Dallas Medical Center

Dallas, 7 Medical Pkwy, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

At Dallas Medical Center (DMC), we have been meeting the medical needs of individuals in the North Dallas area for many years as the only community hospital in Farmers Branch. The physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our patients is extremely important to us. We are here to deliver comprehensive medical services you and your family can trust. We offer a comprehensive range of health services for acute and emergency situations. We are a Certified Chest Pain Center and Level IV Trauma Center, so you can count on us in your time of need.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients 

I had an awesome experience, the staff were wonderful. Mrs. Sylvia was wonderful during my blood work and EKG procedure the day before my surgery. My nurse Mary was awesome and very caring in preparing me for my surgery. All other staff from Dr. Ray, the anesthesia staff and the recovery nurse were excellent! I was very well taken care of.

I brought my daughter to the ER on a Sunday for an ear infection. We got registered, saw Dr. Tim (awesome ER Doctor), Nurse Eila took good care of us. We were in/out faster than we thought.

Thank you for your great service.

I went to the emergency room with a severe pain, on a Sunday morning. I was immediately admitted, had all necessary labs and exams which determined I needed surgery. Surgery was programmed for the following day, early in the morning, but in the meantime, I was given the necessary medication to make me feel better. All nurses, technicians, doctors and all personnel in general were vey caring and professional.

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Reviews about Dallas Medical Center

13.12.2023 19:27
Had to have a CT Guided Biopsy and we had it done at DMC Plano. The staff there is very professional and treated me with respect. Amy my nurse was especially kind. I would definitely have more procedures done there as needed.
19.11.2023 20:04
The worst hospital we have ever been to. Would never step foot in there again. My father was admitted and there for 4 days. Never received fees back from Dr. Never got to see the dr. My father doesn’t speak due to a stroke and can’t hear and they didn’t let us see him he was left alone. At discharge I went to get my father and when I walk in the room the floor was full of blood and poop. My father needed to use the restroomAnd since he didn’t receive any assistance he yanked out the IV and didn’t make it to the restroom
19.11.2023 20:03
I went to the ER for a severe case of bronchitis and strep throat I was in and out in less than an hour very friendly staff and fast turnaround dr. Tim was fantastic
19.11.2023 20:03
I utilized the Imaging and Radiology Department at my visit to Dallas Medical Center. What first took me there over other imaging centers was the price. With my insurance, my MRI would be $1300. After doing some research, I discovered that I could get the same MRI at DMC for $541. I elected to pay out of pocket. From check-in to my MRI everyone was professional, patient and kind. I highly recommend this facility!
19.11.2023 20:03
Came in through for an emergency visit. Not sure if it was a quiet day or a normal thing, but no one was in waiting, so I showed up and got saw practically right away.

The staff there was very responsive, helpful, a very friendly, especially the guy that gave me the cat scan.

While nothing serious was wrong, just my muscles around my lungs were inflamed, they checked everything they could to make sure I was good.

Hopefully I won't get price gouged for my visit.
19.11.2023 20:03
Dallas Medical Center provided me with incredible care. The entire staff was friendly and professional. Each room is private. They even provide a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, and lotion. They are very patient oriented. I am very impressed and felt like I was in good hands.
19.11.2023 20:03
Excelente hospital te atienden de la mejor manera las enfermeras los doctores cuidan muy bien de ti … fue una experiencia increíble el cuidado que tienen con los pacientes y se ve el amor y dedicación de todo el personal muy recomendado de mi parte estuve internada por una Cesarea y un inchreible trato por parte de todo el personal lo cual agradezco mucho de todo corazón ❤️
19.11.2023 20:02
A beautiful hospital with an equally beautiful staff. Dr. D. Ray-Chief Surgeon, was my physician and I've never felt in better hands which coincidentally, he repaired an injury to my hand. First rate hospital-a cut above the rest!
19.11.2023 20:02
My wife had a medical emergency and unfortunately this was the nearest hospital. We were admitted rather quickly but I think this is because no one would willingly go here. After well over six hours of the 'doctor' not knowing what to do and us complaining we were told "there's nothing we can do for you." They don't have the staff for a true emergency. Called my wife's doctor and we went to Medical City Dallas. She immediately underwent EMERGECY sugary.
They responded asking that that I send them my contact info. They didn't provide any way for me to reach them with my contact info.
Update - Five days later - Not surprising that they still have not responded. I looked through their website and there are eight people in leadership roles. I suppose I could spend a couple of hours looking for who they want me to contact but they are not worth my time.
19.11.2023 20:02
The nurses are really nice and quick enough to attend you anything I really had a amazing experience and I really appreciate all the doctors and nurses.
19.11.2023 20:02
I came through the ER to go up to a detox program they have in the hospital at this time. And the ER was nice, and I hate needles but Ralph was amazing and even after I had attitude he still stuck me painlessly and was cool. I had to wait alittle bit but they were behind and the cops were dealing with something so it was expected
19.11.2023 20:01
Everyone was very nice to me except the nurse who apply the fluids through my veins she hurt me very bad my hand still hurting the hospital should get that new devise to see through so they don’t miss the veins and not poke you several time like they do to me
19.11.2023 20:01
Easy , fast and professional 3D mamography at Dallas medical center . Making appointment was easy snd quick . From now on , I keep continue to go there for my yearly mamography .
19.11.2023 20:01
I went with my dad to get a check up for his platelets levels after being hospitalized for a week and we got a bad experience with one of the which I believe was an RN. He was brown(Indian) wearing scrubs. He asked how my dad was and I told him the only concern was that he had really bad back issues when getting up. He completely ignored the issue and told us he was fine. We were in the room for about 3 minutes before being dismissed. Methodist you need to do better about who you hire. This is unacceptable.


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