Piedmont Atlanta

Atlanta, 1968 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital – a 643-bed, private, not-for-profit hospital – is a leader in patient care that’s helped the Atlanta community get better and stay well for more than a century. Named the top acute-care community hospital in metro Atlanta in U.S. News and World Report's Best Hospitals list, Piedmont Atlanta consistently ranks in the top five among metro Atlanta hospitals in patient experience scores.

Key Facts Located in Buckhead Staffed by more than 1,000 experienced physicians and 4,000 healthcare professionals Provides 24-hour emergency services plus all major medical, surgical and diagnostic care, including:
- Heart Care
- Cancer Care
- Transplant Medicine
- Orthopaedic Care
- Neurology Services
- Women’s Care

Piedmont Hospital combines a personalized approach with innovative technologies to deliver treatments that set a new standard for excellence in care, including a state-of-the-art cancer center that offers complete therapy, disease management, prevention and wellness. In addition, our team is active in the research and development of advanced treatments and procedures aimed at delivering better patient outcomes.

Simply put, there’s no hospital in Atlanta with a better approach to comprehensive, compassionate care than Piedmont Hospital.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I gave birth here a little over 3 months ago and I had a great experience. My doctors from the AWOG team were great but I was also very impressed with the hospital staff. All of the nurses were very friendly and attentive. They made sure I had everything I could possibly need to be comfortable. I wish I could tell you my nurse’s names but I have an awful memory, but I can tell you that every single person I encountered during my stay was pleasant. The food was pretty good for hospital food, however I will say the planned meals on the menu were not nearly as good as the individual food items available to order. The labor and delivery rooms were huge and super clean but it is a brand new wing of the hospital so I expected as much. The recovery unit wasn’t quite as nice and the rooms were pretty small but big enough for me and my husband to not feel too cramped the 3 nights we stayed there. My labor ended with an emergency c-section which was very scary for me but the staff, especially the anesthesiologists, did a wonderful job trying to comfort me throughout the surgery. I plan on having my next baby at Piedmont hospital, hopefully by then the recovery unit will be just as nice and new as the L&D unit was.

A family emergency caused me to take a quick flight to Atlanta Friday to check in on a family member. Poor care provided by another hospital led family to be transferred to Piedmont. Everyone I crossed paths with was very helpful and cordial but I must give accolades to a few. When Kathryn (3rd floor ICU Nurse) walked in the room my cousins eyes would get big and she would smile so hard as if Kathryn was the highlight of the hour. Kathryn was very attentive to her needs and had great bedside manner. Antwan the Physician Assistant, well she had the same reaction when he walked in could be because he was so handsome but I do believe it was due to his compassion and fun personality. Demetrio the Dialysis Nurse was fun as well, he made her laugh. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting ICUs nurse Adam, but I was told my cousin loved him as well and he was a wonderful nurse. Wallace in Physical Therapy was a ball of fun, I enjoyed her as well. I flew back to Oklahoma on Saturday. Very pleased with the care my cousin is now getting I think all of you mentioned in this review and I appreciate you for really caring about my cousin's well-being.

I had such a positive experience it actually caught me off guard. From the doctors to the nurses and radiologists and even the receptionists and people doing registration, everyone was SO friendly and welcoming. I feel like I was treated timely, my symptoms were taken seriously, and everyone was in a good mood. Thank you to every single member of the staff here

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Reviews about Piedmont Atlanta

