St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Boston, 736 Cambridge St, Brighton, MA 02135

What Should I Know About St. Elizabeth's Medical Center?

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, a Boston University Teaching Hospital, provides patients and families access to some of Boston’s most respected physicians and advanced treatments offering specialized care, including:

Advanced Center for Cardiac Surgery da Vinci® Robotic surgery program; Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Award-winning bariatric surgery program Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center State-of-the-art emergency care with short wait times

Our medical staff, made up of some of the highest rated physicians in Boston, treats patients in our community practices in neighborhoods, including Allston, Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Newton, Watertown and Weston.


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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

As sick as I was, I enjoyed my experience at this hospital. The nurse at the station who took my ID and Insurance was very sweet, the nurses who took care of me for the two hours I’ve been there were very sweet and caring. They couldn’t find a vein in my arms to insert the IV needle but they were patient with me and we joked about this.

They printed out papers of what could be my illness and how to treat it in the days to come. Overall it was a very good experience and I left the hospital feeling better.

We had an accident while visting Boston. A friend of mine fell down on a sidewalk broke a wrist and had to go to this hospital. They attended us extremely well and did their best to not mess up our holidays. We just come back to Spain and our doctors here says they did a very good job. Her wrist is now recovering pretty well. Thank you so much !!!!!

My husband went to St E’s to start a cardiac work up for a valve replacement. The staff were great, caring and attentive. The cardiologist is fantastic! He explained carefully the procedure and testing that would be required. He was patient and answered all questions without the feeling of being rushed. St E’s is a great facility. I had cardiac bypass in 2018 and received the best care, they saved my life! I trust them with my husbands care, and we feel comfortable he will have a great outcome!

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Reviews about St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

12.11.2023 22:58
I had a cardiac procedure at St Elizabeth’s. Dr Natan and the team were great. They were professional yet kept me in the loop and made me feel like a part of everything not just the patient!
12.11.2023 22:57
I love my docs but I wish they would fix the elevator! One a recent trip I was stuck in on briefly, forced to get off a floor above the main floor, and had to struggle down the stairs with my rollator because I was too scared to get back on.
12.11.2023 22:57
The surgery and pre op went well. Everybody was so caring. Recovery room was another story. I was there six hours just waiting for someone to take me to my room! Short of staff like every other place!
12.11.2023 22:57
Even though this hospital is very old, it doesn’t feel like it inside!! Everyone that works there from front desk to Nurses & Doctors are so nice and make you feel comfortable!
12.11.2023 22:56
Tried to make an appointment to a psychiatrist. I was greeted in such a way that I felt as if I had come to ask for money from the Queen of England. the front desk girl looked like a Hollywood doll and acted appropriately arrogant and unfriendly. lost all desire to deal with this particular office, despite the fact that there is a need for help. in any case, the phone numbers and information about the staff of this center is incorrect. moreover, I called several times before visiting there and inquired about a particular doctor. no one told me that it does not accept patients. this hospital does not care about the freshness of the information and the polite communication skills of the staff.
12.11.2023 22:56
Most traumatizing medical experience I've had. I felt my CT was read incorrectly which is why they didn't see the peritonsillar abscess the first night I was in the ER. When I returned to the ER the next day they saw it on the second CT. The ENT specialist failed to numb the whole sight before draining the abscess so I felt both the cutting and the widening of the tissue in the back of my throat (that's the part I still have nightmares about). It didn't help the experience that my last name, address, emergency contact, and pharmacy were input wrong at registration. Luckily I caught those mistakes- always be vigilant in your own care. Biggest benefit I got from visiting St Elizabeths; learning to never implicitly trust. Doctors are just people who can be bad at their jobs like the rest of us. I reported to patient advocacy so hopefully St. Elizabeths can learn from this.
12.11.2023 22:56
A nightmare to get to, park, and work with. I was referred to this hospital for a neuropsychologist evaluation, waited well over a month and a half for an appointment, drove an hour and a half, and was greeted with a half-hearted pseudo-therapy session.

