Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Dallas, 1441 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

Methodist Health System (Methodist) is a faith-based organization with a Mission to improve and save lives through compassionate, quality healthcare. For nearly a century, Dallas-based Methodist Health System has been a trusted choice for health and wellness.

Methodist has a network of 12 hospitals (through ownership and affiliation) with nationally recognized medical services, such as a Level I Trauma Center, multi-organ transplantation, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care, neurosurgery, robotic surgical programs, oncology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics, among others.

Methodist has more than two-dozen clinics located throughout the region, renowned teaching programs, innovative research, and a strong commitment to the community.

Methodist is affiliated by covenant with the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and provided more than $137.6 million in charity care in fiscal year 2022.

Methodist employs more than 10,000 employees and has more than 2,500 physicians on the medical staff. Methodist has a total operating revenue of more than $2 billion and an Aa3 Moody’s credit rating.

Through the Methodist Patient-Centered Accountable Care Organization and wellness initiatives, the system is dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery with high-quality, well-coordinated care, honoring a nearly century-long legacy while creating a vision of advancing healthcare for the future.

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Mission, Vision, and Values of Methodist Health System Mission

To improve and save lives through compassionate quality healthcare.

Vision for the Future

To be the trusted choice for health and wellness.

Core Values

Methodist Health System core values reflect our historic commitment to Christian concepts of life and learning:

Servant Heart – compassionately putting others first Hospitality – offering a welcoming and caring environment Innovation – courageous creativity and commitment to quality Noble – unwavering honesty and integrity Enthusiasm – celebration of individual and team accomplishment Skillful – dedicated to learning and excellence

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Everyone was so warm, cheerful and accommodating! The young lady who completed my exam was warm and cheerful. She asked several times if I was comfortable? She talked me through the exam step by step. She talked about the 3D equipment in use. I was surprised to see that the center was totally new! It is beautiful! A great experience overall!

I just wanted too say thank you . I had Hiatal hernia surgery there on Aug 7 2023. I stayed there like 3 days. They treated me like a king there . Did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable. I love Methodist. Also when my mother was alive they treated her well. Thank you very much room 6208. Special thanks too Gabe he was awesome

I came to Methodist Dallas for my routine mammogram and bone density. I was taken aback by the beauty and serenity of the renovations that were done in the center since my visit a year ago. It looks amazing. The staff, as always were warm, caring and very professional. If I could give 10 stars I would.

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Reviews about Methodist Dallas Medical Center

19.11.2023 19:39
The staff in the emergency department were friendly and knowledgeable. We were in room 40. Shaunice, RN, in the purple zone took great care of my daughter.
19.11.2023 19:39
My experience could have been worse but not by much. I was told to be there at 10. I arrived at 9:40 (didnt know how long it would take to get there from the volunteer office due to knee and lung issue). After filling out 2 sets of paperwork through mychart, I had to fill out even more when I arrived. After waiting over a hour I ask how long it would be. Was informed that it would take 15 to 20 minutes once I was taken back. I stated that I was concerned because I needed to be on the information desk at noon. When I was finally taken back I was given the rush and actually put in front of a lady that was setting outside of the test room. Instead of marking of skin tags taking several views and being ask to wait to make sure the views were good, there were 4 views taken and I was told that was it, to go back to the changing room and then leave. All this was done in 10 to 15 minutes. I finally left at 11:40, which made it possible to
get to the info desk. Last year and previously it only took about 45 minutes to a hour to have my mammogram. I do not understand why it took 2 hours this year. A lot of money was spent on decorations and other items and the only outcome I saw was a 4 times increase in the amount of time required for the procedure. No explanation was given for this increase in time. I truly believe if it hadn't been for another lady asking questions I would have had a even longer wait. I really wasn't paying close attention but I believe some people that came in after me were taken back before me. I realize that more than one procedure is performed in this area so it's not necessarily first come first serve. I don't know if wearing my volunteer jacket had any affect, but it was a good thing I did since I did not have time to go back to the volunteer office. I will have to think long and hard before getting another mammogram at MDMC or make it late in the day and bring a sleeping bag and dinner. At no time was a explanation provided as to why we were having to wait for such a long time. Overall I was completely disappointed/dissatisfied with my experience.
19.11.2023 19:39
Christina Barrera our intake person was very kind, considerate, and extremely helpful. We really appreciate great Customer Service.
19.11.2023 19:38
I have used Methodist Dallas for over a decade to perform my mammograms. I have never had an issue calling and scheduling until today. I called and waited on a ”representative” for thirty minutes! And when my call was finally answered after 30 minutes of horrible music, “thanks for your patience” and “a representative will be with you shortly”, the representative laughed when I told her I had been on hold for 30 minutes. She said they were “busy”. Like I wasn’t?
Then of course all their appointments were booked. If you can’t do better than this, shame on you.
19.11.2023 19:37
This is a wonderful Hospital. From the Dr's to the nurses and people at the front desk!! And if course the techs Today I want to thank Mrs. Michelle V. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. She answered all my questions and walked me through my procedure. I have been coming here for over 12 years I would definitely recommend it to anyone
19.11.2023 19:37
Shaunice RN was the best nurse so polite and attentive. She answered all questions we had with our moms stay at the ER. She even gave us chocolate covered almonds . Everybody else here were rude except her.
19.11.2023 19:37
Caleb, your parking lot attendant, is a great ambassador for your hospital. I could not have found my car in the parking lot without his assistance. More people with his compassion and kindness are needed in this world. Clone him!
19.11.2023 19:36
The ER staff is the best!!!!
Quick and professional attention.
Good explanation of diagnosis.
Very good experience for my husband and for the family.
Thank you so much for your care.
19.11.2023 19:36
I was nicely impressed by the kindness, efficiency, and prompt attention of the breast center staff. Great place for women's healthcare needs!
19.11.2023 19:36
The customer service was outstanding. The young lady that checked me in was awesome as well as the tech. The decor was beautiful as well
19.11.2023 19:35
My sweet baby girl was delivered here :) I just want to say... i am post 10 months and i just cant get over the fact, that a charge nurse should go over with PAM, one of the nurses in the post delivery room on how to remove a catheter band aid. Not only was i weak from all the labor and wanted to shower, but the burn she gave me stung so bad... i couldn't even shower. Also, could you please have more empathy. I was extremely weak back in January due to everything i went through in labor. Although, i may not have gone through what other women went through and vise versa. I ask that you not tell another mother that "They shouldn't be feeling the way they should... because they didn't go through a lot." Yup, i still remember your name PAM. Thank you for the night shift nurses and helping me out with delivery!!! Very sweet!!! Much love to yall!!!!
19.11.2023 19:35
I delivered here at Methodist on November 2 of this year to a baby girl .
I would like to give a special thanks to each nurse that took care of me nurse ANNE, SIBBLY, AMANDA, DR.COLE, HEAD OF THE GAME MIMI, a few more I forgot names and the best nurse was JAYLNN and pretty much everyone I came in contact with. I only had one nurse who seem to not care for me nor listen to me, She even lied on me and tried to get CPS involved, thank GOD there was real people there who cares and saw that I was right be aware of her , (Samantha) she had me in tears literally was gone be cause of me to have postpartum depression. Mimi and Jaylnn stepped in and brought me back to happiness , I was flattered that they cared about what I saying and did everything to make sure I received the proper care. I appreciate everyone that took care of me and my newborn baby girl, thank you Methodist. I highly recommend


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