Schweiger Dermatology Group – Flatiron

New York City, 21 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011

Schweiger Dermatology Group provides medical and cosmetic dermatology services to patients of all ages at our Flatiron location.

Schweiger Dermatology Group – Flatiron is located at 21 W. 19th Street between 5th Ave and 6th Ave in the Flatiron District of Midtown Manhattan. Our office is in the middle of the block on the Uptown side of W. 19th Street. We are across the street from Muji.

About Schweiger Dermatology Group

Schweiger Dermatology Group was founded to help make excellent dermatology care accessible throughout the Northeast. In 2010, Dr. Eric Schweiger started the practice with a single location in Midtown Manhattan. When he saw the need for high-quality dermatology care that did not require weeks or months of waiting to see a qualified provider, his vision of a multi-location practice was born.

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Reviews about , услуга Schweiger Dermatology Group – Flatiron

15.11.2023 19:13
Dr Jamal and her staff are amazing. I felt both heard and seen, and everyone made sure that I was well informed of all procedures and products prescribed to me, including the pros and cons. I am very pleased with the outcome. I have already scheduled my next appointment.
15.11.2023 19:13
Provider Jamal is rude and very short with you. Front desk staff inconsiderate and rude. There’s a flood in nyc but still I made it to my appointment literally 17 minutes late and the front desk lets me know she can see if I can be seen since I’ve missed the 15min grace period. If I’m early I’m waiting for at least 30 mins after my appointment time and they have to see if they can see me when I’m late due to severe weather conditions. No consideration at all, they have me wait in the waiting area for an hour just for me to sit and speak with the provider for 10 mins and for to tell me she BELIEVES I have a specific skin condition. I didn’t like my first visit and I should’ve learned my lessen then. Don’t waste your time here
15.11.2023 19:13
Dr. Jamal is very rude and dismissive. Please don’t disregard the negative reviews they’re true. I left a review back went i went there last month never again. Everyone else is sweet. The wait time is terrible. Waited almost an hour to be seen so she can tell me things I can look up on google.
15.11.2023 19:13
I've been here twice. Both appointments were fine. The issue came when I was billed after the second visit for a full on appointment when I went for an annual skin screening (that is covered by insurance). I confirmed with the office ahead of time that it would be covered, only to later receive a bill from Schweiger. Apparently they aren't able to process "preventative visits." Dealing with the billing department is horrible. They've just lost my business.


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