Atrium Health Levine Children's Hospital

Charlotte, 1000 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Nothing is more important than your child's health. Atrium Health Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC, provides an unmatched level of expert care in more than 30 areas of pediatric medicine. That’s why U.S. News & World Report has named us a Best Children's Hospital for many years – in fact, we're the only children's hospital in our region to make the list and are ranked in multiple specialties.

As the largest children's hospital between Atlanta and Washington, D.C., we treat more pediatric patients each day than any other hospital in North Carolina. And when your child needs care right away, Levine Children's has the region's first 24/7 emergency room just for kids, staffed by doctors trained in pediatric emergency medicine.

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Levine Children's Hospital offers a variety of amenities and support to help make your visit as comfortable and easy as possible. Learn more about our offerings or download our patient guide for your child's stay:

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Reviews about Atrium Health Levine Children's Hospital

16.11.2023 18:07
First off shout out to Dr. Maxey! He did a wonderful job on our son’s surgery and is also easy to talk to and straightforward! Highly highly recommended! 7th floor NICU.. GOOD! 6th floor CVICU.. GREAT! 8th floor Progressive Care.. GARBAGE! Only a few nurses were good. Most of the night nurses were BAD and most of the SLP team were bad too .. The Cardiac team was good..
16.11.2023 18:07
Was referred by my child’s PCP to follow up at this hospital if her symptoms continued or worsened. We were there for almost 5 hours waiting on labs. Was never told the lab results and told we were discharged I reviewed the labs online and was concerned and asked the resident if my child should have anything based on them, she laughed and said yeah drink more. What kind of hospital is this? It seems more like an urgent care, will never be back. Also, the nurses didn’t seem to know how to do an IV to draw blood and for the five hours we were there my child never received IV fluids or water even though with vomiting, there is always a concern for dehydration. Also, the room was very dirty and when they moved the bed out to do the blood draw, it had dried up vomit on the side of it!
16.11.2023 18:07
My son is currently on 3k. The staff members are verbally abusive to the children. On top of that they eat outside food in front of their faces. So you have children that get the hospital food and that’s it. The workers eating 5 star restaurant food, name brand snacks and then their confused why the kids start acting up. They are hungry and want some take out as well.
If I worked at a place where there were children who were not fortunate enough to eat take out I for sure could not bring myself to eat in front of them. Where is the compassion?
You have a break room use it..
16.11.2023 18:06
Our 13 month old daughter came down with a terrible case of RSV and the Doctors and nurses were amazing. We ended up being admitted on the 10th floor overnight and we cannot say enough good things about the staff. The ER nurses, doctors, and residents were exceptional. They listened to our concerns and were very proactive. The 10th floor nurses were amazing and we had wonderful care. They treated our daughter like she was their own. Although our plan was not to stay at the hospital, we are thankful it was there. Thank you Levines!!!
16.11.2023 18:06
My child had a cardiac ablation performed by Dr. Lawrence yesterday morning. He and Dr. Martinez were amazing taking care of my child and ensuring his safety! They were a wonderful team and this hospital is amazing!
16.11.2023 18:06
Jackie along with many of the nurses and specialists were incredible. Jackie went above and beyond making sure my daughter and I were both taken care of. She demonstrates the core values and ethics of her profession.

Now on to the bad. HOW does the lab “lose” a pee sample. There are several protocols in place to ensure things like that doesn’t happen. How do you just lose it and then not even tell my child’s nurse about it. But you wait for her to call asking for an update and THEN tell her oh yeah it’s lost.
Now this wouldn’t have been a big deal had it not been for the fact that the pee sample had to be done before my baby could get started with antibiotics. So we waited until we got the sample sent off to do the antibiotics but by the time we were told the sample was lost she had already received the antibiotics thus rendering any other ineffective on telling us what was wrong since the antibiotics killed it off.
Was my child’s pee sold to somebody needing clean pee for their job? Is it sitting in another patient ms room? How do you lose a sample? Now after 3 days I still don’t know what was wrong with my child!! MISTAKES CAN NOT HAPPEN WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH PEOPLES LIVES.

When discussing this either Dr Brock Meeker he stated “well we don’t know if the sample would have told us anything”. Well we also don’t know if it would have either! When saying this, the other lady he was with whose name I forgot but will for sure remember or find out cause I want her outed as well. She thought it would be ok to remind me that she and Brock are not admin so telling them what happened is basically a waste of time.
I don’t care if it’s a waste of time, my child’s time was wasted when someone dropped the ball.
Why defend someone’s wrong doing then get upset when I explain how their actions affected my child and I.

I will be emailing every single person I can find who has an atrium health email and in a position of power so this never happens again and that consequences are actually given out.
16.11.2023 18:06
The care I received at the Children’s Hospital, was very professional. All the staff members were courteous and very friendly. My daughter was definitely in good hands and I would recommend this hospital to any family that required a surgical procedure. The accommodations for parents was also comfortable and clean.
16.11.2023 18:05
I personally don't understand how there are bad reviews. My 4m old daughter came here for heart surgery and she was down here for a few weeks prior and everyone was so caring they care about their jobs they have empathy and connect on a level of actual care. Not like the doctors at most places that "care". No they REALLY care. Everyone loved my daughter we were treated so well they have amazing food and they had a game room and play room for the kids. Honestly at first I was worried becuase you know that's my child and I was scared about her having surgery but she was taken such good care of I wasn't as worried about the surgery. I cannot express how amazing this hospital has been. If your worried, don't be they have it . Honestly the hospital we came from was just awful compared they were losing things and all the nurses were rude but I've never seen a place that makes you feel SO welcomed. Thank you lavines. If we ever need anything else we are driving back here and I think I'm going to have my future kids here it's a 3 hour drive but so worth it. I will be sending postcards I love a place were EVERYONE is friendly. Didn't meet a single rude person nurse or doctor.
16.11.2023 18:05
Mi experiencia en el hospital ha sido muy buena el personal muy profesional ,las enfermeras son bien profesionales y amables y sobre todo demasiado cariño con mi bebé doy mil gracias a todos por cuidar a mi bebé estoy muy agradecida con todos y en especial a una de las enfermeras. Jenn nunca olvidaré ese abrazo me dió tanta fuerza fue de gran ayuda para mí gracias al doctor que no recuerdo su nombre pero me dió un abrazo en un momento de tanto dolor gracias chicos por ser grandes seres humanos , gracias a todas las enfermeras de la sala de Nicu por ser tan amables gracias Julie , jordan Makenzi, Isabella ,son muy especiales no recuerdo el nombre de todas pero el de ustedes se me quedó en la memoria Dios las bendiga a todas


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