Brookshire Foodliner

Columbus, 2781 Eakin Rd, Columbus, OH 43204


Something so nostalgic about this Iga. Things are certainly outdated (not the food or merchandise), but always very clean and well kept. The staff are salt of the earth and friendly. The baggers offer help taking out and loading into the car for you. Which you never see anymore. The meat is a little pricey (just like most places these days) but it is always fresh. If you have little ones with you at check out they always offer a lollipop.

My favorite "go to" to get meats store along with the personal touch U get from the Clerks!:) I Love this store!!:)

Great place to go for pop or ice but I bought icecream sandwiches and they were so freezer burnt and the produce is rotting. The people are so friendly and i love going here just wish the products were better quality.

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Reviews about Brookshire Foodliner

14.10.2023 19:08
Staff was helpful and friendly.
14.10.2023 19:08
Love this place, been shopping there since i was a child
14.10.2023 19:07
Very nice employees and clean atmosphere.


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