Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Philadelphia, 111 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Jefferson University Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University are partners in providing excellent clinical and compassionate care to our patients in the Philadelphia region, educating healthcare professionals across multiple disciplines, and discovering new knowledge that will shape the future of clinical care.

Jefferson also stands out among the best in 11 areas:

orthopedics cancer Ear nose throat Gastroenterology and surgery GI nephrology Neurology and neurosurgery ophthalmology Diabetes and endocrinology Geriatrics Cardiology and cardiac surgery urology

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals has 951 licensed acute care beds, with core programs in a wide range of clinical specialties. Services are provided at five main locations—Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (the main hospital facility, which was founded in 1825) and Jefferson Hospital for Neurology, both in downtown Philadelphia; Jefferson Methodist Hospital and Jefferson at Navy, both in South Philadelphia; and Jefferson in Voorhees in South Jersey.

To protect the health and well-being of our patients, visitors, staff, students and volunteers, Jefferson is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in all Jefferson buildings and within 50 feet of any entrance or exit of Jefferson buildings and within 50 feet of driveways, canopies, arches and plazas. We also do not smoke in campus parking areas.

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Reviews about Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

17.11.2023 12:33
Jefferson Health Hospital Service Rep, Maria Stenta and Tom Wallin advocate for the patient and their families and do their best to address their concerns. Their dept is a voice for the voiceless.
17.11.2023 12:32
The Cherry Hill NJ location located an aneurysm in my heart that would have been fatal. They airlifted me to Jefferson Hospital in Center City Philadelphia, where they repaired the dissection and the aneurysm. I wouldn't be alive if not for Jefferson Hospital and Dr. Keshava Rajagopal is the best surgeon in the world to find a fix this fatal genetic disorder that almost no one survived.
30.10.2023 18:27
My mother had a bladder removal due to her having cancer. The surgery took 11 hours! My mother came out of the surgery a completely different person. Face muscles were loose, speech & voice box were damaged, & started having seizures. The doctors told me that they would monitor her 24/7 & they allowed her to fall during the night with NO supervision! She was too weak to move & they extremely sedated her once they knew i was visiting. The social worker asked what time i would arrive, i asked why she stated "so the team can be prepared to speak with you about your mother", BOLD FACED LIE!!!! My mother would call me when not sedated & try her best to speak & now all of a suuden you're telling me she was given meds to rest due to her seizures!!!! They DIDN'T want her to tell me anything!!!! ALSO they starved & dehydrated her, she had no food, water, ice chips nothing for 7 days!! Again, they had reasoning which was she was pocketing food. My next question was why isn't she being given nutrition through the iv & was told that after surgery before food patients need to defecate or pass gas first...makes no sense HOW WITH NOTHING IN YOUR SYSTEM!!!! They completely destroyed my mother's life & basically killed her!! I'm crushed, highly upset, overwhelmed so many emotions because of this hospital! I'm sure they know they'll pay for how my mother was badly mistreated!!!
30.10.2023 18:26
The QR code on my patient feedback wasn’t working and I wanted to make sure the amazing staff get the shoutouts and praise they deserve!

From the start, we met Mr. Aaron at valet parking (at 4:20am). Protect this man at all costs! He is the kindest, sweetest person; and so patient! He sets the mood for every other encounter from that point on.

The ladies at the front desk for surgery (9th floor) were kind and hilarious, and very helpful (especially at that early).

Ms. Rhonda who kept my room clean, checked on me every time she made her rounds. Saying if I need anything or she wants me to get anyone just let her know. And I could hear her do that in each room she went in.

The ladies in PT and OT were great! They prepared and tested me for every situation I could think of in preparation for discharge. OT even thought of something else later and came down to my room; follow-ups are huge!

My nurses were great, all of them. I wish I was cleared head coming out of surgery to say specifically how wonderful Tori (Victoria) was. All I can know for sure is I felt safe and cared for!

I had Nurse Payton twice! She is a hard worker! Kind and helpful all shift went home napped for a little and was back for another shift and was even more supportive.

Nurse Sara was outstanding! Helpful, sweet, and funny. I tried not to bother my nurses because I know how hard they work… I believe she sensed I was “one of them.” So she checked up on me frequently to let me know it wasn’t a bother! She also worked hard to get answers for me to things I was stressing about.

Nurses Kate and Kiera were the last I had before discharge. Both were kind and helpful. And so on top of things. Discharging is such a busy time and they made an excellent team!

RN Jess (brunette?) made sure I was comfortable, took the second IV out since I wouldn’t need it anymore, at that point. Unhooked and removed any unnecessary things in the room, and just really made sure I was comfortable! Very empathetic! She also answered my questions (and I have a lot) which greatly reduced my anxiety.

My surgical team was top notch! They checked on my frequently, spoke to me like a person, told me the precautions I’d have to take and more importantly what could happen if I don’t follow the post-op guidelines.

