Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Chicago, 225 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago is the largest pediatric healthcare provider in the region with a 130-year legacy of excellence.


BE AWARE! They charge you double, 1 per every specialist visit and separate charge for THE ROOM (from hospital) we are receiving two co-pay bills for every specialist Orthopedic visit. I have a high copay, no one inform you before the visit this are two separate copays of every visit. Go somewhere else it's a ripoff. Specialists orthopedic dr or rheumatologist were not able to diagnose and find the right treatment for my daughter's knee. But sure they charge twice. Never going back.

Worse children’s hospital ever. My 6 month old lethargic and pale baby was left unattended for 3 hours in the waiting area. He “looked fine” to them.

Le doy una estrella a la sala de emergencia...yo digo que deben de atender a todos según como vayan llegando... porque entonces supuestamente tienes que esperar que atiendan a los más lo entiendo pero también ellos deben de entender que por qué nuestros hijos no presentaron síntomas al momento en que los revisaron no significa que no estén enfermos....pues por esto fue que en primer lugar estamos en emergencia...los turnos son importantes no van a hacer esperar a otros niños que llegaron antes 6,7,8,9,hasta 10 horas porque eso es injusto XF

Over rated! They push/charge for unnecessary appointments.

I had concerns about my child having early puberty. Lurie is based at Northwestern Hospital (Winfield) but NO SIGNAGE is anyplace so it was difficult to find. As a parent with mobility issues, the walk to the office was long and painful but we were advised my child needed tests. Once test results were available, Dr. McCauley refused to provide (negative) test results over the phone nor were results added to "my chart". I was called to schedule an appointment twice. My requests for a callback were ignored. I was forced to wait in fear several extra days, drive 1 hr both ways to hear my child was fine, no further follow-up needed AND they charged me! I HATE THIS PLACE. The referring pediatrician lost my business due in part, to sending me to this Dr. I'm time pressed but will complain to BCBS PPO before paying one more dime to these folks for wasting my time. Test results = a phone call, letter or email - all free. If this truly is the #1 children's hospital in IL, God help us!!!

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Reviews about Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

13.12.2023 18:58
If I could have the choice to give no stars I will this is ridiculous I brought my daughter in emergency I waited more than 7 hours and they didn’t check up on my baby they can’t said that maybe I didn’t hear the name I was on first lines and didn’t move at all from that spot not coming back in my life
13.12.2023 18:58
Worst hospital in Chicago. They are very slow in the emergency room. Overcrowded with lack luster staff. Takes nearly 4 hours to be seen by anyone for anything. Came to this hospital twice in one day and waited hours to still not be seen by any staff from the Children's division. Chicago needs a new hospital to support children with better care and service.
17.11.2023 18:28
Tengo desde las 10 de la noche y son las 6 de la mañana y no han atendido a mi hija y solo es para averiguar si si tiene fractura muy mal servicio y muy sucio
17.11.2023 18:28
The nurses talk badly about other patients in front of other patients and have really disgusting attitudes.
29.10.2023 17:13
I Absolutely love this children’s hospital. The workers are Angels on Earth caring FOR YOUR ONE!!! Your babies become their babies. I am from Texas and I had the opportunity of a Lifetime to work here for a Year. It was the Best Year of my Life. From the Emergency Department to any of the 22 floors in this Breathtaking facility.
29.10.2023 17:13
Me atendieron con mi hijo muy rápido en la emergencia, gracias a las doctoras y enfermeras por su atención.
29.10.2023 17:12
The sprawling campus of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital here in downtown Chicago, as soon as I turn down Superior street the towering facade of the hospital complex comes into view, with its modern glass and steel design reflecting the city skyline.

Inside I'm always impressed with the light, airy corridors and colorful artwork displaying scenes of children at play. This was designed to be as welcoming and comforting an environment as possible for young patients and their families. Signage is clear and staff and volunteers are everywhere ready to point visitors in the right direction.

Nearby you can see the Magellan statue that greets visitors outside the hospital's main entrance for decades. It serves as a reminder of the long legacy of compassionate care this institution has provided to Chicago's children. The new building achieved LEED Gold certification, reflecting the administrators commitment to both cutting edge medicine and environmental sustainability.

Wandering the halls you notice play areas, classrooms, a simulation center and a rooftop garden space, offering innovative programs and therapies to support each child's well being. Being in a major academic medical center there was a real sense of discoveries being made daily that would help sick kids around the world. Hours will go by in this busy but hope-filled place.

The dedication of the staff, I have no doubt that any child receiving treatment under this roof is receiving the very best care. Chicago is fortunate to have such an outstanding pediatric hospital in its midst. I hope it continues its invaluable work for many years to come.
29.10.2023 17:12
Quality of care is difficult to measure, since it is impossible to actually receive care at this hospital. My son has been referred there by his pediatrician, and we have had success being seen one time (when we waited hours past our appointment time for the doctor) in almost two years. We had issues with that doctor continuously cancelling appointments with no notice that were scheduled months in advance, and then having no availability for months for them to be rescheduled. We decided to switch doctors, and now it has been months and we are having the same issue. They've called twice to reschedule, and today they called and cancelled an appointment for tomorrow - it has been at least four months that we've been trying to get in to the doctor. If you choose to work with them, be prepared for constant frustration, no consideration for anyone else's time, no urgency from doctors or schedulers, and an eternal waiting game to be seen while you work your schedule around theirs and then they cancel with no notice. I wish I could give zero stars.
29.10.2023 16:30
Lurie Children's Hospital provides so much care for a child in every sense. Not only top of the line medical care, but also they care about a child and their family members mental health during their stay.

Recently, a small group of our team went for a tour and dropped off donations. Clare from the hospital was an amazing guide and opened our eyes to so much more that they do. From art rooms, game rooms, library, outdoor patios, and more.

Lurie Children's Hospital is top on our list of who we contribute to year after year. Thank you to everyone for all you do. ❤️
11.04.2023 14:36
Great experience and beautiful hospital!!


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