Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

Las Vegas, 657 N Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Since 1997, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center®, a 485-bed, Joint Commission accredited hospital, has been providing quality healthcare to the residents of Summerlin and the Las Vegas area. Located in a premier master-planned community, Summerlin Hospital is one of the most comprehensive healthcare facilities in southern Nevada.

Among the specialty services offered are The Heart Center, The Robotic Surgery Center, The Birthplace, The Children’s Medical Center, The Cancer Center and The Breast Care Center. Summerlin Hospital is accredited as a Primary Heart Attack Center and a Primary Stroke Center for the rapid diagnosis, intervention and treatment of heart attacks and strokes.

Among the outpatient services available are cardiac rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy for adults, physical, occupational and speech therapy for children and a wound healing center with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Laboratory, radiology and surgery services are also available as outpatient services.

Summerlin Hospital is a member of The Valley Health System®, a network of acute care and specialty hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, outpatient services and physician practices that provide care for patients throughout Southern Nevada and the surrounding areas. Learn more About Our Health System →

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center is accredited by The Joint Commission, is licensed by the state of Nevada's Department of Health and is a member of the American Hospital Association, the Federation of American Hospitals, the Association of Western Hospitals and the Nevada Hospital Association.


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Reviews about Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

13.11.2023 15:11
No one wants to go to an emergency room when on vacation, however if necessary it's nice when the experience is good. The ER was busy but efficient. Staff was busy but pleasant and professional.
13.11.2023 15:11
I had an outpatient surgery on 10/25. The treatment I got from all of the nurses was just amazing. Before surgery I was taken care by Mary and Natalie. Amazing ladies. Post op I was under the care of Sheila (from Canada). I couldn’t have been made more comfortable and taken care of. Would recommend 150%
13.11.2023 15:11
I went to the Emergency Room at Summerlin Hospital after an Urgent Care doctor recommended I have bloodwork done. I was placed in a room very quickly after checking in. All of the employees I dealt with were extremely professional, friendly, kind and completed their tasks very efficiently.
13.11.2023 15:11
I had the best experience at the "cath lab" for an angiogram. Ever one on staff tried to outdo the prior staff member in being caring, concerned and extremely professional. All-in-all it was in the top 5 of hospital experiences I've had in over 76 years.
13.11.2023 15:10
I’m always taken care of at Summerlin!! The wait times can be a little long but the care that I receive from the medical staff makes it worth it. I appreciate the fact that the nurses, doctors and clinical staff as a whole are very professional and they help you, they actually care!! This is a great Emergency Room.
13.11.2023 15:10
Top Notch!! All of the services and especially all of the staff members and associates made my experience a positive one. All of the facilities were very neat, clean and organized, from the Intake area of the ER, to the various radiology rooms, CT/Xray rooms, operating room, hospital rooms, hallways and various restrooms throughout. This brings me to my first associate Mariam who was my housekeeper 2-3 days she was a true pleasure to briefly interact with and did a great job cleaning and sanitizing everything. People like Mariam who properly clean and sanitize everything makes this beautiful facility and all of its equipment last longer and obviously be much more effective at remaing sterile and drastically limiting the spread of bacteria and other infectious diseases. Thank you Mariam Great job! When I first entered the ER on 10/24 at around 2pm I feel I was treated and triaged well. When I was diagnosed next a tall slender Dr with salt/pepper hair thank goodness noticed my abdomen didn’t feel quite right and sent me to get a CT scan and also some X-ray. I believe this Dr (I wish I caught his name) saved me by simply listening with an open mind, while it felt like others may have been quick to dismiss my symptoms as covid and send me on my way with some antibiotics. This Dr truly made a huge difference and potentially saved my life, I hope you can narrow it down and figure out who it was and thank him for me. Each and every specialist I went to from the various scans and X-rays to all of the doctors nurses and staff members in radiology including the staff in the operating area where they inserted the catheter into the abscess in my liver and completed the biopsy. Even though this was extremely painful my focus was on how each and every doctor nurse and staff member were so kind, knowledgeable and openly and effectively communicated with me each step of the way. Great job to the entire team! You can’t get from your room to those specialty areas without the transport team who tirelessly pushed my bed down the hall without ever complaining and I’m about 6’2” and about 350lbs so I’m not exactly easy to move but they did so seemingly with ease. One of these transport associates who stuck out to me was JD he made the move comfortable and we chatted all the way there which helped by allowing my mind less time to worry etc and instead have a good conversation. With JD’s abilities and skills I’m not at all surprised that he has been at this hospital 25 years and I am confident that this deep culture of excellence is utilized to train and grow new associates. Great job JD! Each doctor and I saw quite a few were kind and knowledgeable and took the necessary time to explain everything to me until I was comfortable I truly understood everything they were doing regarding my treatment plan. Dr Rustsnova did great communicating everything with me each and every day and took the time to make sure I had a complete and thorough understanding of what exactly has transpired and what our treatment plan is and what to expect as we move forward. Dr Spinato was an absolute pleasure to deal with, all of her explanations and instructions were clear and concise and she certainly made me feel that my health was priority over everything else. It is a very reassuring feeling when you know without a doubt you have someone like Dr Spinato advocating for you. Over the week I had so many RNs that made everything so much better with their treatment, care and understanding. A few that stand out were Angela, Sarah, and Ryan it really felt like they put patient care first and I truly appreciate them they made a huge difference. I had many CNAs throughout the week Jerome, nurse Yuki, and Phillip were a few that stood out and did a great job communicating while making sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable etc… Great Job to you all! Overall this hospital and it’s staff far exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful facility when you pull up and it only gets better the deeper you dive into it’s inner workings the staff make all the difference!
13.11.2023 15:10
Excelente atención pre y pos operatoria. En verdad equipo multidisciplinario enfocado en el paciente, en su mejora total
13.11.2023 15:09
Staff friendly and helpful..aware of my discomfort and quickly provided a blanket for warmth..not a terribly long wait for x-rays that seemed very complete again staff very prognosis done by a PA and not a doctor..that surprised me..after the usual three hour stay I left with good news..
13.11.2023 15:09
The nursing staff there is absolutely wonderful and went out of their way to help us with a clearance problem. They were way behind schedule but that’s the doctors. It didn’t reflect it on the nursing staff would definitely have another procedure there.
13.11.2023 15:09
Summerlin Hospital has great everything, Doctors, staff, nurses, even the food was good. It was the first time I've been there & I had the greatest experience ever, if I ever have to go again that would be my first & only choice great job Summerlin Hospital keep up the great work.
13.11.2023 15:09
Everyone has been really nice. I cannot say anything more than it has been a great and pleasant experience. Good food and good moods. Everyone here is awesome. You guys are great.
13.11.2023 15:08
Claira.S I want to personally thank you for being my nurse ANGEL god knew I needed you and you made me feel absolutely safe and taken care of to watch you go so hard for so many patients including myself while battling your own is overly heroic thank you for bringing me back to life you are truly SUPERWOMAN!
13.11.2023 15:08
What a poorly run ER. Went Thursday at 3:00pm. Waited 2 hours in lobby the 1 hour in a room of 4 people. Came in with pancreatitis.

