North Vista Hospital Emergency Department

Las Vegas, 1409 E Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Whether it’s chest pain, broken bones, a deep cut that needs stitching or some other emergency, we’reprepared to take care of your medical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency room doctors and nurses are trained to handle a medical crisis, and they are committed to responding to your emergency as fast as possible. Our state-of-the-art, 23-bed Emergency Department includes:

Private patient triage area
Bedside registration
Comfortable treatment rooms
Advanced patient monitoring equipment

About Our ER Wait Time

ER wait time is the average wait time for a patient to see a registered nurse during the triage (evaluation) process in our ER. After patients are triaged (evaluated), they are seen by qualified medical professionals in priority order, according to their medical condition and reason for visit. Times are approximate and provided for information purposes only.

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Reviews about North Vista Hospital Emergency Department

30.10.2023 21:13
I have lived in Vegas for about 6 months and have been to north vista maybe 4-5 times either for my son or myself. My experience there was what you expect for a emergency room. Sometimes they are busy and sometimes they are not. The doctors are really nice and work quickly. I rather go there than to my PCP. Your in and out and you don't need an appointment.
30.10.2023 21:13
Do not go to this place I went to the emergency room on 4/24/23 for some abdominal pain that turned out to be pancreatitis and while I was waiting for a room I went inside the bathroom inside where all the patients are at and while I was in there I felt weak and threw up and was sitting on the floor hovering over the toilet so I pull on the string to call for the nurses came in and saw I was on the floor and just closed the doors without asking if I needed assistance so then I scream I need help and a nurse comes in and told me “if I can walk myself to the bathroom then I can pick myself up and walk myself out of the bathroom what am I supposed to do pick you up and carry you out?”then proceeds to close the door and leave me in there I was in disbelief. She was the nurse sitting right in front of the bathroom next to the triage room
30.10.2023 21:12
Very disappointed with how they care for patients. A FEW of the staff is amazing I can probably count them on my hands. I have gone in here a few time. They always say they are doing exams and then hours later nothings wrong yet weeks later I’m very much the same so I went into umc and they asked why I didn’t get checked in earlier. I needed surgery and north vista said nothing was wrong and just bandaged me up. They say they care but I have heard so many bad things everytime I mention that I went there,from neighbors, family members and even other hospitals and that should be saying a lot about them. Once my husband went in having breathing problems and they made him wait in the lobby for so long but on the sign they have in there it says if you’re having chest pain or problems breathing to let them know and they will get someone to help you but no one came to help, thank god he wasn’t dying from his breathing problems. I get it’s the closest hospital but honestly go to a different one. I rather spen my hours waiting at a place they are actually going to help.
30.10.2023 21:12
I arrive to visit a family member in the hospital to be turned away because I had my five-year-old son said that the children can’t come in and only people 18 and older can visit family or anyone in the hospital. Not more than two minutes later a person of a darker skin left out the same door as I with his young daughter at least my son‘s age or younger. Horrible double standard not to mention terrible policy. Your staff should be ashamed when they allow somebody else before you to come in and not allow everyone the same privilege. The standard should be the same regardless of skin color, or anything else and I can’t see a difference between him and his daughter versus me and my son. If that father was doing nothing wrong, then I would think be able to visit my family is correct action(same standard for all).


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