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Chicago, 2000 Ogden Ave, Aurora, IL 60504

RUSH Copley Medical Center Serving Greater Fox Valley

RUSH Copley Medical Center, a hospital in Aurora, Illinois, has provided quality health care to the residents of greater Fox Valley for more than 130 years. The 210-bed hospital has 500 physicians on staff in more than 60 specialties. It is a destination for excellence in health care with an academic connection to the RUSH University System for Health. Some of our awards and recognitions include the following:

Earned an “A” grade for safety over 20 times from the The Leapfrog Group. Received Magnet accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Named a designated leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Ranked high performing by U.S. News & World Report for several conditions and procedures.

To learn more and see a full list of our accolades and distinctions, visit our Recognitions and Accreditations page.

RUSH Copley Medical Group

RUSH Copley Medical Group is a multi-specialty medical group offering primary and specialty health services. Doctors are located throughout the Fox Valley and RUSH Convenient Care centers are staffed by caring experts for urgent care. Find trusted health care in your community with easy online access to scheduling appointments, communicating with your doctor and more with a RUSH Copley Medical Group provider.

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Services Offered at RUSH Copley Medical Center

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Cancer Care

Colon and Rectal Surgery

Emergency Services



General Surgery

Ear, Nose and Throat Care (ENT)

Heart Care


Lung Care

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Pediatric Specialty Care

Physical Rehabilitation

Primary Care

Sports Medicine

Thoracic Surgery

Weight Loss Services

Vascular Surgery

Transportation to RUSH Copley Medical Center

RUSH Copley Medical Center, located on US-34/Ogden Ave. between S. Farnsworth Ave. and Montgomery Rd., is a destination hospital for patients in Aurora, greater Fox Valley and beyond. Visitors frequently travel from the surrounding areas for care. Here are directions for a few of the most common locations people come from:

Bristol: Take US-30 East to US-34 East/Ogden Ave. RUSH Copley will be on the left. Oswego: Take US-34 East. RUSH Copley will be on the left. Montgomery: Take US-30 East to US-34 East/Ogden Ave. RUSH Copley will be on the left. Yorkville: Take US-71 East to US-34 East/Ogden Ave. RUSH Copley will be on the left. Plainfield: Take US-30 West to US-34 East/Ogden Ave. RUSH Copley will be on the left. Naperville: Take 75th St. west to US-34 West/Ogden Ave. RUSH Copley will be on the right.

Pace bus Route 540 also travels along Farnsworth Ave. between RUSH Copley and the Walmart Supercenter in Aurora. It connects to Pace Route 530 that goes between West Galena and Naperville and Pace Route 533, which stops at the Aurora Metra station.

How to Schedule an Appointment at RUSH Copley Medical Center

RUSH has a comprehensive Schedule your Medical Appointment page that will provide you with all of the options for scheduling and full instructions on how to do so.

The most convenient way to schedule an appointment for current patients is through the MyChart app. Once you log in, you can easily schedule or get contact information for your past providers.

New patients can schedule an appointment online or over the phone by calling (888) 352-RUSH (7874).

RUSH Copley also has several Convenient Care walk-in locations throughout the Chicago suburbs that will see you without an appointment.

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Reviews about RUSH Copley Medical Center