12.11.2023 16:46
Ty with Security and Otis with Radiology are 2 employees who went above and beyond. They need raises for their dedication to excellence and making patients happy and comfortable. They are compassionate and an example of what every employee needs to encompass. I appreciate their help and going about and beyond, I hope they are recognized for their extraordinary efforts. I also filled out a form at the ER in hopes they’ll receive a praise report
12.11.2023 16:46
My mom had surgery this week and got one bad nurse named Gwen, you should pray you never get her as your nurse especially during the day. She never took care of her patients and she was very nasty in her attitude. I asked the charge nurse to not allow Gwen to be my mom’s nurse because she treated her horribly. My second concern is that Piedmont really should not allow staff to wear perfumes and colognes to work especially when you have close contact with patients. My reason for saying this is because patients could be allergic to perfumes and colognes. My mom got nauseous when a nurse or tech would come into her room with strong cologne or perfume.
12.11.2023 16:45
When you have a loved one in hospital, there is an inherent stress regarding their care. I can not say enough nice things about Nurse STANLEY and Patient Care Technican Jahlika!!!!! When I say Up and beyond.... I mean they cared for my father as if it was their beloved father.
To date, we have had 6 nurses and PCT respectively. They have all been dutiful. They all did they what they was hired to do
despite being short staffed. They continue to remain cordial and respectful. But Stanley and Jahlika, a night shift team in 4 East, attentiveness fostered a feeling of care that is often missing in hospital's today.
#nursesthatcare #4east #malenurse #nightstaff
12.11.2023 16:45
Everytime I have surgery their at this hospital I feel very good and have no complaints about this hospital I love the check in department and the nurses and the doctors I’m just so happy with everyone their from the clinics to being admitted to the hospital I’ve been coming here since 2014 to present
12.11.2023 16:45
It was crowded in ER. And had makeshift waiting area due to remodilng. It was hectic. I spoke w two nurse about emphezema and copd. I mentioned since they've drawn blood and assumed me my blood pressure numbers weren't bad, I explained that w everyone was packed in ER its too dangerous to my health to stay. I asked could I get results of blood work on my chart and check blood pressure before I leave.Everyone I came in contact w were great considering the condition of ER EXCEPT Crystal M. IMO she may need to take a vacation and regroup. She said I couldn't get bp checked since I was leaving and my blood work would not be on my chart. I said that blood belongs to me. She was the one that was upset. One of those things that she couldn't control what was going on in ER she set her anger on me. I love Piedmont they took great care of my daughter 2x I love the drs there and the hospital in Newnan treated my sister was awesome. Grateful Dr did what was right and blood work was put on MyChart. Below I attached notes from nurse Crystal M. God bless her.l

Nurse Crystal M at 9/25/2023 10:56 PM
Patient upset with ED wait time. Patient agrees to leave AMA. Pt refused to sign AMA form, AMA form witnessed and placed on pt chart. PIV removed
Above is the nurse who was looking to fight.
12.11.2023 16:45
We had our first son in this Hospital back in 2014. They were very organised and gave us a demonstration prior to delivery for the process and what are we gonna do when she gets labor. I can’t complain at all about anything it was a perfect delivery with high quality care. Thanks for everyone works in Piedmont Hospital, keep grinding, you are true Heroes to me and my family. I didn’t know you were that good until I had experienced the same service at other hospitals out of the Us. Thanks for exporting your process and standards to hospitals located overseas. I’ll always be grateful to what you’ve done with us.