And anyone else I encountered in the halls were so quick to give a smile and ask how I’m doing.

I know I’m a lot, but thank you for your time! Appreciate your staff, they are remarkable!!
30.10.2023 18:26
The Security at the emergency neurosurgery in center city location on 111 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 is extremely racist against white people. Very unprofessional on Aug 4 had the worst experience of my life especially having a family emergency. The security guard refuse to allow family members up even with proper ID and giving the exact location of where the family memeber is staying and prior being escort by the Drs themselves. The security guard in that location black male also made comments in yelling unprofessional and also talking down to the Dr. Who was tryin to tell the security it was his family. I strongly suggest not to go to this hospital if a family member is sick or in immediate care. The security here is a liability for the hospital. The Dr's and nurses themselves even stated how bad and unprofessional the security are.
30.10.2023 18:26
Had an indirect interaction with Jeremy Lawton who works in the pharmacy. His attitude and personality is egregiously negative, passive aggressive, wildly arrogant and reckless. He acts as if he owns the hospital and is superior when in actuality it appears that he suffers from small man syndrome. From what I have observed over time is that his customer service and employee interactions are subpar and his work ethic is poor. 0/10, I would NEVER recommend.
30.10.2023 18:26
This has been the worse hospital I’ve ever experienced. Brought my mother here yesterday 10/4/2023, 2pm. the E.R was packed with homeless people /drug addicts and their belongings (carts filled with bags). The worst emergency room I have ever been in, its was like I was walking through Kensington and allegheny
( a very heavy drug area) the waiting area was nasty trash and blood spots were everywhere. This place smelled like a Porta potty. The staff is rude not Professional at all . we was told there was already 150- 200 patients in the back. They were taking people urine cup stacking the cups in the corner in the waiting area where people sitting. They even placed people IV'S in /drawing bood , in the waiting room. Very unsanitary, After 7 hours of sitting, I myself along with my family members couldn't take another minute in here, I ask for the iv to be removed from my mom arm, because we was not happy how things were going which I added pics of them taking my mom iv out in the waiting room. 1 nurse did apologize to my mom about how things went and the filthiness. For this place to be in the middle of center city where tourists visit is a disgrace t our city By me giving 1 star is to much
30.10.2023 18:25
Yo, remember when Iverson said, “You talkin’ bout the practice?! Transfer those sentiments to the ER at Jefferson. No game… just practice. Maybe they send their students here to practice but wow, my brother needed meds after a surgical procedure and they said they would give him the meds and 3 hours later- nothing. It’s like a bad disco for walking sick people. Security at the door, folks waiting to be seen but the DJ stinks! Go anywhere but Jefferson!
30.10.2023 18:25
Just wondering if anyone else got an infection after inpatient surgery & went septic? I'm trying to find out if others have had this experience and how they're doing.
30.10.2023 18:25
If you need Hernia Surgery and you are considering Thomas Jefferson Hospital , think twice. No think 3 times to search for a better Hospital.. I had Hernia Surgery and will have Nerve damage the rest of my Life..
30.10.2023 18:25
I have to say I am really happy with Jefferson. Over the last 6 months, I've had to use Jefferson for a variety of reasons. As someone who doesn't like the medical system, I have to say that Jefferson has gone a long way to help me regain some confidence. Many people don't know how short staffed the entire medical system is in in the United States. This fact plus how unhealthy our country is, makes for a big problem. Anyway...Jefferson isn't without some small issues, but overall I am really happy with their doctors, nurses, the continuity of care, and the MyChart health portal where I can view all my results and communicate with the doctors. Thank you, Jefferson!
30.10.2023 18:25
First time ever visiting Philadelphia was to visit a family member in the ICU at TJUH, so our only priority was to see our loved one. Yes, there were some things that were questionable such as, the cleanliness but that ranks bottom of the list in comparison to the care our loved one received and for that, I am grateful. The staff (Alana and Melissa) were transparent and informative, and answered every question we had. The following day, we wanted to see our family member again before flying back home but wasn’t sure if we could because our flight was before visiting hours started. We took a chance and went to the hospital and Margarita(?) at security remembered us from the day before. She took it upon herself to call the unit to get an exception for us to visit before visiting hours officially started. She went over and beyond what she was required to do, she put herself in our position. She was determined, compassionate, empathetic, and selfless. Having to leave our loved one was difficult and emotional but we made sure to thank Margarita(?) before leaving and she went a step further by coming to give us a hug and to extend traveling grace and prayers for our family member. We will forever remember her kindness.
30.10.2023 18:24
The ER bathroom is disgusting. It would take no time to clean and disinfect it. Hard to believe that a place renowned for it medical advances cannot get basic cleaning of its rest room done. Cleaning is the 1st step to good medical care. First impressions matter!


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