visit Wanda S. greeted me immediately and got me checked in quickly. She made me smile which brightened my day immensely!

The facility was clean, the techs were friendly and the tests I needed were done promptly and quickly and I was able to get about my day without any issues for which I am very thankful. My only minor complaint is that they don't have a way to scan the groupon barcode. I had to email a screen capture of it. A very small but notable inconvenience considering it's 2023.

Bad experience on the phone turned into an excellent experience in person...LONG REVIEW- It's hard to get through when calling so be patient. They answer at the 14-15min mark everytime I called so that's consistent. The first time I got through someone told me they didn't have my doctor’s orders so I could not make an appt. My doctor told me I can let then know I have a copy and I can fax it. So I called again and finally got through and was told I can fax it and then someone would call me. It's now going on 2 more day and no call.

So I call a 3rd time and a nice gentleman told me I can do a walk-in and told me the best time to come so I could be seen with a shorter wait time. I don't know why they didn't tell me this before. When I got there, the front desk associate was the sweetest and went back to make sure they could take me as a walk-in. I can't remember her name but I think it starts with an M. It was very quick and Angelica(I hope I got her name right) did my X-rays. I only had interactions with these two ladies and they definitely represented the company well.

Make OPI the destination for your imaging needs!

Your physician has ordered an exam. Did you know when your doctor orders a test of any kind, you have the power to choose which imaging center performs that exam? You do, it’s the law in Georgia. Demand for your procedure to be done at OPI.

OPI the easy choice:

Significant savings versus hospital fees Ten locations to serve you Majority of insurance plans accepted In-network preferred with most insurance plans Quick, professional service Multi-lingual staff OPI is fully credited members of ACRICANL, and FDA Mammography.

OutPatient Imaging opened its first center in 2003 in Peachtree City. Since then OPI has added nine more centers.

If a diagnosis can be achieved with a more cost-effective and less invasive procedure/test, the exam will be specifically tailored for the patient by our on-site board-certified radiologist. Outpatient Imaging provides significant cost savings in comparison to area hospitals and other imaging centers for the same tests.

Unlike many other facilities in the area, OPI is independently owned by practice radiologists. Referring doctors have absolutely no financial interest or ownership in our centers and do not profit by referring you to us for care.

Remember “You Have A Choice“, choose OPI for your medical imaging needs.

Call us today at 404-CALL-OPI (404-225-5674) to schedule your exam!

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Reviews about OPI - Outpatient Imaging Atlanta

12.11.2023 15:36
My doctor sent me a referral to this location. From my understanding they don’t do appointments and take walk ins. I arrived after 11 and was told it wasn’t nothing until 1pm. I was a bit confused and realized they must take lunch during that time. I wish somebody would have told me this over the phone or while in the office. The front desk people were very rude and not friendly at all. Ruined the whole experience because they are the first person you deal with. As if getting an X-ray is not already nerve wracking. The person doing the X-ray was nice. I would go to another location or tell my doctor to give me another referral to somewhere else.
12.11.2023 15:36
It was quite an ordeal to get the appointment through “one-call”. A cheap way to pay ahead in cash but still a lot of kinks to work out. I literally spent hours on the phone before getting it all handled. The staff was just not familiar with the process.

HOWEVER, I still gave 5 stars because, though this way of doing things financially was confusing, the people at OPI were top notch-both on the phone and in person!

The facility was easy to find; it was very modern, clean and neat; Taylor, Chase, Victor & Beatrice were sooooooo kind, personable, yet professional, and had sweet smiles on their faces with great senses of humor. They seemed very concerned about me and so apologetic because of the aggravating system.

I would go there again, if need be; and the price was awesome! It was 1/3 the price of Piedmont!

Also, Tavora, in billing, was a lifesaver on the phone after multiple transfers, holds, hang-ups (terrible recording prompts)! She’s the reason I didn’t give up!

There was one girl, initially, who honestly told me she had no idea what I was talking about, as far as MDSave and one-call, except that one call is for worker’s comp. Mine was not. She just needs to be coached. I did not get her name as I did the others.

Anyhoo, I’m leaving a ridiculously long review so that, hopefully, the powers that be can remedy the negative parts, while realizing that OPI itself was great!

Lastly, the tech who actually did the imaging, was professional and thorough; just not quite the people person persona of the others I mentioned. And-that’s okay- I know everyone doesn’t have to smile and laugh and have the southern hospitality mentality. She did a good job and was not in any way unkind.

God bless each of you as you grow into a very successful business with a heart for patients!
12.11.2023 15:36
Le quiero dar la gracias a Felisha y a Yuri por la ayuda con la cita de mi esposo para su open MRI fueron muy amables
12.11.2023 15:35
Trying to schedule an appointment with this place is outrageously difficult. The process for them to receive the referral/referral is ridiculous. I was told 48 hours I called at the end of day after the 48 hours. They told me they still hadn't received it and they would call me back because sometimes it takes 4 days. Then they would call be to schedule an appointment. I never heard back. I called again after about two weeks. They said that they had to call my provider to send over the information well they had to of gotten then information and are lying about the call because not once did anyone ever ask me for my providers information. Then they said I have to have my previous mammogram to schedule an appointment. I don't have it and I have pain in my breast. They will not do a mammogram unless I have my previous one from 2020 which my doctors has since closed as well as the imaging center that I had it done. I have been having pain in my breast for over a month and I just found out my mom has breast cancer. This place is terrible do not use.
12.11.2023 15:35
This experience was completely unexpected. I did have a little trouble making the appointment. However I was able to use Groupon and my scan went from $199 to $69. The staff was incredibly friendly and I only had to wait about 5 minutes before I was seen. A very pleasurable experience--- Update 11/2 I have been trying for over 3 hours over 2 days to book an appointment. Their "call center " for scheduling is effectively useless, and trying to call an individual center if you can get someone to answer you immediately get put on hold and the wait to speak back to someone is beyond reasonable. Additionally there's no way to book an appointment online. That would at least be an alternative to the horrible process for scheduling/ appointment inquiries. so it results in going elsewhere for service which result in a loss of business..
12.11.2023 15:35
BE AWARE the address they list will take you to the Shepherd Center. This caused me to be 10 minutes late for my appointment!! The staff are the most uncaring employees I've ever seen in the medical field! They would not see me and didn't care it took me 25 extra because of the GPS error. Typical road work, construction around the Shepherd center.
The last time I was here, one patient left in tears because of their rudeness to her!
To get to their location without going to the wrong direction, type in OPI Peachtree St. You would think this would be mentioned in their email to warn patients. The receptionist says it happens all the time!!!
12.11.2023 15:35
My doctor referred me here. I had an appointment for an MRI and on the day of the appointment I walked in and they said they couldn’t do it. They said they sent me a text to reschedule. The only text i received from them was the day before with my appointment time and address. no where did the text say that they couldn’t do it that day and i had to reschedule. very frustrating and unprofessional. If you are considering coming go to any other place just don’t come here.


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