My blood work showed 4 times above normal. Almost always get admitted for it. After the test results came back the sent a nurse to discharge me. Never saw a doctor to explain why I was being discharged.

Since I knew something was wrong I just Uber'ed to Southern Hills hospital where the doctor just told me he's admitting me. Said Summerlin should have admitted me.

The level of unprofessionaism at this ER, I assume due to bring short staffed, at this hospital is widespread. It ensures I'll never come back.
13.11.2023 15:08
I like the environment not too many people getting mammograms at the same time it’s not a long wait which I like there is more paperwork but that doesn’t bother me.
13.11.2023 15:08
I was scheduled to arrive at 7:30, I arrived at 7:15, but was not taken to a bed or prepped for my procedure until after 10 am. My Dr was waiting to begin at 8:30 but because of “a scheduling error” he and I had to wait until 10 then I was rushed and it caused me extra stress and anxiety beyond what I normally would have experienced. Past experience at Summerlin have been great but on 11/10/23 I give the rating of poor.
13.11.2023 15:07
Well, it’s a place you normally don’t want to write a rave review about because you don’t want to be there but if you end up there your staff made me feel so comfortable. I came in from a bicycle accident. I was assessed treated x-rays CAT scan now I just have to mend but I will think back about the great people that help me When I was in pain,
Thank you,
Mike Bowden
13.11.2023 15:07
Terrible Doctors. Nurses were fine but they also do not listen. Cannot treat patients with sickle cell properly, it's always a sorry excuse for them to not give you the proper care that you deserve. They had me in the ER for 3 hours & took care of every patient that came in AFTER ME leaving me to be treated last with poor care and a bed in the hall for the first half of my stay.


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