Halal Nouri Meat Market

New York City, 1257 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

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this spot is great!! needed 6 lbs of lamb shoulder, he grabbed the lamb from the meat locker and got me exactly what i needed (and threw in some neck meat and extra fat for soup). if i’m going to buy meat, i only want it treated like they do it here! i’ll definitely be coming back :)

Very Professional, Meat Is Always Fresh, Very Clean Establishment, Lovely Family Owned Business! Mashallah

Great halal butcher shop. They carry amazing Palestinian olive oil too!

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Reviews about Halal Nouri Meat Market

05.02.2024 15:28
Visited Nouri halal meat market and was thoroughly impressed. The store was extremely clean, offered a great selection of fresh Meats, the owner was very genuinely kind and helpful.
05.02.2024 15:28
Great place to grab some traditional Sudanese food!
05.02.2024 15:26
Clean store, fresh and well cut meat, and hospitable employees.
07.06.2023 12:44
Nice store


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