Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

New York City, 374 Stockholm St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

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In January 2017, Wyckoff formed the Division of Community and Population Health to further Wyckoff’s mission to provide quality care with kindness and respect.


Promote and increase public awareness of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and the services we provide to the community. Engage the community to identify and prioritize needs and develop and implement services that will help people achieve and sustain good health. Work across multiple departments and community sectors to improve health and health equity, and to address environmental, cultural, and social determinants of health specific to the neighborhoods we serve. Operate innovative special projects to address population-specific needs, such as those of our elders, children and families, persons with different abilities, and persons living with chronic conditions. Collaborate with community members, community-based organizations, and safety net services, to implement Wyckoff’s Community Service Plan. Engage in public policy and government relations work to advocate for community needs and priorities.

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Reviews about Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

30.10.2023 21:47
Awful I got surgery and no one could answer questions I had after I woke up because no one ever came back to see how I was doing
30.10.2023 21:46
This places is not organized. And they all don’t know what they are doing. A lot of talk, a lot of exam. No help. No treatment
30.10.2023 21:46
Yes, they are a little careless with cleanest bathroom. The oncology dept need total rehabiting. EVERY thing is old or rusty out of date. Oh well! God bless them they are saving people.
30.10.2023 21:46
Went in for an ultrasound and the male technician got mad when I requested a female technician for the vaginal procedure. He asked why and then asked me multiple questions and was angry and stormed out. Then the female technician came in and didn't want to tell me the man's name when I asked, told me I should have requested a female technician sooner (I requested it when I found out I was getting a vaginal procedure) and then told me I would be fine. Overall a completely unprofessional and uncomfortable experience. Teach these technicians some bedside manner.
30.10.2023 21:46
I can’t believe how could a hospital be like that. I can’t explain how bad is my experience with this hospital. Worst hospital I have ever seen in my life. I would give 0 out of 5.
30.10.2023 21:46
Montserrat & Gale were the nurses looking over my sister very good natured & glad they were there for me & my family
30.10.2023 21:45
The doctors take long for everything especially the emergency room.Some of the recieptist are rude and the wait be long.
30.10.2023 21:45
Im So pissed,, I was told to go there by there by the health insurance company ( dental department) she said get there for 6 I got there 5 something AM. Haven't been called upstairs till 8am saw a dentist till after 10am. Made appointments and I tell you, God knows I'm not lying the set appointments everytime on the sameday to attend the appointment , Wyckoff calls me to reschedule because " the doctor is not coming in today" they rescheduled next time samething same excuse and mind you the time frame between appointments is way more than a month . You know just now they call me to tell me the samething. This is the 3rd times. After waiting over a way over a month . I had to ask , is it my insurance you'll dnt care for. This is RIDICULOUS. Now I'm asking for a soon as possible appointments she has to call back. This is one RIDICULOUS place.
30.10.2023 21:45
Probably not the worst hospital in the world, but definitely one of the worst in the country.

This place was a pit even 50 years ago, and it is a billion times worse now. OMG!

You will find some of the laziest, rudest most unhelpful 'people (if you're generous to classify them as such)' in the world working here.

* But in their defense, the clientele is beyond horrifying - especially with the most recent unwanted, forced increase to the US population.

My friend wound up at Wycoff because an ambulance was necessary - and you don't get a choice when you call an ambulance.

Luckily, after a miserable experience at Wycoff, we were able to find an excellent doctor/hospital not affiliated with this place. Sadly, the people that have to come to Wycoff don't really have other options.
30.10.2023 21:45
Terrible. Provided insurance and not only do I get a bill they didn't put my apartment number and the bills never got to me. The app is useless.
30.10.2023 21:45
Great staff, very professional and caring. Received great care by wonderful hard working people
30.10.2023 21:44
Very unprofessional experience. The assistant nurse does not wear gloves during the procedure and laughs. The surgeon is nice but I do not recommend this facility for serious surgery procedures.


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