Stolovaya - Ресторан русской кухни "Столовая"

New York City, 813 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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Приятный персонал))) Очеееень вкусно готовят))

Если хотите советской атмосферы и еды то вам сюда.все вкусно.

I enjoyed my visit, just as much as I used to 20 years ago. This place didn't change much, everything is still made fresh, tasty and the bill will surprise you in a good way. The atmosphere is somewhat noisy but nothing excessive. Crowd, as you can expect, composed of ex-USSRs - both babushkas and young people. Dishes are huge. Kompot is a drink you should try, comes in pitchers. Waiters are fast but busy, so they don't trouble you with too many unnecessary questions.

I love this place old fashion all the workers are great. I have been here a lot never regretted. Foods are very delicious. You should try ones and you will come every time.

Incredible Russian/Ukrainian restaurant. Me and my family order here really frequently. The place is usually pretty crowded, so I would recommend ordering take out. My recommendations:

For meat lovers, the "myaso po frantsuskiy" (French styled meat) and "kotleta po kiyvskiy" (Kievan cutlet with oil inside, which has remained my personal favorite). I speak Russian, and this was amazing for me PS: Russians are incredibly nice, and not rude as they are thought to be.

Loved this place since childhood. Incredible food with comforting environment and service

The service was excellent, attentive and quick. Food was good, but nothing memorable. I had olive, borscht, and pelmeni. Pelmeni were delicious.

Был в этом заведении два раза. За одно и то же ранее заказанное блюдо рассчитали по-разному. На вопрос почему сказали сервис сбор и налоги. Итого за заказ на сумму $5.95 насчитали больше 50% своих сборов. Другу к общей сумме заказа прибавили почему-то только 10%. Типсы тут обязательны, даже если вам тут просто подали тарелку супа. Вам их включат в счёт, даже не спрашивая вас об этом. О совместном счёте или раздельном вас также не спрашивают, хотя по идее должны. Женщины официантки грубые. Естественно, после такого отношения я остался не доволен. Больше сюда не приду. Пускай владельцу этого общепита и его работницам будет стыдно за их российское гостеприимство.

Кто хочет русской кухни в Бруклине - тому сюда)

Мы отлично посидели с друзьями.

This is the best cafe with Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Interesting interior design made in the style of a railway car of the 90s.

Separately, I want to mention the male waiters, they are very friendly and friendly.

Это лучшее кафе с русской и украинской кухней. Интересный дизайн салона выполнен в стиле вагона 90-х. Отдельно хочу отметить мужчин-официантов, они очень приветливые и дружелюбные.

Real USSR style food with good service and beer on tap. Can get a bit crowded on the weekend but fast service and big portions make it worthwhile.

Great service! Amazing food! Always consistent! Love this this place

Feels like my grandma cooks the food for me.

Karasiki are my fav. I was looking for them all over Brooklyn. It’s only the place who has it. Our waiter Alan was very kind and friendly. Lovely place.

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Reviews about Stolovaya - Ресторан русской кухни "Столовая"

21.12.2023 21:10
Живя долгое время в США очень скучаешь по кухне СНГ, и вот когда оказываешься в русскоговорящих районах Бруклина ты не можешь не заехать в ресторан и пообедать вкусно. На этот раз могу взор пал на ресторан русского-Украинской кухни СтоLOVая. Взял борщ со сметаной и бефстроганов и это было божественно. Как же я скучал по этим вкусам. ресторан на твёрдую 4. Минус бал за советскость и старость всего инвентаря. Но к еде вопросов нет. Люди все так же разбивают водку и коньяк из под стола. Время идёт,а советские привычки остаются.

Having lived in the USA for a long time, you really miss the CIS cuisine, and when you find yourself in the Russian-speaking areas of Brooklyn, you can't help but stop by a restaurant and have a delicious lunch. This time my eyes fell on the restaurant of Russian-Ukrainian cuisine Stolovaya. I took borscht with sour cream and beef stroganoff and it was divine. How I missed these tastes. restaurant on solid 4. Minus the ball for Sovietness and old age of the entire inventory. But there are no questions about food. People still break vodka and cognac from under the table. Time goes by, but Soviet habits remain.
21.12.2023 21:10
Great staff and service. Food is delicious. Highly recommend.
21.12.2023 21:10
Good food at a good price. Neighborhood go to spot for a good meal.
21.12.2023 21:10
Food is not as good as it used to be with prior owners and chefs. Service is lousy and I wouldn’t recommend visiting this extremely loud place
21.12.2023 21:09
The Borcht makes a great start for a meal as did the Mushroom varenyky. The highlight of my lunch was the rabbit with white sauce which tasted like turkey albeit more boney. The cherry punch was nice with just the right amount of sweetness. The prices were not bad at all.

The place was a little small but the tables can be placed together if one is dining with a large group. There is only one washroom so just be prepared to exercise patience.
21.12.2023 21:09
i havent even been here but my friends said its good so its good
21.12.2023 21:09
Хотите оказаться в советской столовой , но с вкусной едой? Советую! Сначала интерьер немного отталкивает , но аутентичные официанты и блюда …. Если хотите поесть простой и привычной еды, это место для вас !
21.12.2023 21:09
Just go here.

Been going here for like 15 years. The quality remained consistently high and the price fairly low.

If you don't speak/read russian make sure to ask for the english menu if they don't give it to you.

In any case, this is definitely a gem worth checking out.
21.12.2023 21:08
This is the best restaurant I have been to in NYC so far. I've been to about 15 or so. This is the best. Everything was 10/10. The fish, the beer, the sides, dumplings, blintzes, cooked apple, salads, coleslaw, borsch. Everything 10/10. And the prices are very fair. Incredible place. I went here on my birthday. Best birthday feast I've had in a long time.
21.12.2023 21:08
Вкусная еда, вежливые официанты, чистое место, спасибо за старания !
21.12.2023 21:08
Best price in New York city. The food delicious like in moms house Thanks kitchen and servers
29.04.2023 15:53
Очень приятная атмосфера старой столовой на железнодорожном вокзале. Все блюда очень вкусны и сделаны по домашнему. Интерьер оформлен в стиле вагона ресторана поезда.

Good food, prices are still good! Love to come here!


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