VA NY Harbor Healthcare System

New York City, 423 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

New York's health care system is committed to improving the health of the men and women who have so proudly served our nation. We consider it our privilege to serve your healthcare needs to the best of our ability. Services are available to veterans living in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

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Reviews about VA NY Harbor Healthcare System

30.10.2023 14:55
Was just here last week and the staff was attentive and caring. Better care then just about any private hospital system I have been to that I can recall.
30.10.2023 14:55
I would give this VA zero stars if I could which is sad because I thought the Brooklyn VA was the worst but this one is really giving it a run for its money. I’ve been trying to make an appointment with radiology for over a month and have only successfully spoken to someone ONCE but I was told that she would need to confirm with my doctor before scheduling me and I should expect a call back soon. That was two weeks ago and I’ve called many times since with no response from either radiology or the women’s clinic. And now I’m supposed to manage to get my doctor to resubmit the order when I can’t contact anyone???
30.10.2023 14:54
This is by far one of the worst VA hospitals I have visited. As somebody who spent a good part of my six years for this country, the medical care I received was worse than from a third-world country. Good that I am still capable of fending for myself. With the way they treat the veterans, I am seriously worried for some of our senior vets.

I visited the facility in early October for a routine checkup, and to prescribe the medications for my heart condition. Fast forward two weeks, not only did I get the WRONG medication (I asked for an extended-release version, yet I got the short-acting version), the seal on the bottle cap was also torn open. When I inquired for the right one, the nurse Elsa Trumata tried to say they were the same. I am pretty sure the ER version is for heart failure vs. the SA version for more of a heart attack. But the VA is quick to send bills for the medications. Now I am sitting here a month later, still no medication. At least I can still afford private insurance, imagine some of the senior citizen veterans who can only rely on the VA for treatments.


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