The Mount Sinai Hospital

New York City, 1468 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029

The hospital was founded in 1852. One of the largest and best hospitals in the USA.

Treatment in more than 10 specializations.







Nephrology (kidney diseases)



Obstetrics and gynecology







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Reviews about The Mount Sinai Hospital

30.10.2023 16:59
Surgery recovery room on the 3rd floor has this Phillipino nurse called Michael, goes by Mikki. Very very rude, visibily angry, and does not give the care and attention to patient. Instead of doing his job as a nurse for what he gets paid for, goes around throwing attitude, zero professionalism, gossips, and monitors where the family is going. When He should be MONITORING the patient, calling family members when the patient is calling for them. The surgery department of Mt Sinai needs compassionate NURSES.
MUCHAEL OR MIKKI, if u are readung this, don't such be a blood sucking lazy bum, without the patients you don't get paid. Look for another job if u can't provide the care for critical patients.
30.10.2023 16:59
I was sent to the ER at Mount Sinai for seizures. The nurses and Drs said I wasn’t have seizures and that it was a psych issue. They did no testing to check to see the seizure. They wanted to do a C-T scan without contrast. I work in heath care, a C-T without contrast shows nothing unless you have been in a car accident. I live in New Jersey and drove 2 hours to come here. The nurses and doctors had no bedside matter. As a healthcare worker I would NEVER treat a patient how they treated me. I pray God protects all the current patients that are there in that hospital, to protect there life’s.
30.10.2023 16:59
My post keep getting deleted…. My mom passed away in this horrible hospital!!! She was treated with disrespect and neglect!!! I personally think she never had cancer and was treated like some lab experiment as they tried every chemotherapy treatment on her until she no longer couldn’t walk, talk or breathe etc!!! Racial discrimination and disparity is real when it comes to black woman getting treatment in the medical field. The truth will come out someday and to top it off I had to view my mom in a white bag as they had her laying in hospice…. I was told I couldn’t stay there at her last days to come back to her dead!!! My mom was the healthiest person I knew and when she step in this hospital that’s when she died !!! May god have mercy on y’all because I lost my mom heart because y’all was money hungry and evil !!!
30.10.2023 16:58
Terrible hospital I hurt my knee very bad at work. Came in a ambulance the EMT officer told me this hospital’s emergency room is the pits of hell her words! Boy she was right as I’m coming in with a leg injury they put me in a wheelchair to transport me through the hospital to the department I needed to be treated at. The lady who transferred me in my wheelchair was named maribel Peña well ms Peña was wheeling the wheelchair all crooked and hit a security guard with my bad leg so I then take out my phone and proceed to video record. Good thing I did because she literally crashed into a wall with my bad leg. Which I now know i have a torn ligament thanks to metropolitan hospital. They’ll be hearing from my lawyers in 24 hours
30.10.2023 16:58
El peor personal medico que he visto. Son racistas, groseros, mal educados, irresponsables e interezados. Los medicos mienten para que los pacientes se hagan los tratamientos y operaciones, despues quedas mal y dicen que es normal es debido al procedimiento. Hablen claro con los pacientes y uno decide sì hacer tratamientos o no. La vida es de uno nadie tiene que decidir, ni meter miedo, ni llamar a el paciente 20 veces al dia. Para completar lo unico que se puede hacer ante tanta mentira, humillaciòn y racismo simplemente es poner una queja a el seguro medico y a la asociaciòn de medicos. No hacen nada ni dan respuesta del caso. Todo esto conmigo que soy paciente de cancer, ellos que se la dan de humanitarios falsantes. Nunca debì haberme operado ahy. Lo peor! Actualización: Respondieròn a mi reseña pidiéndome mis datos y nunca me han llamado ni se han comunicado conmigo de ninguna forma. Increíble
30.10.2023 16:58
Exceptional care and expertise. From top-rated surgeons, doctors and nurses, to the custodians and cooks, every one is a trained professional with an outstanding attitude. Best care I ever received.
30.10.2023 16:58
My 89 year old aunt has been in the emergency room since Friday and hasn’t been given a room to date Monday 10/9/23. My uncle has pleaded with various doctors, staff members to put my aunt in a room and nobody has done anything to help. How does a hospital treat an elderly woman, a citizen of United States of America with so much disrespect! My aunt needs to stay on oxygen and needs rest and spending 4 night in the emergency is killing her! I am discussed and going to get the media on the situation. No hospital should treat our senior citizens with so much disrespect, it’s disgusting and not acceptable!
30.10.2023 16:57
Visited the emergency room yesterday morning. The doctors and nurses there were very helpful and friendly but the front desk staff was just outright rude, unorganized, impatient and seemed like they were unwilling to work. When patients come to the hospital they want to feel at ease and welcomed. Other then that the medical treatment was done accordingly and i appreciate the overnight doctors and nurses who attended me for my asthma. I truely thankyou.
30.10.2023 16:57
I recently underwent a cardiac procedure. The care was excellent. Everyone was attentive and committed to my well-being, from the physicians and nurses to the transporters and cleaning staff. Multiple checks made the possibility of a medical error impossible. I had complete confidence in the care I received. Mel Young , Nassau County NY
30.10.2023 16:57
Terrible condensending doctors, PA's, and nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital Upper East Sides main location Emergency Department. I've never been treated so badly and made even fun at by the PA'S and nurses at ANY hospital in New York City. Avoid this hell hole, and go to LENOX HILL HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT instead, at 130 East 77th Street, NY between Lexington and Park Ave.


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