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What is Swedish Hospital

Swedish Hospital offers more than 50 academic-level medical specialties and represents our many established and distinctive organizations that continue to serve our community, including:

Swedish Medical Group
Our physician group of more than 150 board-certified employed physicians and advanced practice providers.     
Galter LifeCenter
Chicago’s only certified medical fitness center.
Swedish Hospital Foundation
Our fundraising arm that supports many key programs that benefit our community.
Swedish Physician Partners
Our clinically integrated managed care organization that participates in many insurance plans



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Reviews about Swedish Hospital

07.11.2023 19:00
Wife went to ER and checked in at 3pm, got some blood drawn and urine taken. We were waiting until 6 Am the next day without seeing the main doctor for the result. The waiting room is full of people and noise and whining/crying to get ahead of the line.

The wife tried to take a rest by lying down but the "Officer" told her to not lay down on furniture. But then can they imagine sitting up for more than 10 hours? Then the "Officer" said there was only one doctor in the ER.

If they know they are short on staff, then why not let people know in the first place before checking in then?

This hospital is just hungry to get the bill and discharge patient. Staff need to be educated to be more "ethical" and be common sense.

I recommend not bringing your pregnant wife here if you want her to wait more than half a day in a sit up waiting room.

07.11.2023 19:00
After waiting 5 hours at in the emergency room, the nurse called the police to have me and my sick son removed from the waiting room. The wait at this hospital is always multiple hours long, and they had the police tell me that there was only one doctor in staff. So instead of telling me and my son that there was one doctor on staff personally, they lied for hours about the amount of doctors on staff and had a paid pig come and tell us the truth and to leave.
07.11.2023 19:00
WOW. Ich dachte wir in Deutschland haben oft lange Wartezeiten in Notaufnahmen oder schlechten Service. Aber was ihr mit euren Patienten macht ist einfach nur respektlos! Mein Mann war 9 Stunden in der Notaufnahme mit stechen aus der Brust und Atemproblemen. Nicht mal nach 9 Stunden kam ein Arzt um ein Gespräch zu suchen. Nein! Aber 3x Blut abnehmen und Urin nehmen. Schön Patienten abzocken die Schmerzen haben aber nicht einmal behandelt werden. Ich hoffe das unser System in Deutschland nicht so tief sinken wird wie ihres! Und der eine Stern ist definitiv zu viel!
07.11.2023 19:00
This hospital is by far the worst. Not only do the staff lie about how many doctors are in the ER. They also have you waiting for more than half a day just to get ONE single tube of blood drawn within the span of 10 hours. It should not take 10 hours for "doctors"(though it is only 1 doctor) to draw blood and check on the patient. I rather continue to bleed out bleed out, than ever letting them take care of me again. And even seeing other patients in agony, and tiredly asking to be seen sooner. They do nothing to speed up the process. Instead, staff are on their phones and not giving any details or updates to patients on being seen. I am surprised this hospital is even still open and running. Do not bring your kids, wife, husband, mother or father. Because all they are going to do is tell you to wait and once, they attend you. They are very unprofessional and inconsiderate. The ONLY reason they saw me ahead from the rest was because I was bleeding out in the lobby close by the vending machines (after getting hit by a car) and I asked how long the wait will be. In which they replied. " There are 8 other patients Infront of you, so your estimated time will be 6-8 hours" So I just said never mind I will just take transportation to Northwestern. And then all of a sudden, they want to take me in almost immediately after starting to walk out the door. It is not the first time they have done this to me. But I blame myself, for giving them the benefit of the doubt that they have changed and gotten better. If you are reading this. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO SWEDISH COVENANT HOSPITAL! You're better off going to cook county in downtown. Or any hospital at this point.
07.11.2023 18:59
Got taken by ambulance here,everyone is nice but they did unnecessary testing and kept lying and twisting my words except for the main doctor he kept my words and said exactly that. All they needed to do was let me walk out. I almost fainted but DIDN'T lose consciousness and was perfectly alert when EMTS arrived. Then they for whatever reason decided to test me for heart failure. I was pregnant and laying on my back just sit me up and let me go,simple as that. My doctors don't even do anything other than that lol.
07.11.2023 18:59
The doctors were good, but they also never told me I needed to take my crutches back. I’m now on the hook for $200 crutches I don’t want, and I’ve tried to work with them to get them back, but they haven’t been of help. I tried to call back their advocate after I missed her call but she never got back to me.

