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A voluntary, acute-care teaching hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital endeavors to provide excellent health care services in a compassionate and humane manner to the people who live and work in Brooklyn and its surrounding areas.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine, an ivy league medical school that is among the nation's best in patient care, medical education, and research. NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is the eighth campus of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which provides access to top-ranking physicians and comprehensive resources, including some of the best thought leaders in the medical field.

As a major teaching hospital, with nine graduate medical education residency programs and six fellowship programs, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is equipped with highly advanced medical equipment and technology. Our staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, technologists, and other dedicated employees stand behind the excellent reputation NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital has earned during the one hundred and 35 years it has served our community.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

My first time visiting this ER and I was so impressed. I came in with my 9.5 year old complaining about stomach pain; the staff from the point of checkin till I was able to take her home (because nothing serious found) were highly professional, courteous, organized, attentive and kind. Dr Taimur Ahmad, MD saw us and he was an absolute delight and so easy going. He was thorough and thoughtful and with my whiny and loud kid he was patient. Thank you for providing me with a peace of mind

I had a small surgery here today. All the nurses and doctors I met were great. Especially the nurse Ivana Dekic who worked at the recovery room. She is super friendly and helpful. I been to other hospitals before. For some nurses, nursing is a job that get paid. But Nurse Ivana, I truly feel she has passion and she does care about her patients.

It was super fast , I brought my niece into the emergency room because she hurt her arm and she is about to get an X-ray done . I checked myself in also they did a electrocardiography for me and we got here at 5 pm

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Reviews about NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

07.02.2024 15:14
I went to Methodist Hospital for the first time in twenty-plus years last week and it was a mistake. The last time I was there was in the early aughts. I sat in the ER while a blood infection spread up my arm and had a grey shirt ruined from the bloody puss spilled on me. I swore I would never go back. I should have listened to myself.
It deserves a one-star review, but at least I saw a doctor and a nurse found a vein on the first try. I have a bit of a complicated health history and the reason I was there was a little complicated. I figured that since Methodist has merged with NYP, one would get around the same quality of care at a satellite facility, as they would at Columbia or Cornell, but wow, was I wrong.

Prior to my waking nightmare at Methodist, I’ve been to the ER with gastrointestinal issues/pancolitis 5 times since February of this year, been hospitalized 3 times since then for the same reason, have long COVID, had COVID at least 6 times since February of 2020, have had 4 cervical spinal surgeries since 2016, and a myomectomy in 2021. I take a lot of medication, am a long-term pain management patient, and have a complicated health history.

After being in the ER waiting room for more than two hours (I know hospital ERs are busy, but we were pretty much the only people in the waiting room), while puking up deep intestinal bile, they finally called my name while I was in the bathroom. Instead of waiting for me to come out (less than a minute), they took someone in front of me, who could only say she just didn't feel well.

When I was seen, I had to explain to the triage nurse (who was also the security guard) what pancolitis was while she Googled it.

Once I taken back, the only reason I was seen by a Dr and given antinausea and pain medication is because my partner went to the desk every five minutes for almost an hour before I was seen. Once he went home, they ignored me.

Methodist is a jail hospital (obviously, people who have been arrested deserve to be treated for their medical ailments). There were at least 3 people handcuffed to their beds. Most of the other patients screamed and cried about abuse, when nurses and/or Drs tried to touch them. Each bed had an aide. Their only job was to watch each bed and the patient in it. They were not allowed to get up or liaise with nurses or Drs on behalf of the patients in their assigned beds. Once the vomiting stopped, I demanded to be allowed to leave as they weren't treating me. Security wouldn't let me leave without an okay from the nurses station.

I without going into too many details, I think I've painted enough of a picture describing why Methodist is horrible. I'm giving it 2 stars as I have very difficult veins. The nurse in the Methodist ER was able to find a vein on the first try.

You can see below that the hospital is trying to look like they're on top of complaints. I sent a complaint to that email on 8/23 and have yet to receive a response.

