Provident Hospital of Cook County

Chicago, 500 E 51st St, Chicago, IL 60615

Provident Hospital of Cook County provides a wide array of health care services to the residents of Cook County, particularly residents in the Grand Boulevard neighborhood and on the South Side of Chicago.

Provident Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and features a Regional Health Care Center that offers same day surgery, comprehensive diagnostic imaging service, cardiac diagnostics, laboratory services and rehabilitative services, as well as 16 medical specialties.

Celebrating Provident Hospital’s 30th Anniversary
A legacy of providing quality care to Chicago’s South Side residents
Take a look back

Services Available Family & Internal Medicine

Annual physicals and health exams


Care coordination with specialists


Same-day sick visits

Growth & developmental milestones


Specialty pediatric care

Well-Woman Care

Gynecological exams

Breast & cervical cancer screenings

Pregnancy testing

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Reviews about Provident Hospital of Cook County

07.11.2023 13:37
Ive been to this hospital before and doctors super nice! But the staff horrible. But I Tried to call to have them direct me to the dentistry deparment(oral surgeon) to schdule an appointment. And who ever picked up the phone was very rude. And told me they dont have oral surgeon and she just hung up the phone. She didn't try to direct me or anything.
07.11.2023 13:37
People been waiting for so long while the nurse was on her phone laughing
Then a friend of the nurse walked in and the person didn’t have to wait five minutes while there was people waiting for over 5 hours
07.11.2023 13:37
Went to lab had to give urine bathroom is beyond nasty a dog wouldn't go in there it's ashame it's like that. Nobody will do anything about it that's the sad part ghetto is a understatement and you wonder why other races look down on poc.
07.11.2023 13:37
Waited for like 3 hours to see a primary doctor, and I was right on time for my appt. I think they provide services at lower cost for those who are uninsured though. Let's see how much i'll pay
07.11.2023 13:36
This hospital wasn’t actually bad the time my father was there he was well taken care off, the nurses were patient & helped. The only problem was that sometimes when you will call to check in there will be no answer .
07.11.2023 13:36
When it comes to getting through on these phones to speak to a rep at Provident Hospital they be playing games. Very rude and nasty attitudes are given to me because they be mad I know what im talking about. In addition, they barely even be understanding what i need help with or at all because they overtalk or underhelp. There is never a person answering for Medical Records either. I been a patient for years now. This is the worst its been.
07.11.2023 13:36
Provident hospital dr. Ronda gans. Is not attentive at all, I have to call every single month for prescription refills and she never is available on cook county portal. She does not pay attention to patient needs . As if she’s just there to get a paycheck!


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