Weiss Memorial Hospital

Chicago, 4646 N Marine Dr, Chicago, IL 60640

Core Mission and Values

At Weiss Memorial Hospital, our values support what matters most to us: A commitment to caring and community. We accomplish these objectives by adhering to five core values:

Passion. Passion fuels everything we do.
Compassion. We care about the health and well-being of all of our stakeholders.
Innovation. We work together to come up with innovative solutions.
Integrity. We work hard because the stakes are too high not to.
Resilience. We embrace the challenges that come with serving our communities.

Our commitment to these values ensures that you can expect the care you deserve at Weiss, no matter what has brought you here.

Committed to our Community
Dedicated to excellence

Convenient and easily accessible at Wilson Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, Weiss Memorial Hospital offers a full range of medical and surgical specialties and comprehensive emergency services. Weiss is a Joint Commission-accredited facility providing a full range of health care services to meet the needs of our diverse community. Our 236-bed facility includes state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options administered by highly trained, compassionate healthcare professionals. Our dedication to the health of our community includes outreach programs and support groups coordinated by Weiss.

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Our Story

Weiss Memorial Hospital is named after Louis A. Weiss, a successful Chicago businessman who wanted to give back to the neighborhoods in which he flourished. His philanthropic focus centered on the neighborhood where he grew up and marked his business successes.

Weiss Memorial Hospital has been serving Chicago’s North Side and surrounding communities by providing excellent health care services for more than 60 years. We’ve grown to better serve our community to include more than 450 doctors representing 40 medical specialties and more than 800 employees, all committed to providing you with personalized care.

Behavioral Health
Breast Care Center
Cancer Care
Digestive Disorders
Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) & Audiology
Emergency Department
Eye Care Center
Heart Care
Imaging & Radiology
Intensive Care
Laboratory Services
Multidisciplinary Care Clinic
Pain Management
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Senior Health
Stroke Care
Surgical Services
Vascular Care
Women’s Health

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Reviews about Weiss Memorial Hospital

07.11.2023 15:56
Weiss is an amazing hospital place to work with. We have built a strong working relationship with their Case Management and Social Services team. They are very professional and very hands-on with their patients. More power to this group. They’re being lead by a great leader. (Dana F.)
07.11.2023 15:56
An ER doctor attend to my mother one time. She’s asthmatic and was going through lung problems. My mother was crying out for help and the nurses kept telling my mother to be quite. And then soon after that, the doctor had security take my mother outside while she was in a wheelchair and left her outside… I’m not going into details on what happened after. This hospital is poor and have bad doctors. They don’t care for your well being. It’s just a job for them really but they treat you like you don’t matter. Don’t go here.
07.11.2023 15:56
Strange and dark. Kind staff though. Wish they had washed their hands and followed protocol more. I was there for 12 hours.
07.11.2023 15:55
Went in with a broken collarbone. The doctor said (without even looking or testing range of motion or asking me a single question) that it was dislocated. I could feel and see the bone protruding. They told me to go get Motrin and give it a couple weeks. I demanded X-rays. The X-ray showed it was broken as well as my elbow. Then they again told me to leave and buy Motrin. This was from a scooter crash I had open abrasions all over me and they didn’t even treat anything not even a bandaid. As I was leaving in excruciating pain I was screaming and holding up my own broken arm (no cast no sling, nothing) while the doctor, the horrible good awful nurse, and 4 other staff members stood within 5 feet of me and no one helped at all. The nurse just told me be quiet and the security people laughed at me. No discharge paperwork. Just turned me loose humiliated with a snapped collarbone. Going to Midwest today hopefully get some of this treated. I’ve never been treated so dangerously and recklessly in my life. That hospital is filthy and the ER needs to be shut down. That nurse has no business dealing with patients. And if those are doctors, I’m Oprah Winfrey.
07.11.2023 15:55
My dad was admitted to the ER and then to the third floor. He is unable to talk or move. The staff seemed to be avoiding patients.

I was in the room with my dad for four hours and the nurses rarely checked on him. I pressed the nurse button several times, but it took about 25 minutes for someone to come in. I finally walked out of the room and looked around. A few nurses saw me and I pressed the button again. Then they came in.

When I asked the nurses questions, they seemed like they didn't want to be there. My questions about my dad were disregarded and unanswered. A male nurse said he would get back to me, but it's been four hours and I still haven't heard from him.

The staff is super rude when I ask simple questions, like how many visitors are allowed in the room. One guy just said, "I don't know, ask the nurses."

This is a terrible experience. The staff seems like they don't want to work.
07.11.2023 15:55
Horrible. The staff is inappropriate and unprofessional. Trying to be seen by someone was a 5 hour wait. (Tried to give the benefit of the doubt as they are clearly understaffed). When I was finally able to get checked out the doctors wouldn’t even give me the time of day to answer my questions, ultimately ending in me spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary testing. I would’ve rather google my symptoms and listened to that advice instead.
07.11.2023 15:55
Easily the least competent hospital I have ever dealt with. Everything from their appointments to their recordkeeping is a nightmare. You'll have to call several times before they'll even pick up, and then they'll redirect you to the wrong department (this has happened 3 times) so you have to keep starting over. The operators have limited English skills so everything will be harder than it needs to be.

Just avoid this hospital at all costs.
07.11.2023 15:54
The worst experience, the attention is horrible they make you wait for hours, to be honest I would prefer die before go to this hospital.
In addition I need to pay for my hospital bill and they gave a phone number where they told me they don’t have any information about me, and still I’m reading my medical bills in my box email.. I feel frustrated with this people… I never come back again to this hospital..
07.11.2023 15:54
Weiss is excellent in many ways, with many dedicated professionals.
In the past couple of years I was a patient there. I observed many areas where improvements could be made.
For all patients, I especially hope this is done for the greater community.
07.11.2023 15:54
I went in a couple weeks ago for severe stomach pain I was in a flare up and couldn't get to my regular hospital I have gastroparesis I was dehydrated and dizzy they didn't do anything for me they didn't even hook me up to anything the doctor came in and said we aren't giving you any pain meds there's nothing wrong with you mind you I had been vomiting all day and the day before poor care never going back id rather die then go back there and have them treat me like I'm crazy and a drug pusher if I could I would give this place no stars worst hospital in Chicago
07.11.2023 15:54
The ER is terribly maintained. Don’t have enough actual rooms so some patients are placed in chairs alongside the wall. Also the staff discusses other patient health information out loud so we were able to hear a lot of details regarding other patients- not sure if that violates hippa but we definitely heard things that we wish we didn’t.


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