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The Mass General Difference

Massachusetts General Hospital was established to provide care to Boston's sick, regardless of socioeconomic status, and became the first teaching hospital of Harvard University's new medical school. We have remained at the forefront of medicine by fostering a culture of collaboration and education, pushing the boundaries of medical research, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to the diverse community we were created to serve.

We believe that because of diversity we excel, through inclusion we respect our community, and with a keen focus on equity we serve, heal, educate and innovate at the highest levels. Our first priority is the well-being of our patients—near and far. As a team we are able to maintain a singular focus on providing the highest quality, most compassionate care to each and every patient.

World-Class Patient Care

Mass General is consistently ranked as a top hospital in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. In 2015, Mass General was rated as the #1 hospital in America and in 2019 we were #2. Mass General is recognized in 13 specialties assessed by U.S. News, a testament to the breadth and depth of our expertise. Our patients rate their experiences with us very highly, with nearly all indicating they would be very likely to recommend us to others. We also consistently achieve high ratings from professional organizations. We have been recognized by:

The American Nurses Credentialing Center for our excellence in nursing as a Magnet® hospital
The Society of Thoracic Surgeons for our excellence in cardiothoracic surgery
The Joint Commission for our excellence in stroke care with a Comprehensive Stroke Certification
The Leapfrog Group for our quality and safety with an “A” grade in 2019

Mass General serves as a leader in research with more than $1 billion in research operations and stands as the largest-hospital based research program in NIH funding. Our research program spans more than 30 clinical departments and centers across the hospital. Approximately 1,200 clinical trials are taking place at Mass General at any given time. Our research drives discoveries and breakthroughs in basic and clinical research, which translate into new and better treatments for our patients locally and around the globe. Mass General researchers topped the Nature Index list of health care organizations for publishing more articles in high-impact journals than any other hospital in America from January 2019 to December 2019.

Learn more about Mass General research

Patients at Mass General have access to a vast network of physicians, nearly all of whom are Harvard Medical School faculty and many of whom are leaders within their fields. Our many multidisciplinary care teams—known worldwide for innovations in cancerdigestive disorders, the neurosciencesheart diseaseorthopaedicstransplantationurologic diseases and trauma care—unite specialists across the hospital to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical care. In addition, Mass General for Children provides a full range of pediatric health care services, from primary care to leading-edge treatment of complex and rare disorders.

Learn more about the U.S. News honor roll

Setting the Bar for Quality & Safety

Safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency and equity—these six tenets established by the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine are the foundation of Mass General’s approach to quality and safety. We measure our performance, set high goals and track our progress toward those goals to maintain an atmosphere of excellence. We compare ourselves against local and national benchmarks in key quality and safety areas to ensure we deliver the highest quality and safest care possible.

Learn more about our quality and patient-safety programs

Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital

Mass General is not only the original teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, but also its largest, and nearly all our staff physicians serve as faculty. We are committed to training and mentoring the next generation of international leaders in science and medicine, providing opportunities for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. These talented men and women with their diversity of talent and perspectives, in turn, lend fresh and innovative ideas on how we care for patients.

View residency and fellowship opportunities at Mass General

Serving Our Neighbors, Locally & Globally

Mass General was founded to serve our neighbors and those in need, a commitment that is just as strong at Mass General today as it was two centuries ago; the only difference is what it means to be a “neighbor.” Our community today extends far beyond Boston’s border. We partner with communities both close to home and across oceans to build, improve and sustain health care delivery and increase the health and well-being of those who live and work in these communities.

Read how Mass General is making a difference locally

Learn how Mass General is making a difference globally

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Reviews about Massachusetts General Hospital

