Deluxe Meat Market

New York City, 122 Mott St, New York, NY 10013


- Authentic Chinese grocery supplies and prepared food including roast duck/pork/chicken and home style Chinese dishes and bakeries.

- Their selection of meats is quite good...however, $5.89 per lb of pork butt is quite high.

- Have been shopping in this place since the 1990s, always crowded. Very hard to get service at the hot food counter. The bakery now pre-packaged foods so customers just pick up without waiting for help. Tables here should be removed to help with the flow of crowds. The hot food counter should do the same so people don't have to wait for service and created a crowded situation, just to get customers out the door. Management should solve the persisted over-crowding problem decades ago Edited: Most cooked foods are too salty, including scallion chicken. This wasn't the case in previous years.

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Reviews about Deluxe Meat Market

13.04.2023 13:28
good store


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