Oasis Cafe Brooklyn

New York City, 2689 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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I enjoyed my Bourbon County Stout with their tasty dishes. Yes it’s BYOB place. Food is quite good. The manager (I assume) is very pleasant and accommodating and making sure all customers were taken cared of. Will come back to this place.

My bf and i have been coming here for lunch nearly every weekend now for the past month. Food is authentic and absolutely delicious, the workers are very sweet and attentive, and the prices are reasonable unlike some other Uzbek locations. If you come, you MUST try their Lagman soup!!!

Great food great atmosphere great people that own it.

Посещал это кафе два раза, и оба раза остался доволен как качеством блюд, так и обслуживанием. Чисто и уютно, 1000% вернусь сюда ещё не однократно и буду рекомендовать всем друзьям!

Food is very tasty! Serving staff is very polite and friendly! Keep up the great job!

We had a fascinating meal with friends who are Ukrainian and Russian. They did all the ordering by text in Russian with instructions to show the text to the waiter, before they arrived so we didn't have much of idea of what we were getting.

We did put the text into Google translate, but that only provided a vague idea of what we were getting. I added cheese dumplings to their order because I was curious about them. They order two delicious soups for us to taste. One was a clear broth with lamb and veggies that was more tart. The other was tomato base with noodles. I think that's the lagman. They got they ordered steamed manti: four large lamb filled dumplings. Nice tender dough and tasty filling with lots of onions. Also a couple of baked meat pie in a laminated dough similar to an empanada. We had so much food that we took these home. They ordered a pilaf with beef and a typical Uzbek bread that is cooked in a tandoor oven.

They ordered 3 kinds of shish-kabob: chicken, beef, and lamb. They were all good but my favorite was the seasoned ground lamb skinless sausage looking ones. The restaurant doesn't serve alcohol. We had compote which is a drink that is made by boiling fruits with a bit of sugar and water. It was nice not too sweet. The cottage cheese were sweet. They were the size of pelmeni but with a smooth cheese filling similar to a blintz. I also took these home and enjoyed them immensely with sour cream and poached cherries. The staff was very hospitable and efficient. And they were very patient with us since we didn't speak Russian. It seemed that most of the other guests were.

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Reviews about Oasis Cafe Brooklyn

07.02.2024 16:16
I often come here to eat. Food is very authentic and always wonderfully and deliciously prepared! Service is impeccable and prices are fair. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!
18.12.2023 21:34
Excellent food , although no senior discount
18.12.2023 21:33
Delicious food, good prices !
Nice clean place
18.12.2023 21:33
Great menu selection, great service. Very authentic and very delicious. Highly recommended.
13.04.2023 15:52
Good cafe where there is most delicious food


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