Cheyenne Regional Medical Center - West Campus

Cheyenne, 214 E 23rd St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

At Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, our mission is to nurture and improve the health of individuals and the quality of life for our community. We provide exceptional patient care and are passionate about moving healthcare forward for our region.

Founded in 1867, the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center healthcare system serves southeastern Wyoming and western Nebraska with more than 175 physicians, 1,800 employees and 200 volunteers.

At the heart of the system is Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, a 222-bed tertiary medical center offering a Level 3 trauma center, the Wyoming Heart and Vascular Institute and the Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center.

Cheyenne Regional provides a full continuum of care from birth through end of life, including an inpatient hospice center.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I took my wife to the ER for chest pain and shortness of breath. The initial triage nurse was patient and through with her questions. As we moved to the second triage area, the nurses were, again, empathetic, polite. The radiology tech was easygoing, helping my wife calm her nerves. As we moved to the AC unit, our main nurse, Beth, was absolutely fantastic. She had a loving bedside manner, and explained everything was she was doing and why.

We were at the hospital for a little over 5 hours, so it was a long afternoon, however, we understand that it takes time to get lab work and radiology results, and for a doctor to approve any medication to be administered. Of course, we never want to have to go to the ER again, but if we do, we know that we will be well taken care of.

I've been to a quite a few hospitals in my travels and have never been treated as well as I have at Cheyenne Regional medical center. I was admitted with heart failure and the moment I arrived by ambulance I felt safe. Susan in the E.R. reassured me that I was in great hands. I ended up having open heart surgery. Jennifer in the ICU was an angel. Heidi was just one of the best nurses. Everyone from the surgeons to the dietitian treated me as if I was their most important patient. Thank you CRMC. I'm impressed with the food too. I recently moved here and don't plan on going anywhere and that's due to the fact that I know if I ever need urgent care, I'm in great hands at Cheyenne Regional medical center.

We were visiting family from out of town and had to call 911 for a medical emergency with my wife. Complicated by fact she had a previous double lung transplant, type 1 diabetic. The whole team there was great to work with, especially remember Dr Loptein as they consulted with our Transplant Coordinator at UCLA to coordinate treatment that would work best with all her immunosuppression drugs. Very impressed.

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Reviews about Cheyenne Regional Medical Center - West Campus

13.12.2023 19:20
This hospital is amazing and the staff. Thank you all for being so caring and helpful during a crazy time in our daughter's life. I am so grateful for you guys. We need a Childens hospital too.
25.11.2023 16:01
Been to many ER’s being military and over the past 3 years in Cheyenne, our family has had great service. This hospital has had a bad reputation in the past but we’ve not seen any negatives in our 5 different visits to the ER as well as great patient services in orthopedics and radiology. I’d recommend giving them a chance.
25.11.2023 16:01
If I could give no stars I honestly would. Went to emergency room because I was sick, I tested positive for covid. I received to ibuprofen, one Tylenol had my nose swabbed for covid test. it cost me $1700.00. I'll never go back and I will warn everyone I can possibly warn. CMRC should be ashamed of themselves.
They aren't helping the community, they are taking advantage of people when they need help the most. Theres no other ecuse. Outrageous , greedy mo-fos.
25.11.2023 16:00
The process of going through Admissions to have an X-ray is very cumbersome. The paperwork and process to get to see a doctor or technician takes far too long. Often you spend more time at A
dmissions Office rather than seeing your doctor or specialist. Please revise your process so I would be more willing to go to one of your doctors.
25.11.2023 16:00
I went into the emergency room today and the service I had gotten from everyone besides Aiden and the charge nurse was absolute garbage. The two triage nurses that checked me in Jennifer and I couldn’t catch the other ones name sat there and were talking about me like I wasn’t even standing right there listening to them laugh at me about the reason I was there. Second the discharge nurse I’m not sure what your name was either but your attitude wasn’t needed when I was on the phone trying to set up my appointment for my labs you could’ve said sure I’ll be right back but instead you wanted to act really snotty cause I asked for you to come back and for you to tell me to feel better after a miscarriage was absolutely the worst thing to tell somebody as there crying in there significant others arms. Aiden if you’re reading this I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel a bit better and thank you for being so caring you absolutely are in the right field I felt like my needs were met after talking with you. I hope eventually CRMC gets better staffing like Aiden cause all the other people there seemed liked they cared more about collecting a check than caring for there patients.
25.11.2023 16:00
Once had a doctor try to give me an air embolism by refusing to take out an iv line and getting rude with me for requesting it to be taken out and having to ask repeatedly when the bag ran empty and I hate needles/ivs. I've also known quite a few cases where they've miss treated/diagnosed people and the people die 10/10 would not recommend going here.


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