It’s hospitals like these that are contributing to bad health outcomes in the US. They care more about lining the C-suite’s pockets than the people they’re supposed to be helping.
07.11.2023 18:59
Went to hospital today after radiation treatment and was told to go to room 713 for a blood test for Dr. Coopman. Sophia in room 713 said didn't have the paperwork so told me to go to doctors office which I did where was told paperwork already sent. Went back to room713 and said was told they should already have paperwork. Sophia then proceeded to raise her voice telling me doesn't have then opened a folder and started shaking papers at me apparently to prove her points??? I actually thought she was about to throw them at me!!! Paperwork problems I understand but ms. Sophia SHOULD NOT BE WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC!!!!! Have been going for treatment for 2 months and been met with nothing but professionalism till today. We all have bad days but today was TOTALLY OUT OF LINE! TY
07.11.2023 18:59
I was a patient there. I have never seen such blatant unprofessionalism in all my life. While awaiting surgery, I nodded off. I was awaken by a nurse grabbing my arm to take my BP. She didn't ask or communicate what she was doing. A nurse tried to make me take a medicine without explaining what it was or what it does. I am hard stick when it comes to finding veins to draw blood. The first phlebotomist found a vien and got some blood. I ask " are you sure that is enough?". She said yes. Of course it wasn't. So They made two more attempts. Now my right arm have bruises, from moving the needle around. Finally a doctor had to draw blood with a ultrasound. ( Like I told them in the beginning!!!!) Grrrr. As I was going to be admitted, I stayed in that room for several hours. Cold and hungry because I fasted for the procedure. On top of all that , They wanted to keep me. So I stayed for one day. In stead of staying, I opted to go home and come back. My Discharge instructions gave me a date to return. 15 hours later. Not 24, 15. I tried to call, no one could help me. I called different departments and even the Dr directory. I was given other names except my physician. This morning I got a call from a nasty, rude, nurse who spoke horrible English. I tried to explain that a time wasn't given in my Discharge instructions. She kept saying" you need to be here now" , in a nasty tone. I couldn't take a cab or any type of transportation. My fiance' couldn't because she had a family emergency. Before all this, I'm going by what the doctor said. We will schedule you for Friday. I have never seen such horrible service in my life.
07.11.2023 18:58
If you have a mild emergency room needs don’t go there you may have to wait 8 to 12 hours for a doctor to see you the service is depressive and front desk assistant’s are 0 compassion , avoid this ER Swedish hospital
07.11.2023 18:58
My son is brought via ambulance for a fainting disorder at least once a month. He is 23, has a cognitive disorder and I am his power of attorney. It is a battle every time to get them to let me go back with him. Once, they almost gave him medication that was contraindicated to his kidney transplant. They are reckless and incompetent. Oh and security spends its time listening to music while "guarding" the place.
07.11.2023 18:57
Great looking waiting rooms. Supet clean. Information Desk not great at getting information. Doesn't know Doctor's names.
07.11.2023 18:57
Worst hospital ever, my mom is dying of pain and they just let us stay here. I ask for medication, they didn’t give me any. I hate it here, my mom is dying of pain and all they can do is just wait. They are so unprofessional, please have more people. This healthcare system is horrible.
07.11.2023 18:57
The emergency room fast tracks doctors friends and doctors themselves who are not in urgent need of medical attention while real sick people are almost passing out on the floor waiting to be seen one poor woman stumbled out delirious only to come back in an ambulance and be told she has to start from the beginning and wait poor girl could barely stand I myself walked out after 8 hours of watching people that weren't in need come and go I don't know what your Fast Track system is but it makes no sense to me to treat less urgent people first while you have people vomiting barely able to sit up in your waiting room sitting there 6 7 8 hours at a time maybe try treating the sick people and letting the less urgent wait
07.11.2023 18:57
I came for cervical, thoracic and lumbar MRI with and without contrast ( the same for all of them) . I was already on a table when I was told that I will get lumbar MRI and brain MRI. I said that I don't need brain MRI. Then the technician checked the order, apologized and I was told that I will get thoracic MRI with contrast and without contrast and lumbar and cervical only without contrast. I said that all three of them need to be done with contrast and without contrast. It's good that I had an original order with me and only after I showed that original order they corrected order in their system. By the way I showed my original order at the register desk and it was scanned.Terrible hospital. I will never go there again.
07.11.2023 18:56
This hospital only has under 10 er beds.
People waiting 7,11 hours in ER waiting room.
Friendly staff, clean, they promptly Answer phones. But small hospital not set up for triage of patients on large scale. You will be waiting a very long time.


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