30.10.2023 21:19
My husband was admitted into the cardiac dept The Ellison Floor. And he was very pleased with the way he was treated. Very comforing his nurses Maggie, Amy,Isabella, Molly. Thank you so much for treating my husband. You ladies are amazing!!! My husband and I definitely recommend Mass General Hospital. 5 STARS
30.10.2023 21:19
I have a friend who went in for a procedure. He pleaded for them to wear masks because he couldn’t wear one, but two male nurses refused. He’s sick now, still testing. Their excuse? CDC recommended protocol. It seems they don't keep current on Covid variants and their spread (airborne).They clearly don't give a damn about the health of the people they're supposed to be "caring" for. There's no trusting them with anyone's health and wellbeing. If I could give them negative stars, I would.
30.10.2023 21:19
Boston was going to be just a port of call on our cruise, but we had a medical emergency while we were here. We spent some time in a very busy emergency room, but they got us in for surgery within 24 hours. All the medical professionals who helped us were kind and very informative and caring.
30.10.2023 21:18
Horrible experience. Dropped my dad off twice to emergency for surgeries. Both times his name was not in the system when i tried calling to talk to a doctor. Nobody texts or calls me to inform me he is in surgery or out of it. Nobody knows where my dad is. Horrible management. Disgusted
30.10.2023 21:18
Came into the er at 2:20 am and it looked like a homeless shelter. Would be surprised if no health codes are being violated. 18 hours later, still waiting on the mri results. Ironically, feeling more sick now than when I came in.
30.10.2023 21:18
I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Bradley Bousquet, for the incredible work he did on my dad's face after a severe accident left him with deep lacerations.

Dr. Bradley Bousquet's professionalism and empathy immediately put my dad at ease, which was no small feat given the emotional and physical trauma he had endured.

The surgery itself was a true work of art. Dr. Bousquet's precision and skill were evident in every stitch and suture. He not only repaired the lacerations but also took great care to minimize scarring and ensure the best possible outcome.

Beyond his surgical talent, Dr. Bousquet's kindness and compassion stood out throughout the entire journey. He treated my dad with the utmost respect and dignity, making him feel valued as a person, not just a patient.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Bousquet to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon who combines unparalleled surgical skills with genuine compassion and care. He transformed a traumatic experience into a story of hope and healing for our family, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Dr. Bousquet truly is a remarkable surgeon, and we feel blessed to have found him!
30.10.2023 21:18
If I could give zero stars I would. I got here at 345pm check in was perfectly fine and I was seen by the nurse triage by like 430pm but I had to excuse myself because I felt ill. Then when I returned it was like starting from scratch and no one cared I was in dying pain with gastritis and a ovarian cyst that may have burst. When I went up to one of the girls to ask she said very non chalant to me "yea there's like 8 people and probably going to call all of them before you" so I told her I was in too much pain I was going to leave and all she did was shrug and said ok. That was at 730pm. Honestly the WORST hospital I've ever been to. I thought the Everett Hospital was but I stand corrected. Absolutely horrible and I plan on telling masshealth all about it!
30.10.2023 21:17
Beware of this hospital I am suffering long term trauma due to my stay here. they will falsify their notes to cover up their mistakes so they do not get sued for malpractice. They gave me medication that they knew I would have adverse reactions to and is listed in the hospitals records under allergies. If you file a complaint they will refuse to treat you like a human anymore and provide false diagnosis and manipulate events to avoid taking responsibility for their unethical and unlawful medical care.
The nurses and doctors in the white building floor six are the rudest and most judgmental and biased healthcare workers. The nurse Nina Perel is a narcissist and should not be allowed anywhere near a patient as she will purposefully ignore patients needs and lie about the care she never provided and make false accusations.
They have doctors doing assessments and forming treatment plans and diagnosing patients based on inaccurate information and without ever personally seeing the patient. They will discharge you to the streets without the recommended supports leaving you in very dangerous conditions, even though they are required by law to ensure patients are provided with safe discharges.
30.10.2023 21:17
أفضل مستشفي للعيون والعظام بالعالم .
30.10.2023 21:17
This hospital is WAY too busy to help you in a reasonable amount of time. I went in with terrible pain in my left side and SEVEN HOURS later…and multiple tests including repeat ones…and NO results yet! You haven’t eaten ALL day…they don’t care! It’s crazy! It’s also VERY gross! My room had dried blood on the wall…it was SO disturbing that my sister put some gloves on…got some towels and washed it off with Purcell!! Just yuck!
30.10.2023 21:17
Absolutely wonderful hospital! The receptionists are AWFUL! I spoke with a receptionist in the Children's hospital and from Mass General both were so rude, it's a shame.
30.10.2023 21:16
My wife was operated on 10/19. Our stay from then on and through the weekend was the best hospital experience to date. We especially want to comend the staff. Our nurse Lauren Schmidt was the happiest and most cheerful which flowes right to the patients making us feel great. All the staff was great.


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