UH Cleveland Medical Center Emergency Room

Cleveland, 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106

Why choose UH Cleveland Emergency Room?

University Hospitals Cleveland Emergency Room located in Cleveland, Ohio delivers 24-hour emergency care to adult and pediatric patients in a state-of-the-art facility. Our emergency room offers immediate access to an expert team of multidisciplinary specialists and is equipped with the most advanced technology available.


Experienced Staff

Staff led by board-certified physicians and nurses within a full-service hospital

Open 24/7, 365

Delivering emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Level 1 Adult Trauma Center

Ensure patients with traumatic injuries receive quick trauma care

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Level 1 Pediatric Trauma

Cleveland’s only level 1 pediatric trauma center

Quick Heart Attack Response

EMS personnel use remote STEMI EKG readings to notify hospital staff of heart attack and to prepare for patient’s arrival

Comprehensive Care

Access to care at Cleveland’s premier health care system and top-ranked specialists

Life-Saving Technology

Targeted temperature management therapy regulates body temperature for cardiac patients

Life Flight Availability

Safe, fast helicopter transport of critically ill or injured

Clinical Decision Unit

23-hour patient observation without a hospital admission

On-site Parking

Free on-site, self-parking that is monitored 24/7 by security for all patients and visitors

On-site Lab and Imaging

Equipped with a lab and advanced imaging including CT scan, X-ray and capabilities for rapid diagnosis and treatment

Patient-Centered Care

Provides high-quality, safe patient care to achieve excellent clinical outcomes while always considering patient needs and preferences

Sexual Assault Program

Our SANE team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the care and treatment of sexual assault and intimate partner violence victims

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Reviews about UH Cleveland Medical Center Emergency Room

16.11.2023 20:55
This ER is awful. No person needing medical attention should be treated this way. My very healthy and very active 90+ mother went there due to a positive covid test. Bad cough, fever. That's a high risk group. 7 hours later, still waiting for a doctor to read tests. They have her sitting in a wheelchair in the hallway by the nurse station. (With many others also waiting)
16.11.2023 20:55
This place is so ghetto seriously so after the lady telling me I stayed in Pittsburgh I’m like no I didn’t stay there she so yes you did okay lady if you stay so I’m 36 I know where I stayed and no one has ever asked me have I stayed there so that was about a ten minute talk for nothing, then I sit down I sit in the waiting area where the tv is 10 mins later she stand up and yell my name I come over there’s someone is in there she say we been calling your name you had them headphones in can’t hear I say no I literally just put this in and it’s only headphone in and there is nothing playing, btw she could see where I was sitting when they were calling me. If I really didn’t need to get checked I would have walked out and this what I have to pay for cause trust while they are acting that this ain’t cheap by far Jackie is her name she need training they all really do the doctor was a sweet heart though but you gotta get past the gatekeepers first
16.11.2023 20:55
I recently went in twice for nausea vomiting for the past few days plus dizziness and unbalance. First time, they kept me in the waiting area throwing up and fainting. The nurses upfront are unnecessarily rude to all patients for no reason and I'm not sure why they are even employed. That night they just sent me on my way with meds that did not work. Went back in after worsening symptoms and the nurses and doctors treated me so much better and were very kind and informative. I had optometry tests done and they said I mostly likely have fluid that is putting pressure on my brain so I had an MRI and spinal tap. Couldn't finish the tap because the needle "wasn't long enough" so they kept me overnight to get it done in the morning. Come to find out next day they decided to just discharge me and told me to make an outpatient appointment with no further explanation. So what was the point of staying overnight? If I had to guess it was probably because they needed the bed and/or my insurance was cut off. Meanwhile I STILL have the symptoms from when I came in. Overall I would not recommend going here for something very serious because they don't give you much answers and you'll be hearing different reasons for what's wrong with you from different people. It is not safe


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