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At NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi, we offer the best of care – in the best of places. You can count on us for state of the art medical care, delivered with compassion, dignity, and respect. Many of our physicians are recognized leaders in important clinical research, thereby assuring our patients of the latest advancements in treatment options. From preventive medicine such as annual examinations and screenings, to comprehensive pediatric care, nutrition, and vaccinations, to cutting-edge specialty services, Jacobi provides you and your family with first class care in a wide range of services and specialties.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Jacobi Medical Center is one of the few Public hospitals that has distinguished itself from all public hospitals in New York. The environment looks hospitable, the hospital administrators up and doing and so a lot of people prefer it to other hospitals.

I delivered a baby 3 months ago, all staff in the delivery room was GREAT !


Wonderful place, clean and super neat, doesn't smell like the traditional hospital smell. Oh and some of the staff too are very wonderful. God bless Dr kaban and her team.

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Reviews about NYC Health + Hospitals-Jacobi

18.11.2023 18:28
Honestly the dirtiest hospital I have ever been to!! The bathrooms had poop smeared all over and the hospital floors and rooms were filthy. Don't let the outside fool you. This place was the most unsanitary hospital in NY! Also, NO aftercare is available. I've been calling since 9 AM it is now 12 PM and it keeps ringing and hangs up!! Cannot even discuss my results with anyone because no one answers. Had to do a video call with an urgent care so they can prescribe a medication based on the lab results that this hospital sent me. HORRIBLE!! DO NOT GO HERE

The only nice thing about this place was the Night shift doctor that I got and the nurses which were friendly! Other than that would NOT recommend.
18.11.2023 18:27
The emergency room taking hrs to call one it seems they only have 1 nurse that call a patient every 3 hrs smh
29.10.2023 18:11
The city should do something about bridging Emergency care in the Emergency room of Jacobi. I too have had HORRIBLE experiences in Jacobi's ER. The first time I came via Ambulance, I was gushing blood from my vagina all while being 6 months pregnant with twins. Once I got there EMS pushed me the side while trying to grab a nurse to check me in and let them know of the situation. Not one personal seemed concerned. I even overheard one nurse telling another medical member that I was having an "active miscarriage" all the while I could feel at least one of my babies kicking.
EMS guys were sweethearts for bringing me upstairs to labor and delivery after the nurse stated I would be waiting down here longer for a transport if they didn't take me. Once upstairs, the medical team assisted me pronto. The high risk doctors kept me informed and educated me on my diagnoses, process, etc. My babies were both ALIVE and doing ok! So that was the better experience I had at the ER.
The second time I came, it was about a week or two later, again via ambulance due to vaginal bleeding, this time the EMT were not so generous to take me upstairs so I had to wait for transporter. I was so embarrassed and frightened when I had to move from the stretcher to a wheelchair and wait for the transporter. To see the sheets wet and stained red with my blood is not something I'll be forgetting soon. Transporter eventually came after 10 minutes and once I got upstairs to labor and delivery I received the prompt care that I thought I should've gotten in the ER.
In this case, being six months pregnant with twins and actively bleeding and losing a lot of blood, to the point of potentially needing a blood transfusion. It's disappointing to have the ambulance take me to the nearest hospital and the staff is walking around like a Sunday brunch. Then have to WAIT for a transporter is INSANE! When I'm pregnant and my life and along with 2 babies lives are on the line. Critical seconds could mean all the difference in life and death or a long term condition that could negatively affect the quality of life of you and or babies. I believe Jacobi can and must do better. To serve their patients and their communities with a much better quality.
Also I really want to give kudos to the labor and delivery staff. Everyone from the high risk doctors, to the nurses, and midwives. They were all really helpful and nice. The type of service I've received is like night and day from the ER. Almost feels like two different hospitals.
Hopefully my comment/rant helps more than I want it to hurt the hospital.
29.10.2023 18:10
This hospital has the worst communication ever!
Their operating system is absolutely terrible.
When you call the person on the phone tells you one thing, then when you go in person you find out it's something else! If possible, avoid this hospital at all costs as they will deceive you.
The people at the front desk are absolutely disgusting and rude. This hospital lacks in kindness, communication, etc. I used to love Jacobi but after this run around with some papers I need, I don't think I'll come back.
Absolutely will be filling a complaint to the NYC
Department Of Health.
29.10.2023 18:10
Las atenciones en la emergencia son de primera desde la doctora, personal de seguridad y demás profesionales, son realmente buenas atenciones. Gracias
29.10.2023 18:10
Criminal Activity. Unsanitary and Unprofessional A third World environment,,horrible Hospital. If you Care about yourself or a Loved one ,Please
-do not admit yourself- or any loved one go to Jacobi Hospital. If you or any loved one is fortunate enough to discharge you/or any loved one will be destined to another Hospital visit suffering from the same or a different Medical issue within the foreseeable future-Guaranteed. The nurses are very

Be well people Stay away from Jacobi Hospital aRude and below standard educationally. This Hospital needs a federal investigation. This Hospital needs to be Closed down . Simple and direct.PeriodStay away from Jacobi Hospital atoll cost
29.10.2023 18:09
The staff demand respect, but how do they ask for respect if you arrive first and they let 7 people pass before you? and what they tell you is that older people go first, so young people are not people. that is not fair
29.10.2023 18:09
The ER is clean and attentive, these nurses are running around caring for all of their patients. There is a wait time which is expected in any emergency room. I would come back again.
29.10.2023 18:09
My mother came here for surgery on her leg for blood clots. When she arrived to this hospital she was healthy no medical issue except for the her problems on the her. Leg. They took her into the surgery room while they was doing the surgery they say something went wrong they ten took her to the operation room and she passed away there. Please don't take any love one to this hospital
29.10.2023 18:08
Hide your clothes, hide your bra!!!! I want to start by stating that I asked for a bag for my belongings from the moment I was told to change into a gown. I never got a bag until I returned from my CT scan to my stretcher, sweater, and bra missing. I had a feeling that I should’ve taken all my belongings with me but the guy who was transporting me said there’s no room to move my stretcher in the hallway. I said that I’m going take my clothes and he insisted that it would be ok and I will be quick. I came back to my sweater and bra missing and my nurse scrambled to find my sweater (which was SURPRISINGLY IN A PLASTIC BAG THAT I REQUESTED). I didn’t realize that my bra was missing until I was discharged (I was on medication by that point). Wait, THERE IS MORE!!!

As I’m waiting to take my CT, the gentleman flushed my IV with saline and I’m waiting for a nurse. As I’m under the machine, he states: “were you given a liquid medication before coming here?” I haven’t ate or drank ANYTHING AND I WAITED HOURS FOR MY CT. The man told me to go back to my nurse, drink the medication, and wait an hour before returning for my CT. So as I’m requesting my missing clothes, I’m also stating that need the medication. I tried to be empathetic because they are clearly short staffed but I’m also in pain and my experience is inexcusable. Thank GOD that I didn’t need to get emergency surgery in that location!!

I gave a second star because my night nurse was amazing. He walked me to get my CT when I told him that my timer for an hour went off and he tried to help me find my bra. To the bum who stole my bra, I hope the underwire stabs you!
29.10.2023 18:08
Having a family member in this hospital is a nightmare. Nursing staff are very incompetent and have a nasty, rude manners to speak to without any professionalism. Doctors seems like they don't know what they do. If you have any family admitted in this hospital, you should show up and let them know you care about your family, otherwise they don't even show to the patient 's room and let them unattended. This hospital is should be qualified below cero. State sh


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