IU Health Methodist Hospital

Indianapolis, 1701 N Senate Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

IU Health Methodist Hospital is a national and regional healthcare leader through its commitment to excellence, accessibility and preeminence. It has also been designated as a Magnet Hospital, recognizing excellence in nursing services and high-quality clinical outcomes for patients

Parking & Transportation

Patients may be dropped off or picked up at the main entrance (off of Senate Street) or as directed on the pre-visit information from your doctor’s office.

o help you get to your destination as easily as possible, we recommend the following parking options for different parts of our campus:

For the main hospital: Garage #1, 16th St. and N. Senate Blvd. For the Methodist Professional Center and the Cardiovascular Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital: Garage #2, 1801 N. Senate Blvd. For cancer patients: Valet parking, IU Health Methodist Hospital Noyes Pavilion (18th Street and Capitol Avenue)

Garages #1 and #4:

Up to 30 minutes - No charge Up to 2 hours - $2.00 2-3 hours - $3.00 3-4 hours - $4.00 4-24 hours - $5.00 24-hour patient family pass - $5.00 30-day patient family pass - $30.00

Garage #2:

Up to 30 minutes - No charge 31 minutes-1 hour - $3.00 1-2 hours - $5.00 2-24 hours - $6.00 No 24-hour passes No 30-day passes


Family members and visitors who have a loved one staying at IU Health Methodist Hospital may purchase a 30-Day Pass at either Garage #1 or Garage #4 from a parking attendant. The 30-Day Pass is $30.00 and allows the purchaser to enter and exit the garages as many times per day as they need to for 30 days. The 30-Day Pass can be used at both Garage #1 and Garage #4.

If you are unable to pay for parking, please talk to your nurse about receiving assistance through a social worker.


There are several bus routes with stops near IU Health Methodist Hospital. For questions, please call the IndyGo Customer Call Center. Spanish speaking representatives are available as well as a language line with more than 170 other languages. The IndyGo call center is 317.635.3344 and is open Monday-Friday, 7 am - 7 pm, Saturdays, 9 am - noon.

IndyGo Red Line

The IndyGo Red Line is an electric bus system serving Indianapolis. Stops arrive at designated stations every 10 minutes during peak service hours. A Red Line station is located outside of IU Health Methodist Hospital at 18th Street and Capitol Avenue. Please be aware to look both ways when crossing the street as buses will be traveling both north and south on Capitol Ave.

Taxi service

If you or your loved one is in need of Indianapolis taxi service, call 317.487.7777 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IU Health Shuttle

The IU Health shuttle service connects IU Health facilities downtown, including IU Health Methodist Hospital. The shuttle service is free and open to the public. The downtown route stops at six IU Health facilities, and the express route stops at three locations.

The downtown route runs:

Monday through Friday 6 am – 8 pm Saturday, 8 am – 5 pm No service on Sundays

The express route runs:

Monday – Friday, 7 am – 6 pm No service Saturday or Sunday Your Visit Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

For your convenience, ATMs are located at the following locations:

IU Health Methodist Tower: First floor, across the street from the hospital at 1633 N. Capitol Ave. Main Lobby: First Floor, Senate Blvd. entrance Noyes Lobby: First Floor, near 18th St. and Capitol Ave. entrance Hospital Policies Is smoking allowed? All IU Health facilities are smoke-free. For the safety of everyone, smoking is not allowed in any IU Health building or on the grounds. What is the IU Health alcohol and drug policy? All IU Health facilities are alcohol and drug-free. What is the IU Health firearm policy? It is the policy of IU Health that no one, other than IU Health Security Officers or on-duty Law Enforcement Officers, carry or have in their possession a firearm or weapon while in a IU Health facility. Law enforcement officers should check in with IU Health Security if they plan to carry on premises. Internet Services

IU Health Methodist Hospital provides free Wi-Fi for you and your visitors. Please note that IU Health cannot provide technical help for your device or help connecting to the network.

Mail Service Outgoing mail: A small mailbox is located on the first floor in the hallway across from the West Elevators. Stamps may be purchased at the gift shop. Incoming mail: Patients may receive mail while staying at IU Health Methodist Hospital. Anyone wishing to send mail to a patient should address his or her envelope as follows

Patient name, room number
IU Health Methodist Hospital
1701 N. Senate Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Mail you receive after you leave will be forwarded to your home address.

Patient Information

Our healthcare team understands that having family and friends around is important to the healing process. For more information or to check on the status of your loved one, call 317.962.2000.


Our team of guest relations representatives and hospital volunteers will be happy to get you a wheelchair when you arrive at the hospital. Please ask any of our team members for assistance or visit the nearest information desk.