Love and Respect
12.11.2023 16:44
My mom went into the emergency and stated that she was having chest pains, and had to wait. Nobody seemed to have any urgency in treating her,she ended up leaving and going to Northside who saw her immediately. She was at Piedmont a whole hour and never left the waiting room.
12.11.2023 16:44
Best Hospital in Atlanta right now…They show that they care…also most hospitals overpopulated right now so with that being said the workers at this hospital are less stressed and overwhelmed so they treat you better and have time to attend to your care in a quick and timely manner.
12.11.2023 16:44
Everyone was so nice to us. I spent the night a lot and they were so good to bring me water when they brought some to my husband. Always asked if we needed anything. Great staff and Doctors!
12.11.2023 16:44
Came here for outpatient surgery and the team working with me had great bedside manners and also punctual! This was the first time I had an Iv and it didn’t hurt that rn was great! First time here and I was treated very well!
12.11.2023 16:44
This hospital is horrible, I wouldn’t let my dog take a nap and if he gets sick in this place. These people are crazy and self prided cause of their job titles and shun others who are on the wrong type of health insurance not a friendly place for elderly love ones! Too abusive mental and physical, I caught nurses pinching my mother she has bruises never before in her life. These people are rude to me they loco! I hate and regret I brought my Mom here to get better. I caught one ugly black nappy head male nurse with a white male nurse the black nurse Stanley on the 4th floor called her names not caring abt her medical condition. The white make nurse Justin kept sticking her with needles for unknown reasons and she screamed. And she screamed like hell all night but at home she was peacefully at sleep no pain.
12.11.2023 16:43
I was just in for back surgery and it was a great experience from the beginning. I was greeted nicely at the admission desk and was kept aware of when my surgery would start. Nurses in pre-op were gentle and answered my questions. My doctor, Dr. Patel is a fantastic surgeon. He was really upbeat, and had discussed all the pros and cons. Everything went well and PACU was comfortable. The best part was my nurses. Especially Robin mynight nurse. Seemed she couldn't do enough for me. Made sure I was comfortable and when I was allowed to eat more than just liquids, found a turkey sandwich for me at 3am.
Jackie and Janice , PT and OT were friendly and made sure I passed "my tests". Finally my day nurse James was patient with me in doing everything he could get me to facilitate my last test- passing urine. Once that was done, Dr. Patel who was in earlier, did all my discharge, and when my daughter came to pick me up, James got me down there in 5 minutes.
Although I am much closer to Wellstar, I would make the 45 minute trip to Piedmont any time.
I believe if my wife would had been taken to Piedmont instead of Wellstar, she wouldn't have died 6 months ago.
And to take this review more seriously, I'm a retired OBGYN. So I have knowledge about what constitutes good care.
12.11.2023 16:43
We came in on Saturday and we were told that we’ll have procedure on Wednesday. We stayed over the weekend and waited and then on Wednesday they told us the surgeon’s schedule was fully booked and were not able to do it. We then were told that the procedure wasn’t an emergency and could be scheduled some other time. Then someone from another department told us that it’s urgent and we need to postpone our chemotherapy for this procedure. We then waited till Friday(today) for the procedure, and they’re now saying the same thing that their schedule is fully booked. And told us that it shouldn’t be urgent and we could schedule it for another day. We have wasted a whole week here and even postponed our 3 chemotherapy because of them. We’ve let them know Multiple times that we were trying to make it for the chemotherapy but they just kept us waiting and waiting. They made us wait when our health condition was able to do the procedure. My mum is having 3 chemotherapy and her health condition is very unstable but they made us wait TWO TIMES when she was finally normal for those 2 days. They didn’t let my mum eat or drink TWO nights as they said there’s procedure but then told us no they weren’t able to make it. I understand scheduling is hard but they could’ve let us know if it’s urgent or not so that we could reschedule and make it for our Chemotherapy. They have no communication between departments and we feel VERY DISAPPOINTED of how they handle things. The nurses were nice especially Helen. But I’d never come again after we schedule as an out patient for this procedure in the future. This isn’t the first time either, we weren’t satisfied at all.
If you want to be cured, don’t come here. All we got is bills and nothing done.
12.11.2023 16:43
I walked in with a 10/10 headache and walked out with a big smile on my face!! Thanks for the Night shift staff and my Nurse Jackie !! Great Hospital and service!!
12.11.2023 16:43
Piedmont sent me home after a mild heart attack with medication when stints should have been used. Months later had a major heart attack with 100% blockage when it could have been prevented. Thanks to being minutes away from Northside in Canton when it happened, I'm still here. If you value your life, find another hospital if you have no insurance. The only thing that matters here is the money, not your life.
12.11.2023 16:42
This establishment is an embarrassment to healthcare. They truthfully need to shut down and reevaluate how to provide proper care.

I waited in the emergency room for OVER 7 HOURS! I was profusely vomiting In the waiting room, and in some of the worst pain I’ve been in my life. There was no real expectation set for how long I would have to keep waiting, because if I would have known I would have left and gone to a hospital with a competent care team.

I know full well I got vomit on one of the seats In the waiting room and it was never sanitized. There were dirty bandages in the waiting room, blood on the floor- the whole thing was a biohazard.

Nursing staff was kind enough, but the abhorrent quality in care was so awful that I genuinely cannot praise any individual. (The front desk staff was awful! Whoever checked me in before triage should not be working in healthcare)

Now I’m sitting here trying to get my prescription which they did not send. Most likely I will not be able to get it before end of the day so I will remain in suffering. If this is what thousands of dollars in medical bills looks like it’s a disgrace.

In short do not go here. It is unsanitary and the nearly 8 hour wait time will make you quite literally want to unalive yourself. I genuinely feel traumatized by this hospital.


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