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The best healthcare should always be close to home. Here in the heart of Chicago’s western suburbs, you'll find some of the nation's leading specialists working together in one hospital location.

Founded in 1904, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Hinsdale is DuPage County's only teaching hospital, and we continue to combine clinical excellence with advanced technology. We provide care that's safer, more precise and less intrusive — all so we can get to the root of illness or injury in the least invasive way. Our providers and team members serve more than 17,000 residents of Hinsdale and our surrounding communities, and we're honored to care for you and your family.

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Reviews about UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Hinsdale

07.11.2023 17:34
After a horrific stay which included surgery, I will Avoid UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Hinsdale. Nurses who could not start an IV, potential of being released when they were conflicted on how to treat me, a doctor who insisted it was my back and was proved wrong when my gallbladder was removed and a 1 inch stone was found.
07.11.2023 17:32
I would like to start by saying how shocked I am at how unprofessional this hospital is. I had a lengthy 11 day stay in the adult behavioral health unit. I decided to check myself in after a terrible manic episode. For starters, LaWanda Willis was extremely unprofessional- and she was my social worker. She told me my mother talked soo much, she also told me her colleague, the Occupational Therapist Maureen and her fellow Social Worker Mona were nosey, she also told me she was purposely avoiding an elderly patient because she “would detain her with how much she talked.” Later that night the elderly woman passed out from the new meds she was taking. She did not fill out my FMLA forms correctly and then lied about emailing them over to my job. I then asked her to make sure my papers were included in my discharge paperwork and she assured me they would be- they were not. When I was being discharged, I asked the gentleman who walked me out if they were included and he said yes but then avoided handing me the papers— instead he held them until we got to the designated pick up location and then he stuffed them in a bag and said bye to me. I was not the only patient she did this to, my roommate contacted me, as we had exchanged phone numbers, and she also did not send in her paperwork correctly- after telling me “I’ve been filling out FMLAs forever- I don’t know why your job is being so hard.” When in reality, WANDA WAS NOT DOING HER JOB. She is extremely unprofessional, as once again, she told me one of her colleagues was looking at her one day and she told her “peek a boo” then said “it’s because she has a young daughter and she tends to pick up on her behavior.” Her daughter is my age and I would never act in that manner- I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The psychiatrist only pops in Monday-Friday and chatted for a good minute and then disappeared again. When I finally asked for my discharge date, the other social worker Mona was there and said “coverage ends the 9/4.” Then he went on vacation for Labor Day weekend and left his Nurse Practitioner, who was probably only 20 years old, to do his work- she came in and just said she would change my meds then when I said my discharge date was tomorrow she said “hold up hold up, who told you that???” Extremely unprofessional and tasteless for someone who should be practicing medicine and mental health. Then told me Dr. Tomragouri lied to me and I would be discharged 9/5- I told her no, I was leaving tomorrow and she came back 5 minutes later and said “oh, you’re right, it’s tomorrow.”

There are several patients in this unit at the moment that are unsure and scared of what may happen. It seems like the doctor just prescribed lexapro, lithium, and trazodone and calls it a day- leaving me unsure if my mental health was even considered during my stay at this hospital.

Several times I heard the nurses discussing other patients and it’s sad because all of them preach about mental health and then turn around and laugh at it. It definitely left me feeling hopeless during my stay.

I’m hoping this reaches a higher up and you are able to see what kind of staff you have on board handling clients who come to this hospital hoping for mental health assistance.

However, I will say, there are several Occupational Therapist like Maureen and Pam who go above and beyond to make groups worthwhile.

