Humboldt Park Health

Chicago, 1044 N Francisco Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

From its start in 1894, Humboldt Park Health has been deeply committed to serving the Humboldt Park community. Humboldt Park Health is a 200-bed, acute care facility. We provide healthcare treatment that’s patient-centered and focused on quality of care, ranging from everyday care to treatment for your most critical needs.

The hospital is accredited by DNV and has achieved Primary Stroke Certification from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). Our hospital professionals pride themselves on providing excellent medical care while striving to care for our patients, their families and friends with thoughtfulness and respect.

Partnering with the Best Physicians

Humboldt Park Health has an extensive, talented medical staff, featuring specialists in family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, general surgery, neurology, behavioral health, emergency medicine, podiatry, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and ophthalmology. This team of experienced medical providers offers specialized services in our own community, alleviating the practical challenges of traveling distances to receive quality medical care.

Rooted in the Community

As a community based hospital, Humboldt Park Health reinvests back into the community through programs to serve the poor and uninsured, manage chronic conditions like diabetes, health education and promote initiatives and outreach for the elderly.

And we work hard every day to be a place of healing, caring and connection for patients and families in the community we call home.

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Reviews about Humboldt Park Health

07.11.2023 15:18
For minor problems, the ER is pretty good but for serious problems, it's better to find a better hospital.
07.11.2023 15:18
El peor hospital que he en mi vida me llevaron por intoxicación por gas y me pusieron en mi récord médico que fue una sibre dosis de droga infelices
07.11.2023 15:15
If you need a cardiologist never choose the cardiologists from this place, they do not care to take care of you, they care to make the money than finding people's health issues, running without, READ THIS without taking blood pressure, nurse did it it before him, he was supposed to make sure everything was ok, he was just, bla, bla, bla and out.
How much he made for this worthless visit, 200.00, 300.00.
07.11.2023 15:15
I want to begin by giving a 5 star review to the nurse Zach Bils. He was very competent, professional, caring, responsive, concerned-the best at getting needles in on 1st try! He answered all my questions and sought out answers if he did not know. I could tell he kept up to date on my case as each test was done and really had my welfare and treatment first and foremost.

The staff overall is very nice and I feel they are competent. They are what is best about the hospital. Emergency room nurse was great and needed evaluation and tests were done quickly . However the hospital is understaffed, sanitation procedures were lax, doctors said they were ordering procedures that never happened-(check of orthostatic hypotension for example). On the other hand specialists were sent in -so probably a plus. ITechnology and equipment is old. No call button in the emergency room -with doors closed there was no way to get anyone. Call button in the hospital room did not work. I think a key problem may be that the hospital is underfunded and doing the best it can.
07.11.2023 15:15
The hospital is very dirty the doctors try to admit you if you have any kind of insurance and the food is disgusting I seen workers just change the sheets and not clean the room my room had throw up on the bathroom walls bugs in there and it smelled like garbage then the doctors just don’t take care of you the right way never will go back there
07.11.2023 15:14
I don’t normally post but whoever is in charge of setting up the scheduling system for the chiropractor/ orthopedic needs to find a better system.

It’s very frustrating when you have to wait over an hour with an appointment time.
I got here at 1:55pm and my appointment is for 2pm and it’s currently 3:04pm on a Tuesday and I still have not been seen.

In that case then stop accepting appointments and only do walk ins. Or figure out a better system. Some of us do not have the luxury of waiting hours at a hospital for a follow up! Some of us have jobs, if 2pm is to packed I could’ve easily been here on time at 3pm and would not have wasted my valuable time.
07.11.2023 15:14
Just had my C section delivery here.. Dr.Tarsha is amazing she cares about her patients.. The labor and delivery nurses were awesome! My night time nurses really helped me while I was there.. The cleaning and room service staff we're so nice.. My only complaint is the nurses are spread thin they need to hire more good nurses! The food wasn't that good but it was edible and free..
07.11.2023 15:13
Outstanding ! Quickest ER check-in ; Doctor , Nurse, & Staff were very efficient & compassionate. Got there at 5pm & discharged by 7pm. I had 101° temp + flu/covid /pneumonia like symptoms which tested negative. Bad URI and pharyngitis was my ailments.
07.11.2023 15:13
The hospital is short staffed. The staff is working 12 hour shifts. Whoever is running this hospital need to be fired. The fourth floor smells of urine and rotting meat. I would not recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. If you have a loved one there, get them out, the sooner the better. If the patient is unable to eat, they will not feed them. They take the trays away and don't care if the patient has eaten. They deserve negative stars. We have been trying to get our loved one out of there and into a real hospital.


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