Tijuana Tacos & Deli

Baltimore, 3001 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21224


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The food is pretty good but I can't justify paying 15 dollars for 3 street tacos. They have priced me out of their menu after their last price hike.

Great food! Delicious tacos and very nice service.

Si te apetece pagar $20 por una torta y una bebida, pues, hágale. Por mi parte, lo siento, no lo puedo. Me gustaba comer aquí, pero el cambio de precio (que no se refleja en el menú) es demasiado caro cuando hay otras opciones. Sin embargo, la comida es buena.

Translation: If you like to spend $20 for a sandwich and a drink, then go ahead. The prices were recently increased significantly so while it use to feel like a local, inexpensive staple, that’s no longer the case. With the numerous options around, I can’t see myself going back there.

Great food and friendly staff. Always a good choice to get food here!

Ordered surtidas/mixtas. The person on the phone asked if they could substitute a meat into our mixtas. Our surtido/mixta wound up being a bunch of slices of something that seemed like it was pure fat. There was no chicken or beef, just some sort of pork fat. They even labeled the box mixta. The second. photo is some of the meat that we picked out of our chimichanga mixta.

The beef chimichanga was good, but we ate that before we decided to post a review. In summary, order specific meats. Don't order mixtas/surtido unless you tell them specifically what meats they should include, or you may wind up with an intensely fatty protein instead.

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Reviews about Tijuana Tacos & Deli

22.12.2023 20:01
Absolutely amazing food. I love the mole sauce and the cheese enchiladas! It’s my go to takeout place when I don’t know what to cook. The beans and rice are on the oily side but that’s what makes them yummy.
22.12.2023 20:01
Adorable little spot, not even remotely accessible. Kind of a dingy, well-used-up carryout spot, which means everybody goes there and the food is amazing. Indeed, it was. Warning: Sopa del Mar is SPICY! Latino spicy, not American spicy. Full of flavour, but be ready with the tortillas they send home with it! Whew! Bistec a la Mexicana was cooked up in a nice, hot pan, all ingredients fresh and ready within 15 minutes!

Definitely try this place.
09.04.2023 18:41
Quite possibly the best tacos Al pastor in Baltimore


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