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Fashion store Hugo Boss in New York


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Reviews about BOSS Shop NYC

02.02.2024 14:50
I have spent almost 20k on my BOSS clothes, bought in the US and abroad. Clothes are good in quality and usually you get great service, which is very important when you are buying designed clothes. However, today was a strange day; I went to Sachs 5th Avenue in New York to help one of my colleagues to purchase designed men suit. They didn’t have the right number but salesperson Khylah did her best to find the right number at Macy’s. We immediately went there because the business meeting is tomorrow. To my huge surprise we were welcomed (or unwelcome) with the wrong items and salesperson at Macy’s didn’t even bother to be of service. Quite opposite!

He tried to argue with me that they do not have these numbers, being extremely impolite and very arrogant. After I almost left, he “sort of” found the right jacket.
I told them that this kind of service you can’t even get at Walmart anymore, not to mention BOSS. Horrifying experience, really.
We got the jacket, but had to go back to Saks 5th Av to get proper service from Khylah and avoid being treated like dogs.

We got pants there and thanks to her avoided problems with getting good attire for our business meeting tomorrow. Thanks to this person, we managed to get what we paid for, but really wonder if I will ever buy at BOSS, after that horrible customer service at Macy’s. And yes, for my money (and amount I spend) I want to get great purchase and great service too! THANK YOU KHYLAH FOR YOUR PROFESSIONALISM!


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