Mermaid Spa Русская баня в Sea Gate

(347) 462-2166
New York City, 3703 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

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Great Spa. It’s clean and nice, and the food is very delicious

Good sauna and and wonderful food

Basic but great steamrooms AND an ice room. wish they had chaise loungechairs but I guess they don't have the room

Очень хорошая баня, пар получается разогнать до высокой температуры!) еду не пробовал, чай вкусный)))

Enjoyed my time at Mermaid. The entire experience was fantastic & very relaxing

I’ve been going to this Banya my entire life with my father since I was 5 years old. I’ve been here 100s of times (literally 100s) and I have to say. This is my favorite Banya. The Mermaid Spa staff are really cool and friendly. Oh don’t get me started on their food. They got the BEST pelmini. Those Pelmini are absolutely amazing. I wish I knew their secret haha. Anyways I visited the Sauna with 3 of my friends earlier today and it was their first time in this specific Banya.

They loved it! They kept telling me how happy they were that I showed them this place. It’s only been 3 hours since I left and I already miss this place. If I can come here every week, I 100% would. Anyways I apologize for such a late review. I should’ve left it years ago. Also my apologies for the pelmini confusion earlier today. This review is getting long now so I’ll just finish it with saying how much I love the Jacuzzi! The design looks pretty new and it’s super clean. I 100% recommend this Banya! Also shoutout to Yura (our waiter). You’re awesome!

Excellent banya! 4 rooms, 200+F, nice and hot. Food is delicious but expensive. Main room large and open; does get crowded and needs more TVs (& chess boards). Will visit again. Do recommend to others.

I used to come here as a kid and loved it. Since then they've become so expensive. And you only get 4hours and the food quality got worse. I can t say I'm happy I'm giving it 3stars only because I remember how good it once was.


Mermaid Spa, located in the Seagate neighborhood of South Brooklyn, has a reputation for being the best Russian bathhouse in New York and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker magazine. The bathhouse has three Russian steam rooms, a dry sauna, Turkish bath, two ice-water pools, a Jacuzzi, and several other relaxing amenities inside a lodge-like wooden hall. You can also book a traditional ‘platza’ service which involves a whole-body massage using a birch ‘venik.’ “We wanted to create an environment that was similar to an authentic Russian bathhouse, or ‘banya.’ Marble is cold, so we used wood and centuries old techniques for generating the highest quality steam, so you can get a true Russian ‘banya’ experience.” — Zina and Boris Kotlyar and Joseph Feldsherov, Mermaid Spa Owners

Mermaid Spa, расположенный в районе Seagate в Южном Бруклине, имеет репутацию лучшей русской бани в Нью-Йорке и был показан в New York Times, Wall Street Journal и в журнале New Yorker. В бане есть три русские парные, сухая сауна, турецкая баня, два бассейна с ледяной водой, джакузи и несколько других расслабляющих удобств внутри деревянного зала, похожего на лоджию. Вы также можете заказать традиционную услугу "парка", которая включает в себя массаж всего тела с помощью березового веника. "Мы хотели создать обстановку, которая была бы похожа на настоящую русскую баню. "Мрамор холоден, поэтому мы использовали дерево и многовековые технологии для получения высококачественного пара, так что вы можете получить настоящий русский опыт "бани".— Зина, Борис Котляр и Иосиф Фельдшеров, владельцы Mermaid Spa

Посещение и Дополнительные услуги

Для взрослых – $50,00
Для пожилых граждан – $40,00
Для детей – $45.00

(Дети ниже 50 дюймов в высоту не допускаются).

Скраб для тела (только внутри парной) – $70
Мытье тела (только внутри парилки) – $60
Парка – $50
Парка с мылом (только в парилке) – $60

Birch Room – $60

Подарочный сертификат:

Подарочный сертификат может быть использован для оплаты входных билетов, еды, напитков и любых услуг, предлагаемых в спа-салоне Mermaid. Он также может быть использован для покупки наших абонементов.

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Reviews about Mermaid Spa Русская баня в Sea Gate

06.02.2024 17:04
A little bit outdated, the time limit is not fun! Only 4 hours. You're given # of towels, on top of that you have to carry towels with you, and when they get wet they charge you a $1 per dry towel. I've been in so many Russian bath houses, you give a wet towel and get a dry one free. We ordered tea, by the time we came out from the steam room everything was removed from the table! To your response! It was a gift!!! Not purchase.
06.02.2024 17:04
I love this spa. It is $50 per person for 4 hours. There is a jacuzzi , 2 sauna rooms, a steam room, a cold plunge pool , I have gotten a massage by Ella Everytime I have gone and felt amazing ! They also serve food, I always get a tea , bread with butter and a big bowl of Borscht !
06.02.2024 17:03
The sauna and the ice cold water is very good 4/5 , the food is hella expensive , 12 $ for small cup of fries is a bit too much i think ,the fries isnt even that good smh , free wifi which is good , customer service is bad , yellin …
06.02.2024 17:03
Do something with the receptionist.
I tried to call the banya 3 times today , the lady put me on hold 3 times , 15-20 min each and then just hung out on me . I wasn't to be able to say a single word . And during that time (i heard what's going on there over the speaker) she served around 10 new customers , but apparently not me.
06.02.2024 17:03
Отношения сотрудники не приятно. Телефон не работает. Думаю специально чтоб люди платили онлайн. А возврат то не 100%.

Есть плюсы: парковка почти всегда есть, джакузи, места для отдыха побольше, есть комната с ледяными, на улице есть места для отдыха.
06.02.2024 17:01
Great experience. As a fitness trainer and physical therapist, I enjoyed the diversity of temperature changes. I initially came to rehab my legs of soreness from the gym and just overall enjoyed the whole experience. I haven’t had the food. I did glance at the menu and saw that it was a bit expensive but overall, I felt much better afterwards. Locker room is a bit tight once packed with a lot of ppl but nothing to complain about. Pricing is great.

For a location that’s pretty much in the “cut” of Brooklyn, you can expect a thorough experience. I’m a raw, natural, nature loving king of guy so it did the job well for me. I came here to heal and rehab and I did just that. Staff showed me around for the first time and made me feel welcomed. Thank you.

I haven’t had the massage as yet but I definitely will be back GOD willing
22.04.2023 16:49
Great Russian bath house. It has all the essentials without the frills! Food is great too. Weekdays are best for visits!


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