Wholly Crepe

Houston, 413 W Main St, Tomball, TX 77375

Russian native and Chef Emiliya Hendrix (Mila) is the mastermind behind each homemade Russian recipe and Siberian crepe. Mila grew up in the Siberian region of Russia where she learned to cook and knit at a very young age from her mother, grandmother, and aunt. Mila brought her knowledge of Russian cuisine to Tomball, Texas, where she opened Wholly Crepe in 2015 with her husband Bill Hendrix.
Chef Mila and her Team are amazing hosts that specialize in authentic homemade Russian Cuisine. Crepes are created just for you and are offered in about a hundred different ways (Ok, maybe not a hundered....but pretty darn close!) Crepes are just one of the many specialties at Wholly Crepe. The Stroganoff, Borscht, Stuffed Peppers and Cabbage Rolls are simply amazing! Have I mentioned Dessert? Baklava, Pavlova, Medovik and yes, more Crepes filled with berries, homemade whipped cream, Nutella and just about any other sweetness that you can dream of. Breakfast???? Yes they serve breakfast as well! You just need to come in and try it all my friends!!

If you are considering even for a second that your dietary needs will prevent you from these sinful little indulgences.....well then you are seriously mistaken! Gluten-free and  Vegetarian options are available upon request. One cannot become a mastermind of Russian cuisine and run away from a little challenge.
I must say, the first time that I entered Wholly Crepe it felt like home....I could almost hear my Grandmothers words, “Sit down, let me cook something for you.” Stop in today at their location on Main Street and allow Chef Mila and her Team create a dish just for you!


The most interesting reviews

Wife and I have been wanting to try this Bistro! Finally went yesterday! Should have tried it sooner! Eclectic little place with amazing food! The owner was super friendly! I cannot wait to go back!

This place is amazing! The food is out of this world delicious! Great new experience for us. The beef stroganoff was incredible! The desserts are so good too! Will definitely be back

Incredible experience!! Beef stroganoff was so delicious! The baklava was super yummy too and the honey cake was out of this world good! This was a great experience and everyone who drives through downtown tomball needs to try it out!! 10000/10

Always delicious with some of the nicest people on main street working there. I love bringing people here, it never disappoints!

Consistently great food and the best crepes in the area.

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Reviews about Wholly Crepe

22.12.2023 23:00
I cannot speak highly enough about this place. Everything was outstanding. If you enjoy delicious, wholesome, homemade food - this is the place to go. The food, atmosphere, and service is all great. My new favorite spot.
22.12.2023 23:00
Food was medicore, I don’t know why the rating is so high. The food is really not delicious and you have no idea how much your meal will cost, including the water bill. You will be billed directly for the total amount.
22.12.2023 23:00
I have been wanting to dine at Wholly Crepe for ages! I live in another state, but I finally arrived at this charming restaurant this week.

The decor was entrancing, and the owner kind and polite. I ordered a build-your-own crepe with grilled chicken, muenster cheese, fresh spinach and black olives. It was delectable!

My friend and finished our meal with Napoleons.

This is a scratch kitchen, but that didn't mean our dishes seemed to take long to arrive.

I definitely recommend making a special journey to Tomball just to treat yourself, with companions if desired. I am willing to be all will be pleased!
22.12.2023 23:00
So immensely authentic, I feel like I'm eating my mom's cooking every time I come here. Absolutely delicious and I encourage anyone to come here, whether you're new to Russian food or grew up eating it.

The staff can get overwhelmed pretty quickly however, as it is a small kitchen and usually only one or two servers. So if the staff seems frustrated, just know they're trying their best.

Specific recommendations:
- crepes (duh), both sweet and savory
- pelmeni (little dumplings with deliciously marinated/ seasoned ground beef), eat these with sour cream!
- cheburek (like a Russian calzone)
- stuffed peppers w ground beef
- layered pork and potatoes
22.12.2023 22:59
You’re missing out if you haven’t eaten here! Just the absolute BEST Beef Borscht soup and Rye buttered bread. The best I’ve ever tasted. Such a cute and quaint place. Very relaxing with friendly staff. This will become one of my top escapes .
22.12.2023 22:59
I would give 10 stars if I could! This is a hidden gem in the heart of Tomball. The food is made from scratch so go with the mindset to sit, converse with friends, and enjoy delicious food.
22.12.2023 22:59
We visited this restaurant twice within the last month, and I must say our experiences do not align with the glowing reviews.

The wait time was excessively long on both occasions, and the waitstaff's customer service skills left much to be desired, she was cold toward us, and even had a poor attitude. It took an eternity for her to return to our table, making the dining experience less enjoyable.

While the $14 savory crepe was warm to perfection and the crepe itself was flawless, the filling lacked flavor, leaving me unsatisfied. I wanted to order a sweet crepe and a glass of water, but unfortunately, the server never returned, and I couldn't afford to wait another 40 minutes.

Two old beverage refrigerators located in the dining area were surprisingly loud, disrupting what could have been a more pleasant atmosphere, especially considering the restaurant wasn't busy.

It's perplexing to see glowing reviews as our experiences fell short of expectations. Perhaps more attention to customer service, removing the noisy refrigerators, and reducing wait times could enhance the overall dining experience.
22.12.2023 22:59
Went here for the first time, I ordered one of their savory crepes(Ham, mozarella cheese, sweet pepper, avocado) and it was really delicious. My friend ordered their beef stroganoff with egg noodles, it has a really good flavor and a side dish cheburek, Russian Borscht soup and they are all tasted great. They have so many food in their menu to chose. We will come back again to try their other food.
08.04.2023 19:52
Delicious!! I came by yesterday for lunch because I was in the area and I wasn't disappointed. I had kvas, beef stroganoff, and a nutella blini, all of which were excellent. I will definitely be back!

Вкусно!! Я пришел вчера на обед, потому что я был в этом районе, и я не был разочарован. У меня был квас, бефстроганов и блины с нутеллой, все было превосходно. Я обязательно вернусь!


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