Don't treat patients like prisoners, treat patients with their at-home medicine, if possible, or something comparable (I was told to go home and get my medicine, while vomiting green intestinal fluid, BUT, I wasn't allowed to leave without permission), pay attention to patients (even if they don't have a white man to advocate for them), don't leave patients to languish in the ER, and don't try to save face with an email address.
07.02.2024 15:13
go in today for a stress test for my niece and they tell her she is not able to have a child with her in the waiting area and sent us downstairs. there are no signs saying this and what if she is unable to have someone watch her child? she is 2 days from delivery. this is not a family friendly hospital at all. so far in the past two months. my other daughter was in the emergency room coughing and having chest pains for over 3 hours without being seen. they were rude and unprofessional. I also work in a hospital and have never heard of such treatment. I am not sure what happened to the hospital of years ago with my mom's treatment as well as having my own child here.
07.02.2024 15:13
Don't go to the emergency room after midnight took my cousin Raul with chest pains And the triage nurse didn't give a damn and got hostile and called security on me when i said he needs a doctor the pains are getting worse then wasbut on a bed for almost 3hrs an employee yelled out nobody better flatline or hou going to DIE! also over 30 people seating there just hanging out and getting paid WOW not a nice place my cousin could have DIED we walked out after 3 1/2 hrs and took care of him Thank God.
18.11.2023 13:14
I want to preface this by saying this is my first one star review. I came to the pediatric ER at the NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital last month. I’m 20 years old and the rest of the patients at the time were children or infants. I felt incredibly dismissed and embarrassed by the staff, and overstimulated by the environment and had panic attacks throughout my entire stay (which they would not give me my prescribed medication for). I was given an IV and was told a nurse would come check on me in 45 minutes and the door to my room was closed. Nobody came to check on me for almost 2 hours and I was given no call button. Finally when someone came back, my anxiety was at an all time high from feeling trapped and not being taken seriously. The doctor proceeded to perform a pelvic exam (the first I’ve ever had) while I sobbed and hyperventilated. I acknowledge and understand that the nurses and doctors must’ve been overwhelmed and exhausted but I still feel violated and mistreated. From now on I’m just gonna bite the bullet and go uptown to Columbia every time I need treatment since the staff there treats their patients with respect and understanding.
18.11.2023 13:14
Requesting medical records is a nightmare. They don't pick up the phone. Online requests take 10 business days which isn't convenient and a very long process as some people need it urgently for surgery.
18.11.2023 13:14
If i can give them a zero i would. I gave birth here 3 years ago and the treatment was disgusting ; i was told my doctor is catching up on sleep when i told them i was ready to push then the students that were delivering my baby was taking too long to get her out mind you when i got her out they almost left a bloodclot in me . Yeah never will i ever go back there worst experience for a 1st time mother like myself
18.11.2023 13:14
I just left here my daughter injured her ankle and Dr. Andiye who is now a Pediatric Doctor was excellent, explained everything and also taught her how to walk in crutches. Emily NP was extremely excellent and treated us well, and even wheeled her out of the hospital. I gave birth to my daughter here in 2009 and received excellent treatment as well
29.10.2023 16:09
A friend told me how good the doctors are so I decided to try it for my pregnancy. First time calling nyp methodist and I couldn't believe just how rude the lady was. First I spoke to a pleasant person who transferred me to another when I told her I had private insurance and I was so angry and shocked how rude that lady was. R u kidding me?... will not even wait for me to explain... talk over me and shut me right in my tracks... well whether she is having a horrible day or not... I am out never to go there or call them again....
29.10.2023 16:09
I used to work here two years ago. The hospital’s great and everything. I loved working in my unit and all. I visited two weeks ago, and I observed that volunteer supervisors often mistreat their volunteers. When I was upstairs, Wendy— the supervisor, randomly observed and critiqued a volunteer for sitting around. She told her to be helpful and do something instead of sitting even though there was clearly nothing to do. I then asked the other volunteers who were also there later in the day, and they said she did the same thing to them too not even once but a couple of times. As a mom and a healthcare worker, I am deeply saddened by this. They are ONLY volunteers, they DO NOT work at the hospital. Not only because they are volunteers doesn’t mean that they have to be treated unfairly. The supervisors are no better than these volunteers. Everyone should be treated with respect regardless of age. Wendy and her colleagues should do so much better in handling people. They do not deserve to get paid if they treat volunteers disrespectfully. Let them take a break, and have some compassion towards these kids!
29.10.2023 16:09
My wife and I had a very good experience at Methodist for a planned C-section last April. The doctors and nurses were all amazing and we felt very well cared for. Room was nice. Lactation team was especially helpful!
29.10.2023 16:09
I'm starting to think Maimonides ER is better. Yes, you're there longer, but at least they have nurses check on you. My grandmother with diabetes and high blood pressure waited 5 hours to see a doctor. No nurses or anyone before then. Methodist ER looks all nice and organized but I didn't feel any sense of urgency or care from the staff.
29.10.2023 16:08
I have been going to this hospital for 30 years. It has declined in the worst way! I took my mom there tonight and not one doctor said anything to her in 5 hours. The nurse took her blood and that was it! While we were there seven ppl walked out and complained that they had not received care. One woman waited twelve hours for care. We had to keep asking nurses when someone was going to examine my mom just to have any communication. My mom was the eight person to walk out without receiving care! I've never seen anything like this. We will officially be going to NYU from now on. Shame on you NYP! If you're looking for emergency care for your or a family member please DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO New York Presbyterians Brooklyn!
29.10.2023 16:08
If I can give zero star I would I went to the Emergency room on 10/5/23 and looking from the outside it is ridiculous the way they treat the patients. The doctors are great. I was in bed 16 and a patient asked a nurse a question the nurse answered but kept going say all type of things that was not necessary so the patient told her ok no need to say all that, that nurse responded and say well don't and me now question then. This is so unacceptable I regret going there and will not go back there. When the patients curse they answer back the patients. We have to still stay on a professional level even if they curse us. Please go elsewhere for help
29.10.2023 16:07
This is my go to hospital, your emergency room experience is horrible, if your either a pediatric or adult patient, wait times will be extremely long no matter what. I recently had my baby and my experience was positive from beginning to end. So for giving birth they are extremely professional, caring and responsible, everything from the doctors to the maternity nurses. Hence the 4 stars


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