Also, the Behavioral Health Techs: Erica, Milow, Trina, Vanessa, Anthony, Vicky, Rowina, Miriam, Robin, Kelly, and Char are great at what they do and they really go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and do a great job handling patients.
07.11.2023 17:32
I had two recent appointments with Advent Heart and Vascular. The first was on 8/25/23 and the second on 8/31/23. My experience with both cardiologists was positive, but the waiting times were unacceptable. I waited 75 minutes and 35 minutes, respectively, past my scheduled appointment times to see the cardiologists.
07.11.2023 17:31
I am a frequent visitor of Dr. Tubic/Chicagoland Pain Management. He is a fantastic doctor, but is also extremely busy, meaning they’re times where I feel frustrated at the inability to re-evaluate my evolving back pain. That said, my actual complaint is about the post operation care I received during the most recent visit. I have undergone dozens of procedures with Dr. Tubic and they always involve anesthesia. The post process usually goes as followed: I begin to wake up, I am given water and gram crackers, when I can eventually sit upright they take out my IV and give me time to change back into my clothes, when feeling like I could probably walk they then wheelchair me out to my ride. This usually moves smoothly, but for some reasons the staff decided (on a less crowded day than usual) too do a speed run challenge with me. This time: I was forcefully woken and raised up, only had 1 small sip of water before they took it and my untouched crackers away, forcefully dressed, ignored when trying to explain some unusual/unique symptoms of headaches, ear pain, aching throat, and sudden nasal congestion. I was dismissed by being plopped in a wheel chair and sent out, all around under 10 minutes. To me this is appalling! On top of that, after waiting over an hour in the prep room with an IV in my hand, you would think there would be some common decency on the other end regardless of the careless medical decisions.
07.11.2023 17:29
I can’t put into words how scornful and incompetent their E.R. Staff is. Let alone their “head of security Lance” I had a medical emergency regarding my mother. The staff was hostile start to finish Lance really left distain in my heart. I had contacted them regarding a possible security breach. “My mother was unaccounted for at the hospital”

I was given false information multiple times for example I was told. “She never checked in, we don’t have her on our list.” We haven’t seen anyone matching her description since the time of arrival.” You’re better off checking with the Hinsdale police”

I later confirmed she did indeed check in. She had decided to leave the property before being called back. Which is all I needed to know…

She was in a state where she was a legitimate danger to herself and others. The top tier staff advised me to call local PD. Stating they do not deal with such matters. As well as stating they would not notify security or make any attempt to prevent a potential incident. When I was transferred to the head of security. I was met with more ignorance. Yet again by someone not understanding how critical the situation was.

I was yelled at through the phone and met with a pugnacious attitude from none other than Lance “head of security” The aptitude of Hinsdale’s Medical team is lack luster. Their provocation towards the event caused a great deal of unnecessary stress and uncertainty. I would recommend dying before seeking medical attention from this facility. I plan to provide the better business borough and the SSA with a full report. The incompetence shown today was something I’d expect at McDonald’s. Not a “prestigious” hospital such as Advent Health.

I’m disgusted and beyond disappointed had something happened to my mother. I would be filing immediate litigation you people are dealing with lives. Please respect us and yourself enough to act accordingly.
07.11.2023 17:29
I have had top quality physicians both at LaGrange Hospital and at Hinsdale Hospital. I’ve had six surgeries all at LaGrange Hospital, including open-heart surgery, and knee replacement surgery, which are both difficult surgeries and difficult recoveries and both were successful; primarily because of the quality service of the physicians. My recoveries in the hospital rooms was provided by a quality , caring nursing and supporting staff.

My post surgery physical therapy both after my open heart surgery and knee replacement surgery, helped get me back to functioning normal as quickly as possible. Also, Top-notch physical therapy is available at LaGrange Hospital.
07.11.2023 17:28
It is 11:08pm on Oct 30, 2023. My dad was transferred from urgent care to this ER at 6:40pm because of his dizziness and vomiting symptoms. More than four hours passed, and my dad still doesn’t have a chance to see the doctor. They want to keep my dad, a 80 yrs old senior stay over night? If that causes any other issue to him, I will definitely sue this hospital.

It is 11:44pm, Oct 30, 2023, five hrs has passed. My 80 yrs old dad is still at the waiting room. I wish I could give this ER negative score;

Another hour has passed, it is 0:50 am Oct 31, 2023. We are still in the waiting room, 6 hrs already, ridiculous!

It is 1:17AM, Oct 31,2023. My dad cannot stay up late. He wants to leave, but there is IV tube in his arm, and no one comes to help unplug the tube!

It is 2AM , Oct 31, 2023. Finally we can leave. And we will change a hospital.
07.11.2023 17:28
Beds are extremely uncomfortable especially for a delivery and new mom. A new system was also taking place and so staff was completely distracted and slow. Delivery team and Dr. were very comforting and helpful though. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wong she was amazing and reassuring.
07.11.2023 17:28
Extreme lack of concern and care by the ER Dr and staff. I was not examined for the symptoms that I had. I filed a formal complaint with the hospital earlier today and will add more to this review once I have heard back from them.
I highly recommend to NOT visit Hinsdale Hospital for medical reasons if you value your health.
I have not received any communication from my complaint. I've left 2 additional voicemails as well. They know they are incompetent.


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