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If you are interested in quality electronics at a good price, you have come to the right place. It is in the Best Buy electronics store chain that you will find a great selection of any electrical goods at the best prices.

We have been in this business for many years and know what is best to offer to our beloved customers.

Only original products and excellent service are our style of work.

We are confident that in the USA we make the best deals on buying the best products at the best prices.

Take a close look at our product catalog and make sure that we make the best offer on the US market

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Reviews about Best Buy Jersey City

01.11.2023 20:00
Outstanding service. Highly recommend. Started when I called on 10/12/2023, with Justin’s incredible expertise in home theatre. He was able to place my items aside at the store and texted me a link to purchase ahead of time making my pick up so easy.

I unfortunately had to make a return today, 10/14/2023, and Amanda at the front desk was so friendly, competent, and made the process pleasant. My husband even commented that the whole experience was something you’d see in a commercial. Outstanding.

Thank you all all much!!
01.11.2023 19:59
I had an absolutely dreadful experience with returning a product, and I feel compelled to share my disappointment. The support person I interacted with, Amando Ibanez, not only provided unhelpful assistance but was shockingly unwilling to proceed with my return. To make matters worse, he explicitly stated, "at this point I'm refusing to help you, contact customer support via phone" which left me feeling deeply offended and frustrated.

The level of service provided by Amando Ibanez was far from what one would expect from a reputable company's customer support. I believe a fundamental aspect of customer service is to be polite and helpful, even when dealing with challenging situations.

It's disheartening to have to go through such a negative experience when all I was seeking was assistance with a problem. The company should seriously consider the training and supervision of its customer support representatives to prevent similar incidents in the future. Good customer service should be a priority, and I hope this incident can serve as a learning opportunity for your team.
01.11.2023 19:59
Me gusta mucho por la variedad de productos electrónicos
01.11.2023 19:59
By far the worst experience we’ve had in customer service.
We were denied the support even when the issue was on their system & inventory. We contacted Best Buy independently and they confirmed the issue was indeed on their side and the executives on the facility were supposed to provide all support and guidance - which didn’t happen.
There was an insinuation that we wanted to return a product that we didn’t buy there: come on! Why would we even do that!??!
Very disappointed on the manager of this establishment “Amando” who treated us as if the problem were us when we already reconfirmed the issue was on Best Buy system who delivered a mistaken product… As customers we are not responsible for the inefficiencies in their internal processes and the least we expected was a respectful service.
01.11.2023 19:59
Didnt have the best experience and here's why:

PSA: Best Buy, you need to align your call center with in-store policies and sales associates.

I called a week or 2 ago to ask *before* going to the store, what the policy was for a printer that was under 2 years old but had stopped working properly. The person on the phone looked into the purchase, the warranty etc and informed me that I could bring in the printer for trade in. Upon trading it in, I would be given some sort of credit towards a new printer. Great!

I drag my 10 month old to the store thinking this would be a quick transaction, and the person at the front desk tells me that Best Buy doesnt accept printers for trade in. So of course, I am annoyed but I'm hoping they will do *something* to help me out since I already took the time to drive there, lugged the printer inside etc. She tells me the best they can do is give me a coupon...fine. I go to the printer section, look through everything, find the one I need, get paper, ink the whole thing...I go to check out and use the coupon they provided...then they tell me that they are unable to put that coupon towards the printer I chose. Are you kidding me?

The whole interaction was disappointing because regardless of what they told me over the phone, in the moment that sales associate/manager should have said 'I'm so sorry they provided the incorrect information to you over the phone. But since you're here now, this is what I CAN do for you...' but no. They kept reading off to me the printers the coupon is eligible for and saying there is nothing else they can do.

Customer service is LOST these days. I wont be returning for any future electronic devices. Completely wasted my time, couldnt believe how this was so poorly handled.
01.11.2023 19:58
To be honest I didn't get the best price of the laptop I wanted... it was $1079 + taxes + Microsoft office ($150) in best buy whereas in the official website of the laptop it is $903.64 which included everything along with student discounts...

Make you sure you check with official website first and then make a choice.
01.11.2023 19:58
I am always in and out great customer service and attentive workers!


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