57 Bayard Meat Market

New York City, 57 Bayard St A, New York, NY 10013


Good quality meats at affordable prices

- Great selection of prepared food at really cheap prices. $7 for 4 sides + rice. $2 for a large bowl of soup

- Very popular among this neighborhood, offers a wide variety of Asian foods, both cooked and uncooked. The staff is friendly enough, but can only do so much due the places popularity. Prices are average. This is a good place to buy some take out to take home or some fresh groceries as well.

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Reviews about 57 Bayard Meat Market

27.08.2023 06:34
I wanted to try cooking Chinese-style chicken feet at home and was looking for a grocery store that sells them. And this place does! (pics) Yay. So yeah, if you're looking for a grocery store in NYC that sells chicken feet...they do.

The fresh veggie selection is pretty solid as well....
27.08.2023 06:33
Bayard Meat Market is actually 2 stores in one. The meat market side has fresh meats cut and sliced for Chinese cooking. The staff is generally friendly and tries to be helpful. There are also prepared foods for quick reheatable meals. A selection of pantry items, sauces and condiments in the back of the store.

The sister store next door has fresh vegetables and seafood. It also has prepackaged pork and chicken if you don't feel like going next door to the meat market. Prices are fair, although cheaper prices can be had at Hong Kong Market.

Convenient location allows you to go to the bakery and Great Noodletown on the same block. Then just cross the street to grab M103 bus to go uptown or downtown.


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