Ahava Medical Flatbush, NY

New York City, 2555 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11210

Our location in Flatbush NY is a full service medical facility with a staff of over 120 health care professionals. The practice helps patients by utilizing the latest medical techniques and technology including aquatic therapy, speech & language therapy, and occupational therapy. We also provide patients with comprehensive internal medicine care, pediatric care, obgyn care, family care, psychiatry, physical therapy, and urgent care.





Physical Therapy


Vision Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Allergy & Immunology

Internal Medicine


Pain Management

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Reviews about Ahava Medical Flatbush, NY

14.11.2023 20:24
I dont know where the bad reviews are coming from, this is my first visit everyone was professional and respectful,. My doctor is DR .Adler.
14.11.2023 20:24
This is a lawless place.
Practitioners show up whenever. Frequently late.
They schedule patients for a specific time but don't see them til an hour later. This is mad disrespectful.
Very noisy building.
Very dilapidated building.
I guess the people are nice.
14.11.2023 20:23
Horrible place that exists solely to collect insurance money. Any medical professional working here should be ashamed with what they have chosen to do with their education & licensure. Do not be fooled into thinking you will receive any kind of quality care here.
14.11.2023 20:23
It was easy to get from my home in the Bronx, even though Ahava Medical is in Brooklyn. Staff and Doctors are pleasant and friendly. The Doctor's job was efficient and helpful. My son enjoyed the experience. Thank you.
14.11.2023 20:23
I love the care I received from my therapist Prajacta, she knows her craft one of the best therapist there is.
14.11.2023 20:22
I am totally satisfied with the service I am getting here, this my second time here I am so happy with all my trearments and the accomadation thanks to my therapist who is Prajakta she ia awesome thanks again.


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