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New York City, 1312 38th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

As Brooklyn's definitive healthcare innovator, Ezra is continually refining quality of care. Our 360° Care platform is a recent example of such thinking, bringing your health full circle with careful coordination among all your medical professionals. Ezra also offers the unique advantage of having all medical services available under one roof.

To further surround you with care, we've also rounded out our services to include a growing number of medical specialties that meet your healthcare needs at every turn of life: from birth to childhood to golden years.

Internal Medicine
Pediatric Dentistry
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Physical Therapy

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Reviews about Ezra Medical Center

14.11.2023 20:59
Dr. Ilana Pister at Ezra Medical is an absolute gem! Her exceptional care and unwavering dedication to our newborn baby were beyond our expectations. She went out of her way, even on weekends, providing personal details for emergencies. Dr. Pister's golden heart and genuine compassion truly set her apart. We are forever grateful for her extraordinary care. Highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Pister, you are the absolute best!!!!
14.11.2023 20:59
I decided to go to Ezra because it's walking distance to my apt. With Covid and wfh, it seemed smart not to travel to Manhattan. I went to get my normal blood tests done for the annual checkup. The NP I saw was clueless when I mentioned tests I normally do at my PCP's office, even after I showed her what they are from my patient portal. So I came back with lab orders. They saw the lab orders and said these are unusual tests and their lab cannot handle them.
14.11.2023 20:59
If I had to sum up my overall experience with EMC with one word, it would be "ignored." While this all occurred this past May, I'm only now really suffering the consequences of the poor care I received.

I started with a GP visit with Darleen (very kind), had some labs done, and then referred to GI health and behavioral health.

I was told for behavioral health that the impending summer meant a lot of schedule clear out and I could look forward to a call soon to set something up. I take medication for this stuff, I don't just need therapy. I never got that call.

I also started seeing Dr. Leb (gastro) as I've been suffering with mysterious GI issues my entire life. His modality is drilling you with questions, giving very general advice, and not actually drawing conclusions himself. I did what the internet told me to do: keep a food journal. I tracked everything, but he expressed no interest in actually seeing it, just asked "oh did that tell you anything?"

We all know what you have to do when you see a GI and don't have a colonoscopy. It's awful and very embarrassing. When I dropped my sample off to be sent to the lab, the nurses gave me the most disgusted looks and response.

Two weeks go by and I hear nothing, so on the third week, I called. The nurse said they've had my results for a while, but he wasn't in to read them. This then turned into a total of SIX (6) weeks of me calling and trying to get a response. With each week, I was given inconsistent information on which time to call for him to actually respond to me.

Within this time, I also left a message for Darleen to see if she could refill my medication as I was running out--with yet again no response.

By the time Dr. Leb did finally get back to me, I was already able to see my lab results on the LabCorp website, but I didn't know what it all meant. When he called, there was no acknowledgement that he had made me wait a total of EIGHT (8) weeks to hear my results. He gave me a clean bill of health and had nothing else to offer but a colonoscopy. I'm 29.

This is a long review, but this only partially captures how grueling and belittling this experience was. I could never in good conscious recommend this center to anyone who wants doctors that actually care. I'm now suffering even more than before with not much to off of. Thanks, Dr. Leb!
14.11.2023 20:59
Dr. Lazer Leifer at Ezra Medical is the absolute best! Even though I live in Westchester County and work in Manhattan I still drive to Brooklyn to see him. Dr. Leifer understands how important the doctor/patient relationship is. In times where the most important thing is to move on to the next patient, he takes his time to talk to you and really understand your concerns. It was amazing to be truly heard by a doctor. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I felt safe with him as my doctor.
14.11.2023 20:59
I want to thank Dr. Jeffries and his wonderful staff at Ezra Medical Center for taking such great care of me today as I needed to have an emergency dental procedure done. I haven't been to a dentist in quite some time and my anxiety level was through the roof. Dr. Jeffries was very gentle and informative. Thank you


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