OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital and Emergency Department

Columbus, 3535 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43214

Riverside Methodist is known locally, regionally and nationally for quality healthcare. The 1,059-bed teaching hospital is also OhioHealth’s largest hospital. Riverside Methodist is a member of OhioHealth’s faith-based, not-for-profit family of leading healthcare providers. It shares the OhioHealth mission “to improve the health of those we serve.” Our caring and compassionate teams do this through providing the best patient experience possible.

Last year alone, we delivered more than 6,000 babies, admitted more than 46,000 patients and saw 84,313 patients in our emergency department. We also performed nearly 23,300 surgeries. 

And we work every day to ensure that every patient feels like our only patient. 

Riverside Methodist Hospital is a regional destination hospital in Columbus, Ohio. It is home to a number of top specialty centers including:

Heart and Vascular Services Cancer Care Women’s Health, including Maternity Care
and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Emergency and Trauma Services Hand and Microvascular Surgery Orthopedics Minimally Invasive Surgery Imaging Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery Neuroscience Center

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I have been there to Starbucks and Tim hortons to grab a quick breakfast and coffee! What a beautiful hospital and staff are very caring, nice, smile when I arrived there! OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital is the biggest hospital I have ever been to! It’s wonderful that It even have Tim Horton’s and Subway, and Starbucks inside - great convenience for visitors and staff members to grab a quick bite to eat!

I broke/dislocated my foot/ankle on Sunday 8.20.2023. I was brought to the ER in an ambulance(shoutout to Columbus Medic 19) around 1:30 PM. The ER was clearly busy, I was almost placed in overflow but ended up in a pediatric room. Long story short, everyone I dealt with was an example of a true professional in an industry that never receives enough thanks.

All the nurses I interacted with were kind, and attentive, and almost made me forget my foot was practically a 90-degree angle from my leg. I apologize if I spell a name incorrectly, but nurses Lillie and Kim were 5/5 stars would recommend. NP Kate and Ortho tech Kasey were real ones, if you ever need a team to yank your foot and/or bones back into place, they are the professionals you want.

The X-ray techs were awesome, Jeffrey was great, and definitely gentle around the whole broken ankle thing. A woman took X-rays after everything was back in place, I'm sorry I can't remember her name, but she was great too. CAT scan squad was 5/5 stars, sorry my phone fell out of my pocket mid-scan, but because they told me the difference between a CAT scan and an MRI I stayed perfectly still because I wasn't afraid of the machine yanking my phone like a magnetically charged bullet. Apologies if I forgot anyone that I interacted with.

I know everyone at the ER is usually seeing people at their worst times, but everyone is there because they truly care. I don't believe anyone is forced to work in an Emergency Room, they do it because they care. Everyone has bad days, but everyone I had the pleasure of interacting with must've been having a good day because they dealt with my bad jokes and other stress-coping mechanisms in stride and made one of my worst days not so bad after all. I know they don't get the recognition they truly deserve, but I hope this review helps.

I have no idea why Riverside Methodist doesn’t have a 5-star rating. It’s a beautiful and calm facility that is very different from others I’ve been in. My sister has been in healthcare for 30+ years and could not believe the peaceful environment Riverside created for patients, families and staff. The team in the MICU is amazing, and Medical Director Marc Palagallo was attentive and a great communicator.

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Reviews about OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital and Emergency Department

16.11.2023 21:10
My family waited 7 hours just to be seen, when going in there for an extremely elevated blood pressure and stroke-like symptoms. Was held overnight to get an MRI first thing in the morning, to never get an MRI. Absolutely ridiculous. Will never return to this ER. Waste of time, and the workers seem to have no idea what they’re doing. If you have an emergency, make sure it’s not actually an emergency before coming to this place. The complete opposite of time efficient.
16.11.2023 21:09
Triage nurse talking down to patients and the psa in the ER are very rude. Would not recommend going there one of the worst er staff I have ever seen. Telling people with a headache so bad there loosing vision you don't need a ER to need a nuro surgeon
16.11.2023 21:09
This hospital has the rudest staff I've encountered at any medical facility. They do not communicate in any kind of timely manner to their patients and their family. They never know anything..couldn't even tell us the Dr's name that just completed a procedure on a family member in ICU...apparently the ridiculously rude nurse can't check the chart. We are close to transferring our family member to another hospital because we are so concerned with the lack of communication and the attitudes of staff members. I would not recommend anyone using this hospital. They have made an already stressful matter so much worse with their total lack of empathy. You have to continually contact them bc even tho they are supposed to update you, they never call with an update. Terrible experience so far.
16.11.2023 21:08
My age 60-something father developed severe abdominal pain on Sunday. Went to ER on Monday morning in excruciating pain, left to lie on ER **FLOOR** for **hours** because no beds. Diagnosed with kidney stone. Scheduled for surgery on Tuesday night with no pre-op instructions. Failed to receive pain medication for hours when pain was 8/9. Then Drs. refused to operate supposedly because father had taken meds. Whether for liability or at end of Dr. shift, he was left **in excruiating pain** til WEDNESDAY. Then drs. released him **with a fever** and had to be begged/demanded for antibiotics which they did not want to give. On discharge, fever spiked and my father developed a **kidney infection** — no surprise as left with stones for days while in care of Riverside. Now left with long-term chronic adrenal fatigue and shell of person he was. Now: if you find yourself in excruciating pain, is Riverside where you will go to? What kind of standard of care is this??
16.11.2023 21:08
Emergency Room...
I was experiencing cold sweats since i awoke around 8:15am.
i just felt something was amiss...even cashiering for half my shift didn't help me recover...clammy skin...