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 TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I had a recent surgery done at this hospital. From the moment I stepped in the morning of the surgery to the discharge was the best hospital experience I ever had. The staff was so polite at the main entrance and all through the day. My heartfelt THANKS! to all the nurses who helped and assisted at every step and the recovery nurse who had to put up with the questions I was asking under anesthesia grogginess repeatedly and she kept replying patiently. Before the procedure, all my anxiety faded away with their friendliness and smiles. I feel so lucky to have the absolute best doctor who did a wonderful job on my procedure, am so happy and relieved. I don't have any words to thank him besides he has given me a new life and I can not repay in this lifetime. They make an exceptional workforce at the IU Methodist where I had the procedure done. Efficient, courteous and knowledgeable team exceeded all my expectations. Keep up the excellent work guys and a huge THANK YOU! I will highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

IU Health has worked with me these past three months to get my brain working as it should. I'm breathing better than I did before my accident. I'm sleeping better than I can ever remember - and we're still working on more. I have started to have a healthy view of myself mentally and physically. I'm exercising more and have begun to look at food through a therapeutic lens. I'd love to take all the credit, but if it weren't for the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, lab workers, and the rest of the staff, I would most likely still be walking around in a fog, not sleeping, not eating right, and angry. Thanks, IU Health, for giving me the chance to be a better version of myself. Love!

I had fantastic care here when I was in the Emergency Room. All of the ER Doctors, ER Nurses and ER support staff were friendly, polite, and able to help me with my needs at the time. I will always trust IU Methodist for all of my medical needs.

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Reviews about IU Health Methodist Hospital

12.11.2023 18:38
What a joke the Cardiac Medical Critical Care Floor #4 was a complete nightmare (not the staff) the place was nasty dirty! Patient pillows were discarded in the lobby area! The place had tno sanitizer in the dispensers , floor was nasty, trash overflowing ripped and torn furniture and no security to stop kids from doing backflips and going into the actual care center before being escorted back to the lobby! Loud screaming it's bad! I reported this to the front desk on floor one he said he would take care of it and never did!
12.11.2023 18:38
Had an emergency room visit with my mother. The absolute worse experience ever. I do understand that the nursing staff at patient check-in and triage encounter many different problems and attitudes daily and I do commend them on handling difficult situations it the staff on duty specifically at the ER Triage Front desk are completely desensitized when it comes to compassion. One staff member in particular that was rude and loud to patients; she was an RN. I also observed to IU Methodist employees check-in to ER; we’re taken to the back with 15 minutes of arrival and I watched them leave within 2hrs of their arrival. I wasn’t aware that employees have priority in the ER while the average waiting time tonight is 7.5 hours for everyone else. In addition to lack of priority of care procedures, I watched two fights break out in the waiting room and the security guard took his time coming out of his office to diffuse the situation. This worse example of American healthcare I have ever experienced. I pray my Mom NEVER needs emergency care again. 5-6 Sep 2023
12.11.2023 18:37
Put this short my dad had lung surgery and one area the hospital he was in the ICU UNIT was GREAT, had amazing caring nurse named Mora..... My dad is now in a recovery room in a different side of the hospital and his nurse and staff is awful..... My dad had lung surgery and used call button call nurse cuz HE HAVING HARD TIME BREATHING and took almost HALF HOUR TO HET HELP... I had to hunt down a random nurse.... They are also not checking on my dad he is stuck to a bed and he has to have help to get to bathroom or anything and he had 2 accidents on himself (bowel movements) all over nurses ignoring the call button or lack of care... Either way this is not right he's being treated horrific right now and he's still going to be in recovery for awhile......
12.11.2023 18:37
I have been a contract RN for Years, this was one of the most terrible places Ive seen. Unsafe conditions for all. Not much good to say about Indiana anyways, truly a drive through state.
12.11.2023 18:37
I had fantastic care here when I was in the Emergency Room. All of the ER Doctors, ER Nurses and ER support staff were friendly, polite, and able to help me with my needs at the time. I will always trust IU Methodist for all of my medical needs.
12.11.2023 18:36
This is a great hospital but some doctors here only out for them selfs but there is some great doctors here the techs here needs to do there job
12.11.2023 18:36
Was rushed to trauma center after being cut out of my car. Don't remember much. After care and follow ups, I remember. Efficient, caring attitude, quality top team. Thank Dr. Sorkin and IU trauma team and staff.
12.11.2023 18:36
If you want to send gifts or flowers to a loved one, don't trust the hospital website instructions, you'll regret it!

I followed the instructions, from the hospital website, to send a care package (books, blanket, coffee cup, etc., nothing too fancy) to my close friend, getting cancer removal surgery.

Amazon stated it was signed for by a member of reception. Per instructions on the website, it was supposed to be delivered. I asked my friend, he never received the package.

I filed a complaint through the hospital website, never received anything back.

I've never witnessed such petty corruption at a hospital! Save your time and money, don't send anything, unless you want to get it stolen! Extremely sad and pathetic!
12.11.2023 18:36
The Hospital never asked me for my daughters insurance card, then sent me a bill for 277.80. After me calling and giving them my insurance information for my daughter they sent it in and coded it incorrectly and sent me a bill for 463.00. Now, they won't remove it and give me the cost of 277.80. This is why the world is screwed up. You're better off not having insurance!!!!


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