Ann's Bakery and Deli

Chicago, 2158 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622


Дуже подобається.Українські продукти і кухня

Магазин грязненький и темный. На удивление именно украинских продуктов там меньше всего, польские, прибалтика и российские(шок). Продукты не сильно свежие, конфеты с засохшей начинкой(стрелу брала) и вовремя увидела плесень в пачке творога.

Спочатку зраділа великому асортименту нашої продукції, але хамство на касі зруйнувало усе враження(( касир був дуже грубий і навіть насміхався з мене! Дуже прикро отримувати таке хамське ставлення від «своїх» навіть в такий час. Ніколи не повернуся і нікому не раджу.

Buckwheat, fermented food, dried fish, and very tasty cooked food. Try borsht! Broad range of Eastern European products. They make fresh pastry and dessert on site, I was surprised, merely amazing.

Гречка, квашеная пища, вяленая рыба и очень вкусная вареная пища. Попробуйте борщ! Широкий ассортимент товаров Восточной Европы. Они делают свежую выпечку и десерт на месте, я был удивлен, просто восхитительно.

This bakery has been a stable in Ukrainian Village neighborhood for the past 60+ years. Recently I was informed of this bread they only make on Saturdays and Sundays. Don't know the name. But was told to ask for the bread that uses no yeast and is made only on weekends. I purchased the 2 pound loaf which costs $6.00. Hearty and delicious. Went at 9 a.m. Saturday and they were just beginning to slice the bread and package for purchase. My new go to for bread.

Эта пекарня была конюшней в районе Украинского села на протяжении последних 60 с лишним лет. Недавно мне сообщили, что этот хлеб пекут только по субботам и воскресеньям. Не знаю имени. Но мне сказали попросить хлеб без дрожжей и его пекут только по выходным. Я купил буханку весом 2 фунта, которая стоит 6 долларов. Сытно и вкусно. Пошел в 9 утра в субботу, и они только начали нарезать хлеб и пакет для покупки. Мой новый ходить за хлебом.

I am French, and I recently moved from France to Chicago, in Ukrainian Village. I discovered this place while I was craving for a French breakfast : I bought the sweet buns, put some Milka chocolate in it, and it was so good!!

I love this place, it makes me feel like home, I feel familiar with the products. Plus it is not very expensive. Really is my comfort place when I homesick.

Я француженка и недавно переехала из Франции в Чикаго, в Украинскую деревню. Я обнаружил это место, когда жаждал французского завтрака: я купил сладкие булочки, положил в них немного шоколада Milka, и это было так хорошо! !

Я люблю это место, здесь я чувствую себя как дома, я чувствую себя знакомым с продуктами. К тому же это не очень дорого.

Действительно мое место комфорта, когда я скучаю по дому.

My favorite store and bakery in the city. They have every Eastern European good imaginable, we always make a point to stop by to stock up the Ukrainian food essentials. The best part is their home-baked goods, they are as delicious as they were made back at home.

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Reviews about Ann's Bakery and Deli

13.10.2023 21:18
Been coming here for many years and each time I'm there, hoping the owner doesn't grope me again...the staff are all incredibly rude even tho,I'm also Ukrainian, but I guess the fact that I'm English speaking, makes them upset?! They even asked me,rudely, why I never speak in my native with them...I don't speak Ukrainian very well..moved decades ago and was raised in a russian-speaking household..English is my 1st language, deal with it. What difference does it make?? I spend A LOT of $$$AMERICAN DOLLARS at your store and buy all authentic ukrainian foods ,so obviously I respect my roots! please stop judging people based off what language they speak and quit staring ,doing eye rolls look ridiculous! Your customer service skills are even worse than what I remember back in the soviets times! The owner should stop trying to touch people and most definitely, don't you dare try and "party" with my daughter who's 19, you perve! Last time he literally touched my behind..AWFUL! I just want to go in ,get my favorite foods,pay and leave. Respect my needs as a paying customer! I asked for a price check and without hesitation the cashier boy tells my cashier "just tell her its $9.99" in Ukrainian, thinking I don't understand the language. So now you're lying about prices too?! The boy is not even a manager. This is really pathetic!
13.10.2023 21:18
Wanna some Ukrainian food, come over and get what you looking for. All traditional kitchen, well made, home food, and great staff. People always there to help you find the best.
13.10.2023 21:18
We frequent this place for our borscht fix. The staff is very kind, helpful, and courteous. We also sample their variety of dumplings every now and then.
07.04.2023 17:54
food was delicious and fresh! will be returning


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