Tisch Hospital

New York City, 550 1st Ave., New York, NY 10016

At Tisch Hospital at New York Langeon, we care for people from all over New York and around the world. We take every precaution to ensure the convenience of patients and their families, and trust our experts to use a team approach to provide the best possible care.

At Tisch Hospital we have 725 beds to care for people who require an inpatient stay. We also have 66 state-of-the-art operating rooms, a state-of-the-art emergency department, an electrophysiology suite to care for patients suffering from abnormal heart rhythms, a pediatric intensive care unit, and a neonatal intensive care unit for our youngest patients.

Our medical specialties include:

cardiology, including care of heart and vascular diseases dermatology, including skin and cosmetic conditions endocrinology, including diabetes and other endocrine conditions gastroenterology, including digestive and gastrointestinal diseases hematology, including cancer, tumors and blood disorders infectious diseases neurology and neurosurgery, including disorders brain and nervous system obstetrics and gynecology, including reproductive and sexual health oncology, including inpatient care for the Perlmutter Cancer Center ophthalmology otolaryngology, including ear, nose and throat conditions pathology physical medicine and rehabilitation, including inpatient care for Rusk rehabilitation psychiatry , including mental and behavioral health conditions radiology and interventional radiology, including imaging services rheumatology, including bone, joint and muscle conditions and immune system disorders surgery, including general surgery, robotic surgery, orthopedic surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, vascular surgery and organ transplantation urology, including kidney, liver and urinary conditions

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Reviews about Tisch Hospital

30.10.2023 18:10
I have several reviews in one. The reason that I gave it a 2 is because the first experience was very pleasant, and very clean. I had to bring my mother here on June 12, 2023 until July 7,2023 but she was rushed to find an facility, and she was in 17 WEST. Although she did get 3 bed sores and several blisters, the nurses were mostly pleasant, and the rooms, floors etc were cleaned regularly (Several times a day)

Then because the facility was horrible (BRONX GARDENS REHABILITATION AND NURSING ,A CITIDEL COMPANY), so she is back. This time she was sent to 17 East and it is disgusting. I asked the nurse , is the maintenance was going to mop the floor or clean up, and I was told that they do not clean with patients in the room. That is disgusting. So I started cleaning myself with the Clorox and Alcohol wipes. Finally I started asking the maintenance to PLEASE clean the floor and he started doing it regularly. The doctor that she has this week is at best adequate but did not even want to check her, even though she stated that she believed that she had a stroke two days ago. The social workers Edouard/ and Marta are rude and disrespectful. I talked to Robert Valley from patient relations about construction being done 10 feet away from her room in this well over 100 year building, about asbestos concerns and his response was “Well I come here and I am not worried” the truth is, he should be because it is a long term concern . The makeshift Wall with the door that constantly opens is surely not protecting the patients from asbestos and every other entity that is in these ancient buildings. Patient relations is just here to patronize you and give you a false sense of security. There was a nasty patient care technician and two VERY NASTY NURSES. They brush it off.

There is a social worker MARTA WHO IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! She gave my mother discharge papers that included a sheet that said that she was in need of a Level 2 evaluation and wanted her to sign it. My mother waited for me to sign, and I CAN ATTEST TO THE FACT THAT SHE DID NOT HAVE A LEVEL 2 EVALUATION. I asked her what it was and she told me to cross it out. When she gave me the same paperwork yesterday that page was not given, Which means one of two things. Either she snatched it out, or today when the paperwork was printed it seen a need for a level 2 evaluation. She is the worse social worker in the hospital by far. So she then goes out the room talking about me to the nurses/ volunteers, and patient care techs. Grow up. She should be fired for her actions, but I am certain that this hospital does not care. I will NEVER BRING MY MOTHER BACK TO TISCH.
30.10.2023 18:10
Oh where do I began..My 78 year mom unfortunately had to have Thyroid surgery on Wednesday 9/27/23 . I was scared, nervous, and anxious. This was her first time having surgery. On top of that she suffers with schizophrenia. The staff was beyond awesome. Let me tell y'all my mom adored Dr.Patel. please if ever y'all need a surgeon I promise you he had impeccable patience, bed side manner. Dr.Patel is awesome. The nurses Peter and Clarissa Thank-You
you both for your patience. I am not forgetting Claudette the nurse before surgery. I hope that is your name please forgive me if I made a mistake. . Dr.Patel has an awesome team.NYU thank you all for making my mom's stay comfortable, and most importantly thank you for treating her like a person and special. I can't say Thank-You to everyone enough Thank-You Thank-You Thank-You Celeste
30.10.2023 18:10
Very rude the security . Noone was in the front to check in visitors and waited for over an hour. All I had to do was pick my mom up from recovery . I don't know why 4 security people there to check people . All they do is just sit or stand and stare at each other and gossip. The hospital need to a organize and show more courtesy towards people
30.10.2023 18:09
My father had unbelievably great experience with Dr Roland with his ear surgery and Donna the secretary these people are A+
30.10.2023 18:09
I am a parent and I speak Bangali and English. My child Rayhan Bari Ahmed has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. On October 4, 2023 an accident took place front of District 75 school, located 400 1st Ave. My son was punched in the stomach by a black person and I called the police and ambulance immediately. Bystander people watched my son crying and touching his stomach. An unknown establishment unit squad has been harassing and targeting my child for a very long time by the government workers who feel they entitle to my child’s body and his position. On October 4th my son Rayhan Bari Ahmed was admitted to the emergency and the medical staff members and NYU Langone Health Security officers held my son Rayhan Ahmed hostage for many days due to political reason. The hospital quietly standard did not provide the comfort or did not meet Medical Attestation Form. This form literally restricted and did not validated my son future needs in the hospital. I observed social worker Kendera and patient access who controlled policies and did not ensure my child will go home with me. My son safety was being controlled by the NYU Langone Health brand and existing future policy that psychologically impacted my child and I. My son Rayhan Bari Ahmed did not come with me and I don’t have no idea where my child is currently is living or his status. I was forced and social worker used ACS and mental hygiene to take my son away from me. This corruption NYU Langone Heath has utilized for a long time and my child had no choice other then stay in the hospital with strangers he did not know. As a parent I observed faculty members from NYU Langone Health where in favor and they happen to continue to work in the hospital for the same employee. I was forced to leave by the police officers who showed up from different precinct and did not have their camera on. NYU Langone Health officers have contract with the institution does not give the patient or the parent guarantee safety from the medical staff members. Overall, doctors found a way to betray languages and carry health benefit as product, furthermore it did not protect “Bill of Patent Right”. Therefore, robust employee has manipulated the system by hijacking the system to enhance pediatric association. The physician do not get audited or viewed by any other parties, but the board members allow them to practice this type of behavior towards the patients and the parent. I am very unhappy and my son was forced to be with with someone else other then me. The NYU Langone Health facultyy members should be fire from their position!


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