Fresh Orthodontics

New York City, 385 4th Ave #2, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Fresh Orthodontics is an independently owned practice where you’ll get personalized care, top-notch service, and treatment designed for real life (think texting, digital tech, 3D-printed appliances, virtual check-ins). Our Brooklyn office is comfortable and modern with thoughtful touches aimed at making visits a bright spot in your day.

You can sit back and relax while orthodontic specialist Dr. Ankush Khanna creates a custom treatment plan based on your unique facial anatomy. The result: A health-promoting, impression-making smile that highlights your best features – which are all of them, of course.

Hi. I’m Dr. Ankush Khanna. Long before I started Fresh Orthodontics, I was a shy teenager with “Bugs Bunny” teeth. I was self-conscious about my smile so I hid it and tried to stay in the background. Underneath all of my insecurities, I was an extrovert who wanted to connect with people but I didn’t have the confidence to reach out.

Orthodontic treatment was life-changing for me. When my braces came off, I felt self-assured and ready to go after my goals. I became an orthodontist to help others experience the same benefits.

With an extensive education from UPenn and NYU, and considerable clinical and teaching experience, my top priority is providing outstanding, personalized care for every patient.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Adult with regular braces here, I’ve been going to Dr Khanna for over a year and I am so impressed with the results that I’ve seen in that time. When I first started looking for braces or Invisalign to fix my midline and bite, other orthodontists made me feel like what I wanted to achieve was either stupid, impossible or so simple. I just had to meet Dr Khanna to understand that my goals were reasonable and achievable, and he explained to me how. I believe he is the best at what he does. He’s kind, thorough and prioritizes his patients’ results. That does mean that he is pretty heavily booked and he takes his time with each patient. I enjoy overhearing Dr Khanna talk with and explain thoroughly with each patient their process because it’s clear he really cares. If you’re going to invest longterm in your teeth, Dr Khanna is a very good investment.

I don't often go out of my way to write reviews, but I had a really positive experience with Fresh Orthodontics. I did invisalign treatment with Dr. Khanna starting last year. He was very kind and attentive and the staff are very friendly. I unfortunately was not able to complete my full treatment with him because I was traveling and ended up moving out of New York. The office very kindly refunded me the difference and despite not being able to complete my treatment, I'm very happy with how my teeth came out. Out of all the ortho consultations I had (5 total) Dr. Khanna was the most attentive and helpful and made sure to answer any questions I had. I would happily recommend him!

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Reviews about Fresh Orthodontics

22.11.2023 13:34
Much overdue review. My children have been with Dr Khanna's office since my oldest needed to straighten his teeth, currently working on my second and I'm sure we will be bringing my youngest here soon as well. Dr Khanna's extremely knowledgeable and answers questions/concerns thoroughly and work with the parents to make the best decisions for their children's oral care. Yes, every business goal is to make money but with Dr Khanna, you can tell he also takes pride with the work and outcome from his patients. Even though we moved across the state and have many good reviewed ortho practices near us, we still travel the hour+ drive back through the NYC traffic specifically because we know that my kids' teeth are in great hands.
22.11.2023 13:34
My son was a patient of Fresh Orthodontics for over four years. The place completely fell apart during the pandemic. His appointments were delayed, he was routinely treated brusquely by the staff, and in the end, when he went to college out of state, Dr. Khanna used that as an excuse to turn over treatment to another orthodontist with no refund whatsoever after failing to complete treatment. I regret having my son treated here and would like to warn other parents of our experience.
22.11.2023 13:34
I took my son in for a consult. They don't accept my insurance, so we went somewhere that does accept it. That place felt ALL wrong.... not even close to how warm & friendly the atmosphere is at Fresh Ortho. So we came back. The treatment plans are realistic. Now I'm ready to begin my own treatment plan.


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