Russian Banya of Dallas

Dallas, 2515 Rosemeade Pkwy Ste 401, Carrollton, TX 75007

The one and only Public Russian Banya in Dallas/DFW
The heart of our establishment is our banya

Heated up to 195°F and at 50% humidity

The Russian Banya of Dallas also offers a dry Finnish sauna

heated up to 199°F at 10% humidity that provides a milder heat

All of our saunas are co-ed

as is our lounge area, which seats up to 60 people.

Lastly, we offer the cold plunge, which, at 44°, is a substitute for the snow bath

(or “dip”) in a frozen river that traditionally concludes a banya session — a thoroughly invigorating part of the cleansing process that is not to be missed.


call for availability, 1 hour · $90

Various types of massage by masseur. Please call for appointment. Friday and Sunday usually have

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Reviews about Russian Banya of Dallas

26.01.2024 17:16
If you are originally from Ukraine and looking for taste of home that’s the place for it. Truly was amazed at how similar food was from what I remember. I moved to America about 4-5 years ago and haven’t had a meal like this ever since. I enjoyed every minute of it. The service was great. Super neat. Bathroom clean. Most importantly food was amazing. They all mostly speak Russian that was definitely my favorite part. I’ve had 6 different dishes and it was $67 before tax. It was so worth every penny. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. I’ll be back
26.01.2024 17:16
had a lovely experience at the banya. the people here are always very kind and welcoming.
i really enjoy the aromatherapy sessions, the owner is always a joy. the heat was incredibly relaxing, and the cold plunge afterwards is just as refreshing.
do keep in mind that this place seems very different from the usual public spas, such as spa king. its quite humble-- minimally decorated but clean. this isn't a bad thing at all, its perfect if you want an enjoyable, no-frills experience.
the food was amazing, good portions and prices, and tasted delicious. definitely worth a try after your banya visit :-) i strongly recommend the borsch, pelmeni, and herring.

• they do provide you with a robe, towel, and flip-flops, but you can also bring them yourself. bring an ID
• banya hats can be bought. recommended but not necessary
• clothing is optional in the saunas. however some people cover up with a swimsuit
• admission is for a week e.g. if you buy admission on a sunday, it includes any visits up to the next saturday
26.01.2024 17:16
It was nice and hot. The owner was so receptive. I'd go baby in a minute
26.01.2024 17:16
Food is wonderful, owner is entertaining and warm, clothing optional authentic Russian sauna and cold plunge. THIS PLACE IS A GEM, DO NOT MISS OUT.
26.01.2024 17:15
От полного разочарования спасают сотрудники кухни, было вкусно и цены адекватные.
Из трех парилок (хамам, финская сауна и русская парилка) работает только русская, но та весьма обветшала.
Женские короткие халаты просто посмешище мизогинное.
Сложилось ощущение, что мужики из 90-х начала 2000-х иммигрировали и притащили разруху и сервис тех лет с собой. Обычные общественные бани, вот те, где мальчики налево, девочки направо, без претензий, сейчас в России лучше, чище и комфортнее, чем вот ЭТО позорище за 70 долларов. Вот такие впечатления.

В целом, печальное зрелище , при том, что русскую баню, да и в целом банную культуру разных стран я очень люблю и была в прекрасных банях в РФ, Литве и Германии.
Да, в Техасе сложно найти хорошие бани и сауны, как в Европе, это не так популярно. Но из моего опыта, сервис, инфраструктура, чистота и организация процесса лучше в корейском СПА в Хьюстон.
26.01.2024 17:15
The best Banya I’ve seen in the U.S. unfortunately, it starts showing its age, the showers are a bit dirty, the stove is cracked, the ceiling is stained, etc. But the temperature and the humidity are just perfect. And the veniki treatment is authentic.


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