Community Healthcare Network Long Island City

(718) 482-7772
New York City, 36-11 21st St Suite #1, Long Island City, NY 11106

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Reviews about Community Healthcare Network Long Island City

16.11.2023 14:39
An absolutely incompetent and terrible office. Literally go anywhere but here. They move incredibly slow. You go in for a 4:00 appointment and you don’t get seen until 5:30. The doctor doesn’t even do a physical exam on you. It was a 1.5 hour wait for a 5 min chat. Because you went in so late, the lab closed, so truly a useless visit. The doctor never puts in the orders. I was supposed to get a vaccine. I show up on time. I wait for 30 min. They make me take a pregnancy test. All this, to find out that 1) the doctor did not put in the order and 2) they ran out of that vaccine. This office does not care about your time. This has happened to me multiple times. The worst doctor there is Dr. Rishikesh P. Dalal. He never places any of your orders and wastes your time by doing nothing for you.
16.11.2023 14:39
Worst place to have as primary care. Drs are never working, appts are made for months. Treatment is inconclusive etc. Don’t wast your time!
16.11.2023 14:38
I’ve been here a few times now, they’ve been very helpful this is where I also signed up for low cost Empire Blue cross insurance.


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