07.11.2023 13:18
So, you know a clown college? Well, this is the hospital version of that. I don't know where they found their staff... Craigslist maybe... Doctors, nurses and techs are completely incompetent. She was brought in by ambulance for passing out and seizing (she has never had a seizure before this). While the ER my wife had a pretty aggressive seizure right in front of me and multiple nurses (whom confirmed what happened) but the doctor, who was not present, wasn't convinced that she had one and didn't document it. She takes a few medications (ones that you can't just stop taking) and by morning number two in the hospital they haven't given her any of them! I'm furious about the lack of care, knowledge and professionalism at this hospital. I cannot believe that this place is even permitted to serve the community... one doctor had an intelligent contribution but other than that it seems like it's everyone's first day on the job. That's putting it nicely... complete incompetence.
07.11.2023 13:18
As a former employee this place is a joke taking emergency calls and codes as a Switchboard Operator they violate HIPAA and OSHA laws and regulations. They allow employees to be on phones, Facebook, Instagram, and laptops while on the clock, and taking Emergency Calls and Codes, over looking Mother Baby, Elevator Emergency Phones, Fire System and not paying attention!!! I would never recommend sending a family or loved one that is in need of care here OR working for a company that allows this behavior !! I advised my supervisor of issues and nothing was done but retaliation against me to be fired because I advised my concern of all the violations I seen.
07.11.2023 13:18
We are still finding words to describe for absolutely amazing quickest service ever felt. All the Staff, you are the best in providing care. We blessed with new baby boy here and feeling so proud. Thank you so much Rush Copley medical centre.
07.11.2023 13:18
I am sure which hospital is worse Copley or Mercy...well they are both the same now. They worst ever. Was in the emergency last my baby who I explained to has an auto immune disease and I didn't want to expose her to all the other sick people in the waiting. As I expressed my concerns the front desk receptionist and a RN seem to brush it off and stated it was a 5 to 10 wait for triage. I explained my daughter medical history clearly and they didn't seem to review her chart from her previous discharge care. Get a phone 8 hours after discharge about some concerns in her chest Xray. Mind you 8 hours later after discharge. I use to like Copley but over the years I learned that the service gets worse and worse. This hospital is not for children services. No choice to go to Rush due to all my daughter's specialist at Rush.
07.11.2023 13:18
This hospital is absolutely trash I was there today sitting in the waiting room for 9 hours while going through an asthma attack and they did nothing I do not recommend this Hospital unless you're bleeding or dying not worth going to
07.11.2023 13:17
They have been taking care of my mother. She suffered a twisted bladder. I have the UT most respect for your Dr.s not to mention I was a patient at Copley when it was in Aurora. I am survivor of a head injury..not to mention, I was born there also.
07.11.2023 13:17
Their security love to beat up psych patients and then the hospital admins stand by them and say you deservd it, I am afraid to go back there yet that is where all my Dr's are , wish I could post pictures cause it would it would show you all , they are horrible , plus the CEO IS SCARED to meet patients or even set up a meeting , he sends in his funkiest to talk to you instead
07.11.2023 13:17
Been here for almost 4 hours another patient came way after I did with the same symptoms and he was room way before me. Maybe cuz I’m hispanic. The nurse was great and the technician who did my AkG but the wait is insane and the front desk lets not talk about her. Rude and moody as hell. I thought this hospital was better than Mercy but not no more they go hand on hand shame
07.11.2023 13:17
Después de a ver leído algunas de las opciones y calificaciones sobre este hospital estaba un poco incrédula mi esposo ingresado a este hospital y la verdad no fue algo cómodo estar aquí siento y medí cuenta que su servicio no es de lo mejoren pensando desde los doctores,especialistas y enfermeras traten de buscar un hospital donde si se preocupen por sus pacientes y les puedan brindar una mejor atención, como se merecen, solo puedo decir que no me sentí confortable con la seguridad en la salud de mí, esposo
07.11.2023 13:16
Go elsewhere if you have a real medical emergency. 4 hours and still waiting. Glad it's nothing serious, like the poor man that took a saw to his hand. Please have a seat they tell him as blood is running down his arm.
07.11.2023 13:13
UPDATE: I have reached to the patient advocate line, but the response was basically a "thank you for letting us know, but there really is not anything we will do to change things" so I was very disheartened by that experience.

The "life threatening" situation needs to be reviewed. I have no problem waiting my turn when people who have situations that require immediate attention come in at the same time I an there. My concern is that as a severely immunocompromised person, my system can be unexpectedly triggered by anything and it put my body into distress. If I do not settle things down, I risk having a stroke. For me, that IS life threatening. I ended up needing to go again for a different matter but when the nurse took my blood pressure, it triggered systemic itching that elevated my blood pressure dangerously high. The ER doctor wanted to send me home to follow-up with my doctor later. I asked him to please review my chart to see that my doctor's are working on things but have not been able to address this issue, but he refused bland said he was releasing me without doing anything else. When I disagreed and asked for the case manager, he told me that sure I could speak to her...before he released me. Turns out, she was going to agree with him and the only option I had was to call the phone number of the complaint department which was not open at 2 AM. I did call to leave a message but by that time the doctor actually had reviewed my chart and determined that there was something that he could do to at least address the symptoms.

I came in because I woke up with my face swollen and I was running a low-grade fever. That's dangerous for a person with a highly compromised immune system recovering from surgery. They have gone to a new system where they will have you come in and register at the desk, wait in the lobby until time to get your vitals and then when you go to have your vitals taken, the nurse will actually draw your blood right then and there, then return you to the lobby to wait for a room.

This last visit, I spent more time in the waiting area and waiting for my release paperwork than in the room speaking with the nurse and doctor. No IV was started. I was a little concerned because if I had come in dehydrated, how would they actually know? I only was put in a room after my lab work results came in, when the doctor looked at my ear, nose and throat, told me by blood only showed a slight elevation that indicated an infection, asked if I had any allergies to antibiotics and told me she would send in the prescription.

The registration person spent more time talking with me than the doctor. For the prices that the ER charges, that was a bit concerning.


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