Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago

Chicago, 1500 S Fairfield Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Mount Sinai Hospital, a 319-licensed bed acute care safety-net, teaching hospital and Level I Adult Trauma Center, provides a wide array of quality medical, surgical, therapeutic, diagnostic and behavioral health services, including crisis stabilization. The Emergency Department provides care to approximately 41,000 ED patients each year. The Labor and Delivery unit and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit welcomes over 1,600 newborns annually, caring for both high-risk obstetric patients and providing the highest level of care for premature and critically ill newborns. Mount Sinai Hospital trains more than 700 aspiring health care professionals each year through undergraduate, graduate programs, and four GME-accredited residency programs in family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, and pharmacy, in addition to four fellowship programs.

Services Offered

Cancer Care
Cardiac Testing
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Ear, Nose and Throat
Hand Surgery
Wound Care


One of five Level I Trauma Centers (highest level of care) in Chicago for adult emergencies.
Comprehensive mother-baby services and maternal-fetal medicine program.
Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit center (highest level of care for fragile newborns).
Sinai Children’s Hospital includes outpatient pediatric cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, allergy, endocrinology, urology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, emergency room treatment and surgery.
Specialty services include cardiovascular services, cancer care center, stroke center, orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, diabetes, geriatrics and more.
Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery services include cardiac catheterization, non-invasive and invasive cardiac testing (coronary angiography, electrophysiology studies), coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve repair, and replacement.
The Cancer Care Center provides integrated services to patients, including diagnosis and staging, genetic testing, pathology, surgical and non-surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, inpatient treatment, interventional radiology oncology, gynecologic oncology, pain management, support services, clinical trials, and oncology rehabilitation.
Inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services for adults.
Advanced imaging technology includes 1.5T MRI, digital mammography, 64-slice CT, Catheter (Cath) Lab.
One of Chicago’s largest free-standing outpatient child and adolescent behavioral health programs.
Sinai Interpreter Services and Sinai Deaf Health o!er health-related communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Reviews about Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago

07.11.2023 15:34
Place old, minimal privacy, no experience with new system, they’re unaware they over booked appointments, they don’t communicate with patients properly. It’s loud in the triage! Ultrasound is backed up! They only seem to have 1 tech!
07.11.2023 15:34
Honestly the ER is just sad. Somebody needs to have a better control there.. I just came back from it they only took out blood and urine. Waited 3 hours and still haven’t told me nothing. The nurse in the front lil desk said that they have a new system and they are behind. I came back home to rest because I have GAD and not having enough sleep makes it worse. They never told me anything about my blood work or urine. I’m praying I’ll be okay for tomorrow to go to another hospital. This was just even more stressful for me.
07.11.2023 15:34
Honestly just hearing the recent stories from other patients including my wife has made me so disgusted I would never have associated them with a place meant to heal. The terrible service provided here isn't made up for by anything else. This place needs an update to structure and staff. I felt as if we left with more questions than answers I wouldn't recommend anyone to go here nor will I be going back
07.11.2023 15:34
Once upon a time this was a good hsp, but now they ignore their patients. I had surgery, I'm in pain and 3hrs later nothing, and I'm in urine soaked sheets. Nuted come in dy. Ok and never come back !
07.11.2023 15:33
I delivered my baby here, my experience was great the nurses was nice especially Reem and Chelsea. Ciara was also a wonderful help she made sure the nurses stayed on top of things and provided the great service they did and she also even went above and beyond and provided me with a car seat since I didn’t have one. The hospital even provided free diapers . I left the hospital with so much stuff. If you are looking to deliver your baby here I would definitely recommend you to do so.
07.11.2023 15:33
Es el peor hospital que e visto,los baños no tenían papel de baño ni jabón para lavarse la manos mucho menos sanitaizer,los baños no tiene como cerrarlos ...
07.11.2023 15:33
This hospital is a disaster. There is utter chaos in their labor and delivery sector. I feel unsafe delivering my baby here and hope to find another solution as I fear my baby would receive inadequate care at this place just as I have.
07.11.2023 15:33
This hospital is one the worst hospital you can go to in Chicago, they are super understaffed and you will be waiting forever just to get discharged. Someone needs to make some real changes at that hospital they suppose to care about the people they're taking care but nope it's just a job to most of them. They just come to get paid and go home. I wish I could give them a zero. If you care about your health don't come to mount sinai unless you really have to
07.11.2023 15:32 just to give you an idea. I got here at 9:00 pm, 12:30 am and still nobody knows what to tell me about my diagnostic. Oh, 12:30 am and counting. Security staff making fun of patients in the waiting room. Honestly last time I visit this place.
07.11.2023 15:30
If I could I would give this hospital a -5. Customer service is awful. Dirty hospital rooms. There's 11 registration windows (in C1200) with only 3 reps and the room is full of people that are late to their appointments. People take time off from work to come to their appointments and they eventually have to take a whole day because they are not seen at their appointment time. Worst hospital ever.
07.11.2023 15:29
My visit was 10 months ago and I'm still dealing with how terrible this hospital is. I went to the ER and was barely treated after an extended and long wait. I was billed at the time and paid my bill. 6 months later I received another bill stating I owed a huge amount of money ($700+ remaining) and after calling them and my insurance company it was determined that I owed this money. The second payment where I was told that I am "completely paid up at this time."

Now 10 months later I'm getting called by a collection agency for an amount completely unrelated to the previous two payments that I have made for a third part company that also treated me while I was at the ER. Mt Sinai has no way of checking anything related to this third party.



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