Disorganized and disappointing in every way, get an appointment elsewhere if you can.
12.11.2023 22:56
All the staff from parking attendants to doctors were phenomenal! Their level of truly caring for a patient or visitor to their medical facility was incredible. Above and beyond that, I have received calls from my doctor and his staff to see how I am and I have had the opportunity to rate the facility based on my experience. That shows me they really do care and will strive to make others feel as confident about their medical care at St. Elizabeth’s as I did.
12.11.2023 22:55
Wonderful doc pre op post op. Then everything changed on 6W. Dirty. Poor care terrible nurses. Lots of loud laughing at nurses station at night I wonder if toilet paper roll is still rolling around BR floor. No continuity of care. Don’t ring your buzzer. They don’t answer. I would not take an animal here I could go on but I won’t. Thankfully I’m home safe
12.11.2023 22:55
If you are in need of great primary care drs, ob-gyn drs, or any type of specialist, St. Elizabeth's Hospital is where you should like. I've had amazing drs here for years. Your health is worth finding the best
12.11.2023 22:55
Their surgeons are some of the best in the world, but their nursing staff is not professional. Their in a rush to get u out and yet they will pack dirty clothes that dont even belong to you; they also lied and told me my mom agreed to go to rehab when she didnt. We might file suit
12.11.2023 22:55
This place is very aged and needs major improvements.
Elevators are broken for weeks.s Spend a week in the cafeteria every day for hours and hear all the employees complain.
Every room has 2 beds and they really pack them in.
12.11.2023 22:54
I had spinal surgery on 10/23 and 10/24. After my surgery on 10/23, I was put on 7East. The receiving nurse said to me “but you can walk right?” 2 hours post op. I could not bear weight at all. The transport staff ended up transferring me from one bed to another because the nurse stated she was unsure how. My BP cuff was left on and running through the evening causing significant bruising on my arm as well. She also brought me a spirometer when she meant to bring me a nebulizer. When I asked if I needed both she said “no I brought that by mistake”. Shift change happens at 11 and my new nurse asks why I’m not using my spirometer. I explain the previous nurse said it was brought by mistake. My new nurse is clearly frustrated and hands it to me to use. She provided incorrect instructions and told me to breathe out to move the ball. I obviously could not get that to work because you are supposed to breathe in. When I asked for help she said “well it’s not like I am putting my mouth on there so you just need to figure it out”. I repeatedly needed to hit my call button when various alarms would sound prompting no nursing or aide response. I also had to repeatedly ask for my medications. Possibly the worst part was that I had not eaten in 24 hours. The nurses were instructed to provide me food until midnight as I had surgery the following day as well. They did not. So I had to go a full 48 hours without eating due to an error. I even asked for food and was told no. I was then moved to 6CMC after my second surgery.

You may be wondering why I provided 4 stars and the reason for that are the following staff members: Heather, RN on 7East, Theresa, RN on 6CMC, Olivia RN on 6CMC, Faye RN on 6CMC, Karen RN on 6CMC, Howard MD and hospitalist, Lauren PT, and my OT who I unfortunately do not recall the name of. These staff members encouraged me when I felt I couldn’t ambulate, made sure I had everything I needed, stayed on top of my pain, helped me on and off the commode without rushing me, kept me laughing, and were the epitome of professionalism. They exemplified what patient care should be.

Special shout out to Maria, RN in the PACU who helped me wake up from anesthesia on Monday and although she was not assigned to me, came to see me after my second surgery. Waking up to a friendly face rubbing my arm saying “I heard you did great honey. Wishing you a speedy recovery” was so sweet. To go out of her way to do that shows what kind of nurse she is.

I am a board certified case manager and social worker who deals with many people in and out of the hospital. The level of care I received on 6CMC should be the baseline for care. I heard rumblings of staffing shortages, needing to reallocate staff, and the stress regarding keeping up with everyone’s needs. That energy never entered my room and all of the aforementioned staff members made it appear effortless.

Thank you to the staff at SEMC who cared for me and truly helped this 31 year old complicated spine patient.
12.11.2023 22:54
If i could give more stars i would. Thank you ICU nurses and doctors who gave their 150 percent on their job with the outmost best hospitality and care i ever experience from start to end. My experience review in this page is not enough to let others know how truly amazing your ICU staff are.thank you again for the best care experience.
12.11.2023 22:54
Staff was outstanding, from reception to nurses staff to doctors. Felt comfortable and reassured the whole way.
12.11.2023 22:53
Very friendly staff
I was taken at the time of my appointment
Procedure was fully explained
A very good appointment


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