Linda drove me to the ER.
1) I had to pass thru the metal detector; not good as i am trying to reach the ER desk! I waited while the guard gave me a receipt for my pocket knife and my scissors!

2) They remembered at the ER Desk. And, called me 2nd....
that was the first hour.

3) EKG by a very kind ER Nurse. I could tell she was of like-minded Faith. Then down a hall to have my blood drawn. Then, back to the Waiting Room to sit. Then, called in for a chest X-Ray. that was 90 min.

4) In the Waiting Room to have my results studied by a Doctor and his findings. Here now, at the ER for 2.37 hours.

(I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Arash Arshi, my Cardiologist that i met on 05.03.2017.
The Squad bypassed ER and took me (with a Widow Maker) directly to the Heart Cath Room.)

Prayers for me that what Holy Spirit knows about this will have Truth revealed to my Cardiologist. And that "His Praise will be continually in my mouth" as I still work until the Day He takes me home!
16.11.2023 21:07
Worst experience of my life! I could have received better care from a witch doctor in the middle of the amazon. It was so bad that I just walked out and went to another hospital.....where I was treated with more compassion and..... without anyone being argumentative towards me.
16.11.2023 21:07
This rating is for labor & delivery and the postpartum unit....and triage. Everything related to childbirth. I delivered in January and will never deliver there or maybe nowhere ever again because of such a terrible experience. I felt like the nurses were just herding women through like cattle with little to no care or empathy. Triage told me my water broke at 34 weeks when it hadn't and nearly started pitocin I went in with side pain which was repeatedly ignored and I was sent home with no reassurance or answers. I had to figure out for myself that I had a uti and call my OB and beg for medicine. I started having hypertension (I think from all of the stress) and ended up being induced at 37 weeks. My birthing experience was a nightmare. When we arrived, we waited for 20 minutes outside of L&D holding bags and standing on my feet because nobody would answer the door. The first nurse was knowledgeable and experienced, I wish I could remember her name and wish we would've had her the whole time. When it came time for the epidural, the nurse administering it put it in too far to the right causing me to have a lot of pain and had to do it again correctly. During my birth experience, we had four different nurses in a 24 hour time period. One of which was called in and made it very apparent that she didn't want to be there. My husband was ignored during the entire process and everyone acted like he wasn't even there. The nurses talked amongst themselves loud enough that we could hear them about concerning things like the baby's heart rate being too high and me having an infection. I tried to ask questions but they didn't give me any reassurance. I was told I was ready to push (and felt ready) around 10pm but my doctor scheduled SEVEN inductions for the same day and her presence and attentiveness was severely lacking. I got an infection from my water being broke too long and at one point my doctor told me "I think he will fit". She told me I was having an emergency but another patient had a bigger emergency and needed a c section and I needed to decide if I wanted a c section or for her to suck the baby out (which also could cause brain damage). It was at least an hour and a half before she returned after having that conversation. I ended up pushing him out but his head was severely swollen and the doctor said he had the biggest head she's ever delivered. I don't say that braggingly but that the doctor and nurses were negligent. After not being able to eat for over 24 hours, I was brought water and crackers. It took hours to go to postpartum and then after getting settled and finally having time to order breakfast, you have to wait two hours for the meal to be delivered. My husband got food poisoning from the breakfast and started throwing up. My first trip to the bathroom AS A FIRST TIME MOM, the nurse pointed to the bathroom and said everything you need is in there. I had to ask her to show me what to do and to help me since I could barely walk and my husband was sick. She acted like it was a pain to help. Throughout our stay, the room felt depressing and I felt I cared for. The least somebody could have done was to check to see if I was eating and drinking enough. We were under the impression that our baby would be in our room at all times except for the circumsision. This is far from the truth. I also needed help with breastfeeding and it was over 24 hours before I actually had somebody helpful to work with me. The first lactation consultant scolded me that I was doing it wrong but wouldn't help me with any techniques. There was a pump in the room but I didn't quite know how to use it or how much to use it and I didn't receive any help with that either even when asking. I was in tears so much during our stay at the hospital and it was a launching pad for my postpartum anxiety and depression. This is just a little bit of my experience there but I would never step foot in this hospital again.
16.11.2023 21:07
They stole my mother's iPhone and all of her belongings saying they were put in a storage locker while she had surgery. They are claiming now they have no record. They are taking advantage of the elderly. DO NOT GO THERE!
16.11.2023 21:07
You're gonna get a wait time at an ER. It's inevitable. However, since I've been here I've spoke to so many different staff members. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Is so nice and helpful. I don't wind up in the hospital often at all. They've all made me and my family feel as comfortable as possible. I couldn't thank the staff enough
16.11.2023 21:06
I can't say enough about the worker's on the 4th floor silver ICU. I wanted to thank them for saving my girlfriend's life but how do you do that. My girlfriend received the best possible care she could have gotten. A stroke is scary for everyone involved and they never gave up on her. Thank you to everyone involved I'm forever grateful.


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